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Rover P6 2-Door

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OldBloke Avatar
OldBloke Gold Member Jim Legg
Napa, CA, USA   USA
1970 Rover 3500
1971 MG MGB GT
1972 MG MGB V6 Conversion
1973 MG MGB "Tagalong"
Was this ever in production or just a stunning photoshop? Never seen one!

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Rover P6 2-Door.jpg    29.5 KB
Rover P6 2-Door.jpg

Markp61 Avatar
Markp61 Silver Member Mark Pasquill
MARION, MA, USA   USA Found this article. Apparently the only one built by Rover as a prototype convertible 2 door P6. Apparently others where after market.

OpenTop Lionel A
Perth, WA, Australia   AUS
What ever.....That looks awesome.


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2redrovers Avatar
2redrovers Rodney L
melbourne, Australia   AUS
Hi, I've just joined up so I could give credit to the artist "James D" , a talented chap on the H.A.M.B. photoshop thread. I've added a link to his original post below.

I asked for visions of what a led sled styled rover p6b could look like. While it wasn't exactly to that request, I absolutely loved his version and have been itching to cut one of mine up just like it. I've seen his picture spreading around the net and i do what I can to give him credit for his efforts. Cheers guys, glad you like it too. There's also a few of my own photoshops floating around, p6 and p5 based sled inspired customs.

[URL="[url]"[/url];]The Photoshop thread to end all Photoshop Threads![/URL]

britcars Avatar
britcars Phil Ossinger
Fredericton, NB, Canada   CAN
thumbs up That 2 door P6 looks awesome! Don't think it was ever a production car though.

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10kpharo Avatar
10kpharo Gold Member Julian L
Windsor Lodge, West Coast of New York, USA   USA
1955 Austin A30 Van
2007 Ford F-150 Pickup "Clifford The Big Red Truck"
There are a few aftermarket convertible versions, as mentioned earlier, and they are attractive. And very expensive.

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