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rsawyer Randall Sawyer
Tulsa, OK, USA   USA
A couple months back, I was watching a quirky little car sell on Bring A Trailer. I thought it was a neat little car and would like to see one some time. Literally 10 minutes later an ad pops up on local Craigslist says they have three Berkeley Sports for sale. A co-worker mentioned he'd like to get one if they checked out. After I inspected them, the co-worker only wanted the good one, but it was an all or nothing deal.

Without discussing with my now wife (fiancé at the time), I made an offer for the lot. Now I own three (and a half) Berkeleys. One SE492 and two SE328s. Only one has an engine, but it is in surprisingly good shape. The previous owner was in the middle of a restoration/modification when he passed away. The man I got them from was his neighbor. He cut the body off of the half car for his golf cart, but I have everything else.

I am currently rewiring the mostly complete car. There was apparently an electrical fire under the dash at some point. Unfortunately and fortunately the previous owner bought the parts to convert to electronic ignition. There is a hub that I need machined (or have not located in the extra parts boxes) and the conventional ignition is lost to time. I am happy to have another project now that my Midget is nearly finished. This is going to be a rather interesting project as it is completely different than anything I've worked on before.

Pictures to come.

On a side note: MGExp doesn't have Berkeley in their list of cars to add to your profile.

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Paul J Avatar
Locust Grove, OK, USA   USA
Almost bought a new Berkeley back in 58, a dealer was in Kansas City. Cost was around $1200.00. Motorcycle on 4 wheels! grinning smiley Bought a Ford instead. thumbs up PJ

rsawyer Randall Sawyer
Tulsa, OK, USA   USA
Looking back, you were probably smart to get the Ford. None of my Berkeleys have more than 10,000 miles and are all quite rough. Funnily enough, I paid $1200 for the entire lot.

I see you're out in Locust Grove. I got the cars not too far from you. They were out in Wagoner.

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10kpharo Avatar
10kpharo Gold Member Julian L
Windsor Lodge, West Coast of New York, USA   USA
1955 Austin A30 Van
2007 Ford F-150 Pickup "Clifford The Big Red Truck"
Great project! I love those cars. Looked at one in outside of Syracuse NY a few years ago, but the price was too much for a car requiring a lot of reassembly. I know a gentleman who has a Berkeley T60, the 3-wheeler.

"We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane" - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

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Wray Avatar
Wray Gold Member Wray Lemke
., SC, USA   USA
Randall, I have fellow club member who has several Berkeleys. Man, they are small.

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