Historic Racing Car: LBL591E

This shot was taken in the uk just before the Sebring 1968 race, or before the May '68 Sicily run with Hopkirk and Hedges driving. The car also raced by the factory at its final run at Sebring '69 with Jerry Truitt and Logan Blackburn as Drivers....the Car was sold off by BLMC to John Glovack, an employee in '69; then campaigned privately in "41 SCCA" races throughout the USA. Finally, retiring in '83 to storage.

Update: May 2010. Thanks to Ralph Zbarsky for the following information.

LBL591E 1st Photo

"Hello Skye, thanks for the note. I am happy to send you some historical photos of LBL for your Historic Motorsport section. As you know, LBL is the only BMC UK Works built GT, the last 4-banger Works car to come out of Abingdon. It is well travelled, having raced Sebring 67, 68 and 69, and the Targa Florio in 68. Lots of sea miles. Here are some photos from the Targa Florio 1968......RZ"

Targa Florio 1968

Targa Florio 1968 B

Targa Florio 1968 Paddock

" .....some Sebring photos, LBL being built in the Competition Works at Abingdon, and the actual Bill of Sale for LBL after it was sold-off after the Sebring 69 race....very typical for BMC UK in the day, rather than shipping an old beater across the ocean again. RZ"

Sebring 1969 Pits

Sebring Bill

Sebring Tony020
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2006-10-26 07:28:56 # 280
Comment by scott brown
Rating: 10/10
Does anybody know where this car might be? Still in storage. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
2008-10-22 23:43:55 # 1142
Comment by tony giordano
Rating: 10/10
This car is owned by me, Tony Giordano and is in blue point, ny, The car is till unrestored and a few article have been written about it in recent times. or
2009-07-28 18:38:22 # 1519
Comment by ralph zbarsky
Now owned by me, Ralph Zbarsky, and under restoration to competition level. Also under restoration is the 1969/1970 Kilpatrick Sebring MGB GT, originally constructed by BMC Comps USA. Both cars coming soon to a track near you, all donations cheerfully accepted.....
2010-01-19 14:40:45 # 1766
Comment by Craig Heath
Rating: 10/10
What's that on the front wing directly over the front wheel? Is it a small badge?
2010-02-23 19:43:51 # 1840
Comment by ralph zbarsky
Yes Craig, it is a small badge. It appears in some photos, not in others....very strange....
2010-05-25 06:07:31 # 2006
Comment by Mike J
Rating: 10/10
Wow, great photos, thanks for sharing. Isn't it amazing that these cars competed with full interiors (fire hazard), minimal rollover and side impact protection, and all their trim and badging (puncture hazard if dislodged)!
2010-07-15 10:15:03 # 2094
Comment by Thomas Crain
Rating: 10/10
Again great photos. This is the first picture I've seen that shows the boot with a cover over the petrol fill tube. I always wondered how they protected it.
I feel kind of dumb with this question. Does anyone know the purpose of the roof mounted amber light?
2010-07-19 07:33:14 # 2098
Comment by ralph zbarsky
Thomas, the roof light was used at night for signalling purposes when entering/exiting the pit area, and for car ID for multi-car teams. This car used an orange light for most events, and a green light too.
2013-08-01 19:04:35 # 11257
Comment by Kip Andreas
Gentlemen: I'm the guy who bought the GT from JOhn Glovak. John had
installed a proper SCCA rollcage in the car but he passed on to me the
original rollbar. It was made of one inch square wall thin tubing.
It flexed like a window blind slat. It may have fulfilled the rules
then, but it offered no rollover protection. A ten year old could
have bent it in half. Those drivers were very brave guys. It was a
great racecar; very forgiving and neutral. Loved it!
2013-08-07 10:50:46 # 11335
Comment by Theo Vanleeuw
Hello, all, does anyone of you MG enthusiasts know approximately where on the road-circuit the first Targa Florio-picture (the one with the straw bales in the background) was taken ? Many thanks in advance.
2014-08-26 22:34:59 # 20000
Comment by Paul Hruza
Sold for $3K in 69... Wow, what a deal that was!!! Pretty much priceless now...
2017-02-12 07:44:53 # 40265
Comment by Phil C Blanchard
Hi ya all, I am over the pond in Beatle City - Old England (Liverpool UK, for the Young Ones) I have owned and used 1 x '69 Roadster, 3 x GT's '66, 72, 73 Auto, 3 in mid to late '70's the '72 bought in '83 when I SOLD my 1961 +4 4 seater MORGAN Tears in my Eyes. I bought a Jaguar XJ6C Red with Black Vinyl Roof/Black Leather, to die for........ enough you lot say - get to the point Finally in a 4 year period - late 70's a colleague and I Broke at least 40 Roadsters and GT's sold all the parts, scrapped the shells - much coin turning and PROFIT. I did this with Bob Cooke a Colleague, we were Customs Officers - Drugs Squad.Heathrow A/P. Bob had an MGA Twin Cam - laid up.......... Later. He's in Nova Scotia now - Maybe he would like to share those details - none of my business.The point is I WANT LBL 591 E or similar for a Client in Spain .Any condition - The Client wants me to inspect and report back (he is paying my expenses) He will make a decision while I am in Trumpetland, when he goes ahead he will transf
2017-02-12 07:47:22 # 40266
Comment by Phil C Blanchard
Sorry got cut off - trasfer the balance
2017-02-12 07:49:57 # 40267
Comment by Phil C Blanchard
Oops missed out the "n" -hungry - lunch - byeeee
2018-11-29 00:16:10 # 52989
Comment by ralph zbarsky
Just saw your note Phil, no problem! $100,000 US deposit toward final purchase price..... OK by you? RZ

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