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Jeffrey Johnson's 1979 MG MGB – “Lucy (Lucifer)”
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“Lucy (Lucifer)”
Piece meal restoration over the last 28 years! PO had engine rebuilt at about 100k miles. I replaced radiator and water pump, alternator, exhaust and catalytic, distributor and electronic ignition and coil, fuel pump, EVAP canisters, Anti-run on valve, starter relay, ignition switch, glove box lock, door locks, trunk lock, OD switches on shifter and transmission, radiator fan motors, fan control switch, voltage stabilizer, clock, entire interior, rebuilt front disc calipers, rebuilt brake master cylinder, rebuilt carb, installed stereo with woofers and tweeters on aft bulkhead, installed new convertible top, switched to dual chain timing gears, rebuilt distributor and machined distributor mount housing to eliminate axial travel in drive gear, also center punched distributor drive dogs to eliminate rotational freeplay, reokaced wiper pump, rebuilt steering rack and replaced gaiters, topped up oil in armstrong shocks, replaced motor and transmission mounts, replaced smog pump, air rail, check valve, gulp valve, and EGR valve, rebuilt front suspension with new bushes and sway bar Iinks, replaced rear sway bar links and bushes, aligned front wheels, replaced aftermarket wheels with rostyles that I sand blasted and repainted, added chrome wheel trim rings and new hub caps, repainted car, installed new trim strips and antenna, installed new windshield, rebuilt cylinder head, replaced dash light rheostat, hazard light switch, and heater fan switch, replaced fuel tank sending unit, replaced voltage regulator, replaced air, oil, and fuel filters, changed oil in motor, tranny, steering rack, and differential, flushed and bled brakes, rebuilt autochoke, replaced axle straps, replaced all hoses and vacuum lines throughout car, replaced map light and trunk courtesy light, replaced convertible top cover, replaced seat belt, replaced seat belt warning buzzer, reupholstered seats with new foam and webbing and backboards, cleaned and lubed seat tracks, replaced numerous switches and interior trim pieces, added oil cooler, and added fuel pressure regulator and gage.

Still to do: recover dashboard, repaint gage bezels and install new gage o-ring seals, bleed brakes, adjust rear brakes, install new brake failure switch, adjust timing, check valve lash, perform leakdown tests, and tune carburetor.

Car was running very well except rough idle and timing danced around a bit too much (hence the distributor rebuild, machining of the distributor mounting sleeve, and center punching of the drive dogs). Car actually passed CA smog with flying colors - @15 mph rolling road test HC = 13ppm, CO = 0.01%, NO = 454ppm (passing rates are HC= 222ppm, CO = 1.41%, and NO = 1396ppm) and on the 25mph rolling road test, HC = 20ppm, CO = 0.00%, and NO = 527ppm (passing is HC = 199ppm, CO = 1.21%, and NO = 1256ppm). I wonder how well it'll do next time with the ignition timing fixed, the carb tuning actually done right, and the vacuum leak between the master cylinder and servo eliminated (I buggered the seal a bit on the previous MC rebuild). More importantly, I'm hoping I finally achieve a smooth idle (after owning this little gem for 28 years, it's about time I get it right)! Many thanks to John Twist of University Motors for his many excellent enlightening youtube videos! Also many thanks to all the forum posters on thus site!

Vehicle Information

Owner: Jeffrey Johnson   [course2kid]
Location: Fountain Valley, CA, USA USA
Status: Running

Model Year:1979
Build Date:1978-12-01
Original Colour:White
Current Colour:white
Odometer:186,562 miles
Engine Type:1.8L 4Cyl 5 Main B-Series
Engine Code:18V891AEL002786
Transmission:4 Sync Speed Overdrive
Last Updated:2017-03-29 19:07:19
Magic VIN Decoder
Factory: Abingdon, England
Make: MG
Engine: B-Series (1.2-2.4L) 4cyl
Body Type: 2 Seat Roadster
Series: MGB MkIII (1970-1979)
Market: USA, Left Drive
Model Year: 1979
Car Number: 485060
Engine Size: 1798cc
Engine Type: Vertical (inline)
Engine Code: Unknown!

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Vehicle History

This vehicle's information was last updated on 2017-03-29 19:07:19

Ownership History

Date Owner ID Notes
May 1, 1989 Jeffrey Johnson  USA Added to Registry (ID 37790)

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