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Featured Technical Articles

Analysis of the Airflow Around an MGA Roadster (pdf)
Posted on: Thu October 21, 2021
This study was performed in 1963 by J.J. Cornish III of the Mississippi State University (MSU). The intent was to identify the aerodynamic issues which are present due to vehicular contours and design. The MGA was chosen as it was "a typical open sports roadster". Copyright is held by Mississippi State University and posted by permission. If you wish to repost, please seek permission directly from MSU.

Buying a Used Vehicle

Buying a Classic MGB
Common issues to check when buying a classic MGB: body rust along the trunk, fenders, and sills; engine smoke, leaks, temperature, and oil pressure; worn transmissions and ratty interiors.
Buying Your First MGB
Good overview of the large range of models available, and some common pitfalls for new MGB owners.
MGB Buying Guide
A thorough article on body styles, prices, inspection and everything to look for when looking to buy an MGB.
Used Car Buying Checklist
A great checklist when buying any kind of used vehicle, print this out and take it with you if you're considering a purchase.
Used Car Buying Checklist (Printable) (pdf)
A nicely formatted, printable PDF version of the SOL Used Car Buying Guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Awakening a Sleeping MG
Checklist and procedure for starting an MG (or other similar classic British cars) that have been in long term storage.
Decoding the MGB VIN
Locating and decoding the MGB VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
LBC Fact and Fiction
60 common LBC (Little British Car) questions answered by Motorhead Garages.
Answers to the most common questions received at The MGB Experience, including common terms, model identification and VIN location and decoding.
MGB vs TR6: Classic British Sportscars Compared
An objective look at a very old rivalry!
Midget and Sprite Newbie FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for new Midget and Sprite owners, for those who have a little experience with cars in general and want to get their cars up and running as quickly as possible.
What's a DPO?
If you've ever bought a used car, you already know the answer!

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General Care

Car Lifts Compared
Choosing a car lift for your home garage: buyer's guide to four post lifts, two post lifts, in-ground, and single post lift systems reviewed and compared.
Hardtop Factory Fitting Instructions
Reproduced from the Driver's Handbook supplied with the car.
Leather Care for Classic Cars
How to keep your leather seats from fading or cracking, repairing old or damaged leather, and proper leather seat care instructions to ensure they always look their best.
Moss Motors MGB Tech Tips
A very useful collection of tech tips from the Moss Motors MG catalog.
The Road Kit
The eternal question when setting out for a road trip: What to bring?
Twist Drill Talk
How to get the most from your drill bits in the garage, and how to sharpen, inspect and keep them in top working order.

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Service and Repair

Basic Servicing

MGB Maintenance Schedule
If you follow this guide, your MGB will (probably) give you years of trouble-free driving.
MGOC Basic Service 1 - Engine Oil
Changing your MGB Engine Oil (Beginner's Service Series)
MGOC Basic Service 2 - Gearbox and Axle Lubrication
This MGOC guide shows you how to lubricate your MGB gearbox (transmission) and rear axle and differential (Beginner's Service Series)
MGOC Basic Service 3 - Greasing Front Suspension
This MGOC guide shows you how to grease your MGB front suspension (Beginner's Service Series)
MGOC Basic Service 4 - Tuning SU Carburetors
This MGOC guide shows you how to tune your MG's SU carburetors (Beginner's Service Series)
MGOC Basic Service 5 - Distributor Timing Adjustment
This MGOC guide shows you how to set up your MGB distributor and timing (Beginner's Service Series)
MGOC Basic Service 6 - Brake System
Learn to maintain your MGB's brakes and braking system (Beginner's Service Series)
Oil Change Manual for the B-Series Engine
Simple oil change guide for the BMC B-Series engine as found in the MGB, MGA, Magnette, Austin, Morris Major and Marina, Nash Metropolitan, Riley, Princess, Mercedes-Benz Campervan, Woseley, and TVR, with many pictures (Beginner's Service Series)


Troubleshooting Guide for Classic Cars
A step-by-step chart to help diagnose the cause of nearly any problem you might have with your LBC, and the corresponding solution.

Tops and Windows

DIY MGB Wind Deflector
Instructions on making a custom wind deflector for your MGB out of Plexiglass (Lexan) and a tonneau bar.
Door Glass Removal and Installation
How to remove and re-install the glass MGB door windows, a job the workshop manual doesn't cover in much depth.
Folding the Midget/Sprite Soft Top
How to correctly fold the soft top (hood) on the MG Midget or Austin Healey Sprite without creasing or tearing the vinyl windows.
Folding Your Soft Top (MGB 1970-)
The proper way to pack your post-1970 Michelotti folding hood.
Folding Your Soft Top (MGB to 1970) (pdf)
The proper way to fold and store the early design folding/packaway MGB soft top and frame.
MGB Soft Top (Hood) Replacement
Detailed instructions on MGB soft top replacement (folding type) with pictures.
Modifying the MGB Window Regulator
How to fabricate a thicker hexagonal window winder drive when installing thicker door panels than stock.
Soft Top (Hood) Installation for MG Midget
Installation instructions for new soft tops on the MG Midget (folding type)
Soft Top Installation Tips
A summary of the steps that Matt demonstrated at an MGCCNWC tech session at Brooklands British Car, tips and tricks for installing a new soft top (hood).
Stripping The Windscreen Frame
How to strip and polish the MGB windshield frame and make it look like new - the easy way
Tonneau Cover Installation
Getting all the snaps (Lift-the-Dots) aligned on your new tonneau cover.
Vent Window Assembly and Channels
A great how-to on restoring your MGB vent windows as well as replacing the window channels to new.
Window Seals Replacement
Detailed instructions on replacing all the rubber window seals including the side vents, side windows, and one of the more aggravating jobs on the MGB, the windscreen seals.
Windscreen Seal Installation Tricks
A smart way to compress springy new MGB windshield seals (with photos)
Windshield Reassembly Procedure
Step-by-step instructions on reassembling the MGB windshield and installing new seals.

Suspension and Wheels

Convert Your MGB Wire Wheels to Bolt-On
Instructions for converting from spline hubs for wire wheels, to bolt-on hubs for steel wheels on the MGB.
Easy MGB Steering Column Repairs
Common problems with the MGB collapsible steering column, replacing ball bearings, construction and operation of the telescopic joint and repairing the plastic friction pads to reduce play.
Fitting the Ford 8 inch Rear End to the MGB
For the conversion crowd, upgrading the MGB's Salisbury axle is pretty common. The Ford 8" is not a bad choice, giving you disc brakes at the rear.
Fixing The MGB Steering Column Lock
The column lock design was flawed from its introduction to this day. If it binds up and needs to be replaced, here's a detailed workaround and how-to for fixing it, with a little history thrown in.
Front Crossmember and Suspension Removal
Instructions on how to drop the MGB crossmember without a minimum of front suspension disassembly.
Front Suspension Rebuild for MGB
A step-by-step guide to rebuilding your front suspension, including rubber bushings, springs, shocks, king pins, wheel bearings, and brake pads and rotors.
Good and Bad Wire Wheel Hubs
Some photos of badly worn wire wheel hubs and what they should like new, a common source of vibration and clunking sounds.
MG Midget & Sprite Differential Rebuild Tips
Inspection, directions tips and tools needed for rebuilding the MG Midget & Austin-Healey Sprite differential, ring and pinion, and bearings.
MG Midget & Sprite Front Wheel Bearings
Comprehensive article about MG Midget & Austin-Healey Sprite front wheel bearing replacement, shimming, comparison to MGB bearings and technical drawings.
MG TD Front Disc Brake Modification
Fitting the MGB front suspension and brake components to the MG TD, fabricating wheel adapters, tie rod and steering modifications, and tire selection.
MGB Bolt-On Wheels List
Big list of makes & models that share the same wheel bolt pattern as the MGB and may be candidates for a cheap junkyard-sourced swap.
MGB Kingpin Inspection and Replacement
Great article about inspecting and replacing the kingpins on the MGB front suspension.
MGB Rear Shock Conversion
Converting the MGB to use modern gas shocks in the back is actually pretty easy.
MGB Rear Telescopic Shock Conversion Information
Important notes on bump stops and installed height for MGB rear telescoping shock conversions.
MGB Ride Height Survey
Table of ride heights for all years of MGB as collected from members of the MG Experience Forums.
MGB Speed, Tire And Gearing Calculator
Download an XLS spreadsheet calculator for speed, tire size, gearing and overdrive (pre-filled with MGB data)
MGB Tire Sizes
In the era of ever-shrinking sidewalls, what size should I buy for my MGB?
Mounting Tires the DIY Way
How to change your wheel tires and tubes, and get a nice cardio workout for free.
Oversize Wheel Caution
A cautionary tale; oversize rims can cause problems!
Rebuilding Saggy Leaf Springs
How to disassemble, clean and restore saggy leaf springs and save a lot of money in the process.
Refreshing your MGB Armstrong Shocks
This article is to walk you through refreshing the oil in your hydraulic shocks on the MGB (with photos)
Steering Rack Service
Great article on MGB steering rack and pinion removal, maintenance, and repair.

Brakes and Clutch

Bleeding The Hydraulic Clutch System
A simple tip that might solve your clutch bleeding frustration.
Bleeding Your Brakes
How to replace the brake fluid and eliminate air bubbles from your car or truck's hydraulic braking system, known as "bleeding" the brakes.
Building MGB V8 Brakes
How to build calipers like the beefy factory V8 brakes from junkyard parts.
DIY Roller Throw Out Bearing
Upgrading your British car's clutch from a carbon throw out bearing to a roller type, using Honda parts.
Modifying the Midget Brake Tool
A quick tip on making the factory tool to be more useful.
Quieting Brake Squeal
Some tips on how to cure squeaky brakes.

Cooling and Heating

Converting the Center Fresh Air Ducts for A/C
Modifying the Moss MGB A/C kit to push cold air through the center vents (specifically for the 74.5 model year)
Fixing a Leaking Heater Duct
How to fix a leaking heater duct.
Foolproof Manual Heater Valve
Yet another plan for replacing the leak-prone MGB heater valve with inexpensive plumbing parts.
Heater Valve Improvement
How to make the heater valve flow more, and thereby increase cockpit output on cool days, and plans for fabricating a high-flow "manual" valve.
Keep Your Fan Belts Loose
How to extend the life of the generator and water pump bearings on the T-Series, MGA and early MGB.
MGA Expansion Tank Modification
Installing a pressurized cooling system expansion tank on the MGA.
MGB Quarter Turn Heater Valve
Replacing the failure-prone heater valve with a simple assembly made from plumbing parts you can buy from any hardware store.
Modern Automotive Coolants
How engine coolant has evolved over the years, and what modern coolant is the best for our classic British cars.
Overheating in the MGB and MGC
Diagnosing overheating, and MGB and MGC specific potential causes.

Engine and Tuning

Advance Curves Reference
Paul Tegler's very useful chart of model years, distributor models, and advance curves.
British Automotive Tech Page
Extremely useful articles on a variety of MGB servicing and tuning issues.
Building a No-Leak A-Series Engine
Sealing the BMC A-Series engine against oil leaks: Installation of the rear main cap, engine gaskets, timing cover seal and frost plugs.
Dipstick Tubes on the MGB Engine
Description of the 3 different dipstick assemblies used on the MGB and especially on replacing the difficult to find "middle" series tube (post 18GF, pre 18V).
Head Cross Reference
Cross-reference for the B-Series Engine head.
Installing an Adjustable Vernier Camshaft Gear
How to set the endfloat, secure the locating plate, set the timing chain clearance and general use and fitment of vernier timing gears on an MGB engine.
Make a Spark Tester
Diagnosing a weak spark with a few bits and pieces from the junk bin.
Making a Valve Adjustment Dial Indicator
Instructions for making a fixture to hold a dial indicator for use in precisely adjusting the valves on a B-Series engine.
MG TD Oil Seal Modifications
Improvement, modification, and fitting procedures for the Moss T-Series Oil Seal Kit for the MG TC, TD, TF, etc.
MGB Oil Filters List
Cross-reference of modern spin-on oil filters for the MGB.
MGB PCV Systems
Theory and operation of the MGB PCV (crankcase ventilation) emissions control equiment, with descriptions of the system as it evolved over the years.
Oil Filter Study
A good website showing what oil filters are made of, and good and bad components to look for.
Piston Stop Cam Timing Tool
Making a handy tool to find TDC accurately.
Rear Main Seal Comparison (pdf)
MGB Rear Main Seals compared and measured from actual samples - May 2008
SOL British Tech Page
More servicing and tuning tips from the Scions of Lucas club.
The Gasket Basket
Making your own gaskets: materials, theory and installation.
Today's Oils and Our Classic Cars
Presentation from George Morrison, independent STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist, at a Central Ohio MG Owners Club Tech Session regarding the use of modern oils in classic cars.
Tuning the 1800cc MGB Engine
Massive article covering all aspects of performance tuning and rebuilding of the MGB engine.

Transmission, Driveshaft, and Differential

Engine and Transmission Removal Checklist
This is a step by step checklist I made last year when I removed and reinstalled the engine and tranny from my MGB for the first time. It applies to a 79 but most of it can probably be used for other years also.
Fitting Cruise Control to a MGB
Fitting a universal cruise control system to a 1979 MGB using off the shelf parts.
Installing a Nissan 300ZX Five Speed in an MGB
Detailed instructions on the modifications and fabrication needed to install a Nissan 300ZX five speed transmission in the MGB.
Magnette ZB Engine and Transmission Swap
Comprehensive walk-through detailing the replacement of the drivetrain in a ZB Magnette with a 5-main 1800 MGB engine and Datsun 280Z 5-speed transmission.
MG Midget & Sprite Rear Axle Knowledge
A collection of information on the MG Midget & Austin-Healey Sprite rear axle, hubs, splines, halfshaft, differential etc.
MGB Speedometer Drive Pinion Bearing Seal Replacement
An easy and inexpensive procedure to fix oil leaks at the MGB D-Type overdrive transmission speedometer drive.
Modifying the MGB Crossmember
How to modify the MGB Crossmember to ease removal and installation.
Overdrive Transmissions Reference
Primer guide to MGB overdrive transmissions

Carburetors and Fuel

Alternative Zenith Carb Damper O-Ring Replacement
As the title describes, for later rubber bumper cars with Zenith-Stromberg (ZS) carburetors.
An Easy Way to Siphon Gas
An easy modification to make this jerry can pump work with your LBC's gas tank.
Gas Gauge Adjustment on the MGB
This article covers the simple adjustment on the back of the standard MGB fuel gauge, and how it operates.
How To Adjust the Fuel Gauge Sender
How to recalibrate the gauge and sender, often needed when installing new tanks.
How To Blow Through an SU
Notes on the use of the HS or HIF series SU carburetors in a forced induction turbo or supercharger blow-through configuration.
MGB GT Auxiliary Fuel Tank
How to fit a spare MGB fuel tank as an auxiliary fuel cell in the boot of an MGB GT for long distance or endurance racing.
Passing AirCare (Emissions) Testing
Some tips and readings related to MGB emissions testing.
Permanently Installed Back Up Fuel Pump
How to install a backup fuel pump, including wiring and plumbing instructions with photos.
Rebuilding The Charcoal Canisters
How to disassemble and rebuild your worn out MGB charcoal vapor adsorption canister (carbon canister) to properly trap gas fumes, plus a video by John Twist explaining the operation and emissions hose routing diagrams.
SU Carburetor Float Bowl Overflow Fix
Making an adjustment on the float lever of T Series MGs, MGAs and MG Magnettes to eliminate fuel overflow resulting from jammed float levers.
SU Fuel Pump Troubleshooting Guide
Troubleshooting guide for all classic cars and trucks that use SU mechanical (points type) fuel pumps.
SU Fuel Pumps 101
Basics on the types and operation of the SU fuel pump.
SU HIF4 Carburetor Restoration
Cleaning up a ratty old pair of MGB HIF4 carbs to better than new condition.
SU HS4 Carburetor Instruction Sheet
Scanned technical publication from 1967 showing SU HS disassembly, cleaning, reassembly and exploded view.
SU HS4 Carburetor Tuning
How to adjust and synchronize the "mysterious" dual SU carbs on your MG.
Tuning SU Carbs (pdf)
An out of print book covering general tuning information for all SU carburetors with needle charts.
Weber 32/36 DGV DGEV DGAV Tuning
Jet and idle setting for the alternative Weber downdraft carburetor conversion.
Weber 45 DCOE Carburetor Setup
Part numbers and initial settings for this popular & effective, but tricky to tune, side-draft carb conversion.
Weber Carburetor Factory Settings (pdf)
Stock settings for various Weber carburetors, a good starting place for tuning.
Weber Forever
A brief overview of the history of Weber carbs and their application on the MGB.
Weber Hose Routing
One way of routing the carbon canister hoses with a Weber downdraft conversion.
Zenith Carb Damper O-Ring Replacement
Is your Zenith carb losing damper oil? Could be you need to change the O-ring, here's how.

Electrical and Instruments

Alternator Conversion: Lucas To Delco
Upgrading your alternator to a modern alternative.
Battery Disconnect Switches (pdf)
The reasons for and how to wire-in a battery disconnect switch.
Battery Storage, Fact or Fiction?
Will leaving your battery sitting on concrete cause it to discharge?
Bosch Alt Conversion
Just like the Delco conversion, but with a Bosch alternator instead.
Car Batteries 101
Testing, maintenance, troubleshooting and charging advice for the common automotive 12V lead-acid car battery.
Car Radio Primer - Speaker Connections (pdf)
Explanation of speaker connections on newer car radios and how they differ from older radios.
Checking the Starting Circuit
Simple troubleshooting steps for MGB no-start problems.
Cooling System Improvements for a 1980 MGB
Upgrading the coolant temperature fan switch and adding relays to the fan motors on the 1977-1980 MGB.
Dash Rocker Switch Repair
Rehabilitation of the "Clear Hooters" type dash rocker switches common to many British cars of the 1970s such as Triumph, MG and Jaguar.
Delco Alternator Conversion
Converting your Lucas alternator equipped MGB to use a cheaper and more powerful Delco unit.
Delco Alternator Mount
Fabricating a mount to fit the modern Delco alternator conversion on your MGB.
Fixing the Panel Dimmer
R&R on this expensive and usually inoperative variable-resistance switch.
Fuseology - Fuses 101 (pdf)
What are fuses, how they work and how they relate to MGs.
Ground Point Preparation
Removing corrosion from your car's ground points often solves all kinds of electrical gremlins.
Headlight Relays (pdf)
Adding relays to MGB headlight wiring.
Ignition Run-On (pdf)
Ignition Run-On as related to the Anti Run-On Valve and the Ignition Relay, MGB 1977 to 1980.
Installing a Brake Light Relay
Installing a relay on the brake light circuit to suppress arcing and extend the life of your brake switch.
Installing a Sound System In Your MGB
Detailed instructions on making your MGB sound great.
KPH Speedometer Conversion
Simple paper overlay to convert your speedometer to read out in metric kph.
Lights Warning Buzzer
A simple circuit to remind you when the lights are on.
Lucas Wiring Colour Guide
Reference chart showing the function of any wire from the main and tracer colours alone.
Megajolt Installation on an MGB
Installing a Megajolt EDIS (Electronic Distributorless Ignition System) with Ford EDIS-4 parts on the MGB.
MGB Smiths Speedometers Reference
Chart listing the specifications of the different TPM speedometers fitted to the MGB.
Negative Earth Stickers
A simple request to all owners who have converted their car to negative ground.
Negative Ground Conversion
How to convert pre-1968 MGBs to use negative ground, like all modern cars.
Never Leave Your Lights On Again
Simple wiring diagram for installing a relay to turn off headlights when the ignition is turned off.
Odometer Adjustment and Matching
How to make your new MGB odometer read the same as your old odometer, when swapping them out for repair or replacement.
Pertronix Installation Secrets
Pertronix Electronic Ignition (Ignitor kit etc) installation tips for vintage points type distributor upgrades, that aren't listed in the manual
Replacing the Speedometer Lens
How to remove the bezel from gauges for cleaning and lens replacement.
Servicing The Lucas Wiper Switch
How to restore the Lucas Wiper, Washer, and Overdrive switch stalk from the early 1970s MGB and other British vehicles of similar vintage.
Smiths Tachometer Servicing
Common faults, part numbers, calibration and negative ground conversion.
Toyota Distributor on the MGB
Fitting a 20R Toyota distributor into the MGB engine.
Understanding Alternators
Operation and theory of the alternator, explained in simple terms.
Understanding the Ignition System
Operation and theory of the ignition system, explained in simple terms.

(Sorry, Haynes has requested I remove the colour-coded wiring diagrams due to copyright. I have requested permission to post them again, but doubt it will be granted.)

Interior and Upholstery

Dash Crack Repair with Epoxy
Very good results restoring a cracked, gouged and faded dash using supplies available at your local hardware store.
DIY Wood Steering Wheel: Part 1 Introduction, Design & Prototype
How to build your own wooden steering wheel: Justification, Budget, Objectives, Donor Wheel, Design, and building a Prototype.
DIY Wood Steering Wheel: Part 2 Choosing Wood, Making Blanks
How to build your own wooden steering wheel: choosing lumber for making the wheel, material list and cost, design and making the blanks for the halves, cutting segments and making splines, gluing the hexagons
DIY Wood Steering Wheel: Part 3 Machining the Halves & Rounding
How to build your own wooden steering wheel: making a router table, marking the wood, cutting the shape of the wheel and center groove, assembling wheel halves and rounding
DIY Wood Steering Wheel: Part 4 Fitting the Wood to the Steel & Finger Grooves
How to build your own wooden steering wheel: fitting the wooden wheel to the steel frame, cutting space for the spokes, making finger grooves with a wood file
DIY Wood Steering Wheel: Part 5 Attaching to the Steel Frame & Finishing
How to build your own wooden steering wheel: fastening the wooden wheel to the frame with epoxy, clamping, finishing hand sanding, mother of pearl inlay, wood stain and varnish
DIY Wood Steering Wheel: Part 6 The Finished Product & Conclusion
How to build your own wooden steering wheel: the finished steering wheel, final thoughts and total time and cost tallies (Final Part)
Easy Lubrication of the Pedal Shaft
An easy way to lube the brake and clutch pedal shaft on your MGB or Triumph.
Low Cost Cockpit Sound and Thermal Insulation
How I made low-cost thermal and sound insulation for my car's interior, and a comparison to Dynamat Extreme.
MG Midget & Sprite Door Assembly Directions
A guide to the puzzling assembly order for all roll-up windows on the MG Midget and Austin-Healey Sprite.
New Veneer On A Wood Dash
Refinishing the wood dash on a Triumph Spitfire

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Body and Paint

BMC/BL Paint Codes and Colors
BMC and British Leyland car & truck paint color options from 1964 to 1978, with names, paint chip sample, and paint codes for makes such as MG (MGB), Triumph (Spitfire, TR6), Austin (Mini), Austin-Healey (Midget), Morris Minor, Riley, Wolseley
Car Bodywork 101: Lesson #1 Prep Work
The first part of the series on automotive bodywork, Prep Work, covers basic preparation before painting such as rough sanding, applying and sanding filler, applying and sanding primer, and fixing high spots.
Car Bodywork 101: Lesson #2 Sanding Jamb Areas
Part 2 in this series on automotive bodywork, Sanding Door and Hood Jamb Areas, covers "jambing", basic sanding technique, supplies like sandpaper, Scotchbrite and blocks, sanding technique, cleaning and paint masking tips.
Car Bodywork 101: Lesson #3 Painting Jamb Areas
Part 3 in this series on automotive bodywork, Painting Door and Hood Jamb Areas, covers Tools for Automotive Painting, Fixing Paint Runs and Overspray, Block Sanding Final Primer, and color hold-out (even color).
Car Bodywork 101: Lesson #4 Final Paint Prep
Part 4 in this series on automotive bodywork covers Final Body Preparation, Masking the Body, Masking Curves and Letters, Masking Cracks and Tight Areas, and Final Air and Solvent Cleaning.
Car Bodywork 101: Lesson #5 Painting
Time for Paint! Part 5 in this series covers Mixing Automotive Paint, Automotive Paint Systems, Painting in Your Garage, and Painting Tips.
Car Bodywork 101: Lesson #6 Undercoating
The final part of this automotive bodywork tutorial series covers undercoating your car and final words on bodywork and painting.
Color Sanding Instructions
Supplies list and method to get an excellent finish after repainting your car.
Crack of Doom Repair
How to patch and weld the vertical crack (nicknamed the Crack of Doom) that appears on some MGB doors. This method is generally known to be a permanent fix.
Fender Removal for 1980 MGB
Steps for MGB fender removal with photos of bolt locations.
Fighting Rust FAQ
A collection of knowledge on fighting the insidious tinworm.
How To Get a Good Wrinkle Paint Finish
How to restore the coveted crackle-finish paint job on your flat steel Mark I MGB (1963-67) dashboard.
How to use Body Filler on Repair Panels
How to blend in a new body panel with filler and block sanding for a perfect paint job (Bodywork for Beginners Series)
MGB Custom Trailer
One man's quest to build a unique and possibly useful MGB themed trailer.
MGB Door and Hinge Alignment
How to properly install and align MGB doors covering removing hinges, adding shims, and aligning the latch plate on the door jamb.
MGB Sill Repair and Replacement
The MGB sill area (below the doors) is often rusted and the unibody design makes them essential to the car's structure. This guide shows the sheet metal parts that make up the sill, describes the options for ordering replacement parts, inspection of the sill, and how to repair them.
Midget & Sprite Fender Repair
How to fit, align, attach and weld a rear fender repair panel to an MG Midget or Austin Healey Sprite.
Paint Code Chart by Model Year
Paint codes and names available for the different model years of the MGB with some relatively recent cross-references to modern equivalents.
Paint Code Pictures
Pictures of MGBs sporting the different factory colours collected on the 'net.
Painting 101
Demystifying the application of a 1st class paint job to your restored automobile.
Replacing MGB Rear Fender Beads
A bodywork howto on replacing the often rusted rear top bead.
Restoring MGB Rubber Bumpers
Repair and restore your MGB's rubber bumpers to look better than new in this detailed article with lots of photos.
Rubber Bumper Rehab
Repairing and painting rubber bumpers.
Rust Proofing the MGB Roadster
Comprehensive guide to rust proofing the MGB including identifying common rust points such as the fenders, sills and dog legs, applying rust inhibitors such as POR-15 and Waxoyl and continuing maintenance.
Steel Wheel Paint Codes
Cross reference of paint codes for steel wheels.

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Build a Body Rotator
The ultimate low-buck body restoration aid (mirror)
Fitting Fiero Seats in the MGB
A popular junkyard replacement for the MGB seats with better lumbar support, optional leather, headrests, headrest speakers, working recliner etc.
Media Blasting and Air Compressors Explained
How to choose the right blasting equipment for car restoration; sand, slag, alox, and glass beads; gun and nozzle selection and air compressor buying guide.
MG TF 135 Front End Repair
Fixing a MG TF 135 after a "bit of a bump" in Scotland.
MGB Dash Removal Mysteries
Removing the dash, gauges, and all the instruments is an essential part of any good restoration. Rather than damage your original gauges or switches, read this guide and learn the secret incantations to remove them in one piece.
Restoring an MGB In Portugal (pdf)
We love it when our members get published! Here's a magazine spread about Rogerio's 1973 MGB restoration in MGOC Magazine.
Restoring Steel & Wire Wheels
Making your wires & Rostyles sparkle and shine.
Retro Restyle of a 1980 MGB
Partial chrome bumper conversion and suspension lowering of a 1980 rubber-bumper MGB.

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Early MGB Reference

Early MGB Engine Bay Reference (Part 1)
Photos and description of engine bay details on early MGBs.
Early MGB Engine Bay Reference (Part 2)
Photos and description of engine bay details on early MGBs.
Early MGB Exteriors Reference
Photos and description of the exterior details (body, bumpers, windows, door handles, etc) on early MGBs.
Early MGB Instruments Reference
Photos and description of the instruments (switches, bezel, etc) on early MGBs.
Early MGB Interiors Reference (Part 1)
Photos and descriptions of various interior details on early MGBs.
Early MGB Interiors Reference (Part 2)
Photos and descriptions of various interior details on early MGBs.
Early MGB Interiors Reference (Part 3)
Photos and descriptions of various interior details on early MGBs.
Early MGB Keys Reference
Photos and description of the keys and fobs on early MGBs.
Early MGB Overdrive Reference
Photos and description of the overdrive system on early MGBs.
MGB Accessories Flyer (AKD2079 10/62) (pdf)
An interesting early accessories brochure for the MGB. The original was a six page brochure that folded twice. Source: J. Prewer via The Swedish MGCC homepage.
MGB Schedule of Repair Times (1962) (pdf)
Issued in June, 1962 as the MGB came to North America was the "Schedule of Repair times" for dealership warranty work. This "confidential for trade guidance only" document makes interesting reading as it gives one a good idea how long the factory believed certain service and repair procedures should take a dealership technician. Some of the times given seem generous and some rather skimpy.

Very Early MGBs Showcase:

GHN3L 136 · GHN3L 235 · GHN3L 374 · GHN3L 688 · GHN3L 808 · GHN3L 843 · GHN3L 951 · GHN3L 1357 · GHN3L 1651 · GHN3L 2138 · GHN3R 3303

The articles above have been republished from the now-defunct website with permission. To ask a question about early MGBs or post more reference information or photos, please visit the Early MGB tag in the Original MG Forum or reply to the Originality Reference for Early MGBs topic.

XPAG and XPEG Engines Fastener Reference
A comprehensive fastener reference for T-Series XPAG and XPEG engines, including bolts, studs, plugs, nuts, wrenches, size, length and original and modern part numbers.
1972 BMC USA Price List
Dealer price list for BMC/British Leyland vehicles and factory options in 1972.
Australian Hardtops for MG and Healey
A history of Australia's local car assembly industry, and the stylish hardtop and fastback body variants that were available to MG and Austin-Healey owners Down Under.
BMC A-Series Engine Codes
Mostly complete list of cars fitted with the BMC A-Series engine, 1952 to 1999
Bolt Torque Specification
Universal torque specs in ft-lbs for SAE Grade steel hex bolts.
British Car Production Figures
Total production data for all British makes and models.
CO% to Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) Table
Handy chart for CO based tuning.
MG Engine History
Engines for MGs, their story after 1935, covering the XPAG, A Series and B Series (and variants)
MGB Evolution and History 1962-1980
Overview of the British car family tree and MGB evolution through its amazing 18 year run.
MGB Performance Data
Stock performance numbers (BHP, Torque, etc) for each year of the MGB.
MGB Quick Specifications
An easy to read table of common MGB specifications for model years 1965-1970.
MGB Specification
General and specific technical specifications of the MGB.
MGB Torque Settings (pdf)
An easy to print PDF of torque values for the MGB, from various sources. Please note that these values are compiled, not personally established or validated. Please use according to your best judgement and contact me if any errors are found.
Power, Torque and Consumption Curves
MGB B-Series engine data on BHP, Torque and fuel consumption curves from "The Motor" September 26th, 1962.
Standard Threads Reference
Table comparing UNC, UNF, USP, BSW (Whitworth), BSP (Pipe) and Metric threads.
The MGB Cutaway Exposed
A resource link for any MGB or MGB GT owner in need of reference photos of the internal construction and appearance of various areas of the car. Photos taken of both halves of the famous cutaway car on exhibition at the Heritage Motor Museum in Gaydon, England. All photos are both expandable and downloadable for personal non-commercial use.
Triplex Window Date Code
If your car has the original Triplex windows, you can read the date code and estimate when your car was assembled using this secret decoder key.
US-British Technical Terms
Translations of terms with different meanings on different sides of the Atlantic.
Vandervell Bearings Reference
Reference sheets for Vandervell high performance bearings in B-Series and A-Series engines.
Wrench and Socket Reference
Reference table of US (Imperial), Metric and Whitworth wrench sizes.

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Streaming Video

BMC Crash Test Video 1960s
A series of videos showing BMC crash tests from the 60s. Shown are the Mini, 1100, 1800 and MGB models.
Secrets of the SU Carburetter
Video tutorial on inspection and rebuilding of the SU carburetor(s) fitted to MGBs prior to 1975, Triumph, Jaguar, Mini, Austin, Morris and many other British cars as well as classic Volvo and Saab.

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Scanned Publications

Analysis of the Airflow Around an MGA Roadster (pdf)
This study was performed in 1963 by J.J. Cornish III of the Mississippi State University (MSU). The intent was to identify the aerodynamic issues which are present due to vehicular contours and design. The MGA was chosen as it was "a typical open sports roadster". Copyright is held by Mississippi State University and posted by permission. If you wish to repost, please seek permission directly from MSU.
Aston-Martin MGB Prototype
History and photos of DOL341V (MGB81) an MGB successor prototype built in 1980 during a British Leyland takeover bid by the Aston Martin consortium.
Autocar Road Test #2069: MGB GT (pdf)
Mar 1966 - Another look at the new MGB GT model.
Balloonfoot MG Scans Archive
Scanned magazine pages (photos, articles, performance tests) and tearaway promo materials featuring MGB, MGA, MGC, MG TD, MGF, and more.
British Leyland TSB Archive
TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) issued to BL dealers from British Leyland starting in 1973.
MGB Road Test 1962
Nov 1962 - A sneak peek at BMC's successor to the MGA - the cleverly named "MGB".
MGB Seat Belt Recall
1977 - Text of NHTSA Recall Number 85V059000.
Motor Brief Test #4/72: MGB (pdf)
Jan 1972 - A look at BL's latest facelift of its best selling MGB.
Motor Road Test #37/67: MGC (pdf)
Nov 1967 - The MGB's inline-six big brother, the rare MGC.
Motor Road Test #7/66: MGB GT (pdf)
Feb 1966 - A look at the new MGB GT model. (Thanks to the WDMGCC)
R&T Comparison Test: Four Sports Cars
June 1970 - The MkII MGB goes head-to-head with the Porsche 914, Fiat 124 Spider and Triumph TR-6.
Supercharged MGA Judson Road Test
In depth review of a supercharged MGA from May 1958
Dealer Brochures:
1980 MGB Brochure: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Magazine Advertisements:
Introducing the Golden Anniversary MGB
Dear Brad: Here is our brand new MGB
The Great Escape Car. MGB/GT
Exciting Opportunity to See the World
Think of it as a well coordinated athlete
Still built with the human hand
It says more about you
Lute Eldridge, Lockheed F-104 Test Pilot
MGB. The Sporting Breed
MGB. The Classic Breed.
MGB Special with all these Extras
MGB Presents the World's Biggest Sunroof
MGB LE Unlimited Fun
Magic in a new Shape, MGB/GT
MGB/GT Hotel Valet

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Humour and Miscellaneous

A Minor In The Loop
Ode to a convertible Morris Minor spotted on the highway during a storm
A New Golden Era for MG
Article on the current state of the MG marque, and their greatest achievements to date.
A Nice Morning Drive
Fiction piece from Road & Track -- November 1973, pp.148-150
Angouleme Or Bust
A couple's quest to restore their MGB GT and MGB V8 with the goal of attending the MGOC meet in Angoulême, France
Holiday Prose, LBC Style
A Little British Car themed "Night Before Christmas".
How Tom Got Hooked
The Rest Of The Story (or How Tom Got Hooked On Cars)
In Memory of Peter Cummins
RIP Comart45
MGA Owner's Top 10
"Top Ten Things You Will Never Hear an MGA Owner Say."
MGB Adoption Application
Have you got the Right Stuff?
My Therapy
A birthday to remember.
Rotary Engine Conversion
I'm not sure who is crazier, this conversion or the guy that stuffed a Cossie into his MGB.
Scratching an Itch
What to do when bitten by the LBC bug?
Sunday Morning
Another MG road trip story.
The Forever Car
What happens if you keep your vehicle longer than three or four years?
The Ugly Wedgling
The saga of an MGB owner's adoption of a ratty Triumph TR7.
To The Moon
Living with the MGB over many enjoyable miles.
Why an MG?
The perfectly rational reasons why we own these little cars.
Why the MG? Marketing Course Paper
An analysis of MG owners, from a university marketing course.
You Know You're Driving an MGB When...
All too familiar for MGB drivers!

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