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Registry: 1936 MG P-Type Midget

Lew Palmer's 1936 MG P-Type Midget – “Elizabeth”
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Vehicle Information

Owner: Lew Palmer   [lpalmer]
Location: MN, USA USA
Status: Restoration in progress

Model Year:1936
Build Date:1935-11-01
Original Colour:White
Current Colour:undetermined
Odometer:15,900 miles
Last Updated:2006-07-04 13:20:30


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Member Comments on Registry: 1936 MG P-Type Midget   ↵
Rated 10 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
2010-06-05 20:44:09 # 2039
Comment by Skye Nott
Rating: 10/10
What great lines! It's so tiny!
2011-02-27 17:32:36 # 2671
Comment by brandon taylor
man this is a great looking little car. i like it
2014-08-26 07:30:11 # 19985
Comment by Tom S
Is this car for sale
2015-06-09 17:19:13 # 26590
Comment by Gordon L
Is that an airline coupe or tickford body?Beautiful car.
2015-06-09 22:02:20 # 26602
Comment by Lew Palmer
That is a 1936 MG PB Airline Coupe. The photo was taken the day the car arrived home after being purchased in 1000 from Jerry Goguen. An 11 year restoration followed.The car is not for sale, but a similar one is currently on offer for $160,000 in Tennessee. Contact me for further details.
2015-06-24 19:46:33 # 26970
Comment by George Herschell
Lew Palmer,George Herschell here and I was wondering if you can shed a little light on a particular MG Airline Coupe.The car I am interested in getting more info on is the Peter Van Dyne TD Airline Coupe. Peter's father and I worked together in the Graphic Arts industry for too many years and I did get to see and know Peter and also the car on a number of occasions. I know that Peter had passed on but I was wondering just what happened to the car. I don't have either the money or time left to try to buy the car but was just curious where it is and if it is being cared for as well as it should be. The car came in discussion on the MGB Experience and I am curious as just where it ended up. Any info would be greatly appreciated. If you click on the MG B Experience I did post there some of my photos of the car when Peter had it here in Rochester while visiting his father. His father and I worked in the graphic arts field for too many years to count. Any Info would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance, Geoge H
2015-06-25 09:26:44 # 26977
Comment by Lew Palmer
George,The VanDyne family contacted me after Peter's passing. Things like value, interested parties, and the like. However, they were in the midst of settling the estate and told me they would contact me again after things were settled. They never contacted me after that. I was also interested to know where the body molds were going.Cheers,Lew

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Vehicle History

This vehicle's information was last updated on 2006-07-04 13:20:30

Ownership History

Date Owner ID Notes
Jun 1, 2000 Lew Palmer  USA Added to Registry (ID 2651)

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