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Anyone coming from the Southwest or West?

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arkyrover Avatar
arkyrover Clay L
Conway, AR, USA   USA
1973 MG MGB
Will be coming from central Arkansas...

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Swamperca Avatar
Swamperca Swamper CA
-, Nor Cal, USA   USA
1969 MG MGC GT "C-Rod"
1971 MG MGB "Rubee"
1974 MG MGB "Groovy B"
From the West.

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Nevada City, CA to Gettysburg, PA - Google Maps.pdf    962.2 KB

stolizino Avatar
stolizino Silver Member Gary Kinslow
San Antonio, TX, USA   USA
1969 MG MGB MkII "HRH Camille Of Marmite"
1969 MG MGC GT "Percival Snickersnacker"
1974 MG MGB GT V8 Conversion "Grover"
2006 BMW M Roadster "Manfred"    & more
From San Antonio, but I'll be stopping in Maryland for about a week in advance of the meet.

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mgbcraz Avatar
mgbcraz Silver Member Gene C
Prior Lake, MN, USA   USA
Coming from the Twin Cities out of Minnesota.

Not the slowest trip but hope to leave Thursday June 14th using Google maps with no tolls or expressways to our first overnight stop in Morris Illinois. First leg should be about 441 miles or 9 hours. Friday we are off to somewhere around Canton Ohio. Again using mostly 2 lanes we expect another 9 hour 411 mile day.

The payoff for the long first 2 days of driving are a short, well shorter anyway, 282-mile final leg. This should be a couple of hours less but we will still need a gas and short rest stop to stretch our legs. The best thing about arriving on Saturday is we get to watch all the other lost souls drag in.

For those of you that may need to travel on our fine interstate and toll-way system, if coming from The Twin Cities, you could expect your total drive time to be only about 17 hours or 1100 miles compared to the 24 hours of driving to cover about 1200 miles of US routes of the 2 or 4 lane variety.

Still shopping for a couple of hotels. Not a lot of sightseeing but handy for folks taking vacation time. More time off at the convention. And using 2 lanes rather than interstates only added 5 hours to the trip.

GILMGA Silver Member Gil Dupre
1962 MG MGA
1974 MG MGB GT
Coming from Chattanooga going to Richmond first on 14th


Oldertech Avatar
Oldertech Scott Williams
Topeka, KS, USA   USA
1968 MG MGC "The Capitol C"
1970 Austin America "Robin Egg"
You’ll be passing right through Topeka, our home. That’s a long drive, sir! I thought it was far for us.

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