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Bomber Command Museum. Nanton.

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7mg2 Avatar
7mg2 Andrew Hardie
Calgary, AB, Canada   CAN
1969 MG MGC GT "Mr "C"
1972 MG Midget MkIII
A few of us made it down to Nanton today for the firing of the Merlins on the Lancaster.
A fantastic day for a cruise, and a kind of rag tag bunch making the trip, Mike and Ardith Holtz arriving shortly after me after solo blats down #2 at a fairly aggressive rate of fuel consumption, and both of us arriving before the club "group", consisting of Mike Coe, Trevor Beatson, John Towler and Davis Masri. Terrance Walters also made the trip ( uncharacteristically with his top UP ) with Elliot navigating.

I had a surreal day, connecting with a trio of guys previously unknown to me and each other, but having connections of places, family or friends in common with me. As a result of long conversations with these guys separately through the day, I became not only the first to arrive, but the last to leave.

Oh, and I racked up some more Moss Motoring Challenge points into the bargain. A great day.


NAMGBR# 20-7738
AMGCRA# 1678

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rj1106 Avatar
rj1106 Silver Member Mike Holtz
Trail, BC, Canada   CAN
1964 Morgan 4/4
1990 Mini ERA Turbo "Nigel"
It was truly a splendid day and a huge amount of fun.Both speakers were excellent but the show and tell about Spartan Air Service was of particular interest for me. Ardith gratiously set me free and I had a great time
I worked air crew for Spartan from 1969 to 1974 but more significantly, my father was with them (and various affiliate companies) from 1955 to 1976. There weren't many people in the pictures that I didn't know or work with. It is incredibly cool that they are restoring the mosquito to its Spartan Air Services specs. If you haven't seen the restoration in progress, it is worth a visit. There is way more wood in a Mosquito than there is in a Morgan.

Mike H

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