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I own most the books listed below, unless otherwise noted, so I've written my own mini-reviews instead of just copying the blurb from Amazon.

Original MGB by Anders Ditlev Clausager

This is an essential reference every MGB owner should have. It covers in painstaking detail every change in design and fittings from 1962 to 1980, and every colour scheme, with full colour photos. Even if you are not preparing a concours-level MGB, with the amount of hack jobs I've seen most cars receive over the years, this book can save a tremendous amount of time simply by identifying what is and isn't stock.

For the same reasons, I also recommend buying and reading this book if you are considering buying an MGB. That way you can know what's original and what isn't on any potential buy.
Haynes MGB Manual by John Fowler

For the price, this manual can't be beat. It's a lot lighter than the official Bentley manual, but it's plenty good enough to handle 90% of any fixes you're likely to encounter. This is the book I keep in the trunk, and the one I don't mind getting greasy fingerprints all over. Covers all models (MGB and MGB-GT) and all years.
Complete Official MGB Workshop Manual 1962-1974 Comprising the Official Driver's Handbook, Workshop Manual, Special Tuning Manual
by Bentley

This is the definative workshop manual for the MGB. Everything you could possibly need to know is in this book, and no wonder: it's published by MG's parent company (that's the "Official" part). If you are doing any serious repairs, like rebuilding the engine, this book is for you. Also, it contains the Special Tuning Guide, which is makes for interesting reading even if you're not preparing for motorsports.

For novices, several tasks that are not explained fully in the Haynes (like setting the twin SU carburettors) are described in a more clear fashion in this manual.
Complete Official MGB Workshop Manual 1975-1980 Comprising the Official Driver's Handbook, Workshop Manual
by Bentley

The companion guide to the above Workshop Manual, except for the later rubber bumper MGBs.
MGB Guide to Purchase and DIY Restoration by Lindsay Porter

Commonly known as "Lindsay Porter's DIY Guide", this excellent hardcover reference book for the DIY mechanic is sadly no longer in print (Haynes F303). The newer and slightly different second edition is below, but you can still find this original edition in used condition for a reasonable price. Many MGB owners consider it an essential MGB how-to reference, and for good reason.

It includes an MGB Buying guide, Bodywork including windshield and fender removal, sill repair, door repair, painting and rust prevention, dashboard removal, seat recovering, hood/soft top fitting, engine and transmission removal, carb cleaning and adjustment, clutch, suspension, rear axle, and braking system overhaul, electrical troubleshooting and overhaul, performance modification, and many pages of photographs and specifications.
MGB Restoration Manual by Lindsay Porter

2nd Edition of this great book, which breaks down big restoration tasks that can be quite daunting to the home mechanic. I have this book and have used it quite a bit. Sections of particuluar use are the front suspension rebuild, and soft top fitting chapters. This is a restoration manual, so it assumes you have some degree of mechanical skill, and does not include mechanical or electrical troubleshooting (get the Bentley or Haynes manuals above for that).
Improve and Modify MGB by Lindsay Porter & Dave Pollard

I don't own this one, but it's also highly recommended by other MGB owners.

Contains some good information on rustproofing the MGB, among many other useful chapters.
Your Expert Guide to MGB and MGB GT Problems and How to Fix Them (Auto-Doc) by Roger Williams

MGB and MGB GT Problems and How to Fix Them tackles some of the more common MGB repairs. It is well written and very readable. Each chapter tackles a particular issue, for example, chapter 1 is titled "Engine will not start from cold". The chapters are then nicely broken down into sub paragraphs that deal with the various aspects of the problem. Throughout there are excellent photographs. This is a great book. I have used it for dealing with specific problems, and also to give me some background information before I tackled some general maintenance problem.

Review by Richard W
MGB Electricals Systems Your color-illustrated guide to understanding, repairing & improving the MGB's electrical systems & components - Now covers MGB, MGC and MGB-V8 (The Essential Manual)
by Rick Astley

A must have book for any amateur working on an MGB. The book is beautifully illustrated with lots of high quality pictures of components and very clear and well labeled circuit diagrams. The book is very well written and very readable.

It is much more than a fix it manual. The first 7 chapters provides a lot of really useful introductory stuff. For example there are sections on tools and wire handling, electrical theory, fuses etc. The subsequent chapters each focus on a particular electrical system, for example, chapter 10 looks at the starting system. In each chapter, Astley outlines how the system works and what the major components are. He then outlines potential problems and diagnostics as well as solutions. The best way to approach any of the chapters is to read them from beginning to end before you start work and then have the book at hand as you go to work.

Review by Richard W
How to Power Tune MGB 4-Cylinder Engines by Peter Burgess

If you're looking to increase the performance of your MGB, this is the book to have. The information is accurate and reliable, tested in the real world, not "imaginary" HP numbers. Covers the engine, head, valves, porting the head, carburettors (SU and Weber), intake & exhaust manifolds, everything really.
How to Give Your MGB V8 Power by Roger Williams

I don't have this book, but I've heard it's quite good if you're considering doing your own factory V8 MGB replica. MG left a ton of room in the engine bay for a reason, and this will show you how to shoehorn one of these beasts in, and how to upgrade your cooling, driveline, brakes, exhaust, etc as well.
MG by McComb by Wilson McComb

One of the most popluar MG history books, continuously in print for more than two decades. Updated with full colour photos.
Mouse, the Man and the MGB by Wayne Truax

A wonderfully illustrated heart-tugging children's story about a curious and courageous little mouse who falls in love with an old car, and the challenges he faces when he tries to help. Written as a reminder that when little ones watch from a distance, they may just be waiting to be invited to share in the very thing we enjoy. Readers young and old, especially MGB enthusiasts, will enjoy just turning the pages to look at the illustrations.


Grassroots Motorsports My favourite car magazine, I read it cover to cover every month! Loads of information, project ideas and race theory for the low-buck speed freak or DIY mechanic. While not specifically vintage or British, it does cover LBC's and other older sportscars like Alfas and Fiats on a regular basis, and there are lots of general automotive knowlege articles.
Classic Motorsports Sister publication to Grassroots Motorsports above, this magazine now focuses on "classic" cars from the 60s and 70s. Every issue so far has had at least one article on the MGB. They have written about power tuning, supercharging the MGB, general buyers guides, etc. There's also a very good supplier directory in the back of every magazine, including several 5-speed conversion vendors. One of my top picks!

(Note: this used to be "British Car" magazine)

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