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Registry: 1977 MG MGB V8 Conversion

Simon Austin's Gold Member 1977 MG MGB V8 Conversion
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Sebring fender kit, Miata seats, early 70's dash, white-face gauges, CB conversion.

Vehicle Information

Owner: Simon Austin Gold Member   [Simon Austin]
Location: Surrey, BC, Canada CAN
Status: Running

Model Year:1977
Build Date:2005-01-01
Original Colour:White
Current Colour:Sterling Grey Metallic
Odometer:10,000 miles
Engine Type:Rover SD1 3.5 V8
Transmission:Rover 5-speed
Last Updated:2013-05-27 01:30:27
Magic VIN Decoder
Factory: Abingdon, England
Make: MG
Engine: B-Series (1.2-2.4L) 4cyl
Body Type: 2 Seat Roadster
Series: MGB MkIII (1970-1979)
Market: USA, Left Drive
Model Year: 1977
Car Number: 417788
Engine Code: Not Set!

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Member Comments on Registry: 1977 MG MGB V8 Conversion   ↵
Rated 9.2 out of 10 based on 20 ratings
2007-09-16 11:45:26 # 683
Comment by T C
Rating: 9/10
Sweet. What I wouldn't give for a couple more cylinders in my B...
2007-12-06 11:28:07 # 764
Comment by Skye P. Nott
Beauty! That's quite the stable you've got out in Richmond.
2010-05-25 10:31:43 # 2008
Comment by Ron Weber
Rating: 10/10
Beautiful job, Simon. Awesome looking car.
2010-08-09 00:08:18 # 2134
Comment by Skye Nott
Rating: 10/10
Nice conversion!
2012-02-12 12:44:10 # 4745
Comment by Jack Ramsden
Rating: 9/10
Unique car Simon!
2012-05-22 15:30:33 # 6125
Comment by Daryl Rayner
Rating: 9/10
Very nice ride, looks great.
2012-05-22 17:35:22 # 6130
Comment by Simon Austin
Thanks guys! I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.
2013-04-28 21:11:08 # 10176
Comment by Glenn Polly
Simon, that is great looking MGB, I love what you did with the flares,
continuing the mid body line and not using the metal trim. The color
is great! I have the same ST front air dam, and like you, here in NY
we have to run a front plate - I looked at what you did and I see I'm
not the only one - I put edge trim around the plate and some black
vinyl on the back side, It just looked so ugly hanging out on the
front bumper - I have even thought about photo copying it and reducing
it in size so it fit left or right of the vent, I got a ticket once
for running without it on my way beck from a show (I take it off it's
so ugly) I may put it where yours is!

Anyway, enjoy the season, btw, your RV8's not to bad either - how do
you like it? compared to your conversion>
2013-04-28 23:03:06 # 10177
Comment by Simon Austin
Thanks Glenn. The RV8 is fun in its own way. More of a Grand Touring car than the
other one. I took it to Reno in 2011 and very comfortable the whole trip.

Drives just like any MGB.

2015-01-09 03:37:27 # 22986
Comment by John JD
Oh my sweet goodness
2015-01-09 03:40:27 # 22987
Comment by John JD
Rating: 10/10
Oh my sweet goodness

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Vehicle History

This vehicle's information was last updated on 2013-05-27 01:30:27

Changes from 2013-05-27 01:30:27 to previous 2010-05-24 19:46:16
Mileage 9,000 → 10,000
Changes from 2009-12-21 09:50:47 to previous 2008-05-03 23:36:30
Mileage 4,600 → 9,000
Changes from 2007-08-21 11:18:47 to previous 2006-11-05 21:28:03
Mileage 3,500 → 4,600
Changes from 2006-11-05 21:28:03 to previous 2003-01-05 20:55:20
Mileage added   3,500
Engine Type V8 (Conversion) → Rover SD1 3.5 V8
Trans Type Other → Rover 5-speed
Status Restoration in progress → Running
Changes from 2003-01-05 20:55:20 to previous 2001-08-26 21:09:46
Colour White → Sterling Grey Metallic
Status Running → Restoration in progress

Ownership History

Date Owner ID Notes
Nov 5, 2006 Simon Austin  CANGold Member Added to Registry (ID 1248)

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