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The Hebrides Once Again

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Tim Moore Avatar
Scotland, UK   GBR
1947 Rover 16 "Reggie"
1969 MG MGC GT
May 18 2017, another glorious and welcome balmy afternoon in the North West Highlands and Islands.....empty roads, sheep gently grazing by the roadside on seaweed and tender detract the something of a shakedown drive to ensure the CGT is firing on all cylinders in advance of the long drive down to Chateau Impney in a few week's time for the MG Car Club MGC 50th Anniversary Celebrations.

The Minch was looking surreal near Duntulm and Uig Bay decidedly splendid with blue azure seas when they are so often grey and menacing in winter "Hoolies"!

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2003JAG Avatar
2003JAG Gold Member Chuck Hassler
Monument, CO, USA   USA
1968 MG MGC "Blue Boy"
1980 MG MGB Limited Edition (LE)

Thanks for sharing.


darnoc31 Avatar
darnoc31 sandy sanders
hudson, FL, USA   USA
Please contact me off line. My grandmother came from Stornoway many years ago and I believe the I still have family members there.
I too love and own MG cars. 75MGB/ 1939 MG-TA.
Sandy Sanders

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2ndC Silver Member Steve N
Lee's Summit, Mo, USA   USA
Great pictures, car and surroundings. Thanks for sharing.

Steve N.

stolizino Avatar
stolizino Silver Member Gary Kinslow
San Antonio, TX, USA   USA
1969 MG MGB MkII "HRH Camille Of Marmite"
1969 MG MGC GT "Percival Snickersnacker"
1974 MG MGB GT V8 Conversion "Grover"
2006 BMW M Roadster "Manfred"    & more

chormy Avatar
chormy Gold Member Shaun Holmes
Norwich, Norfolk, UK   GBR
1963 MG MGB MkI "3330 PE"
1964 MG MGB MkI
1967 MG MGC    & more
Tim its days like that near the artic circle that make me glad your still part of the Union, I can come visit Visa free.

Wonderful pictures car's not bad could have polished the tyres a bit more the treads dirty.

Picture is of the Flatlands south East of Kings Lynn, well ex's cottage. The Broads!

I'll bring the boot polish for your wheels !
Its been a while since we have had a road going car or one you wish to drive more than a few miles, Connors race C is great but noisy and only a 6 gallon tank. The Blue CGT has been great with the alloy head being tested Connor and I have been driving her everywhere, the white GT will hopefully have the interior done next weekend then MOT and run as much as I can before MGC50 hoping after 29years off road according to Gov site she runs well enough to get us to Impney

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 2017-05-20 12:45 AM by chormy.

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MGC & B racing, incorporating MGCspares from a good used or rare part to remanufactured items to keep your C as you would like it. NEW Alloy items have arrived UK made see website. MGC and early/late B alloy radiators from stock

received_10155561820460715.jpeg    101 KB

Tim Moore Avatar
Scotland, UK   GBR
1947 Rover 16 "Reggie"
1969 MG MGC GT
Chuck, Stanley, Gary, Steve, Shaun,

- as "Brits" - Christine and I want the UK to last for all time. We are better together... Even if the "Nats" give the impression that they want to separate. Living in the Scotland part of The United Kingdom we KNOW how fortunate we are that the Union with England has benefitted Scotland immeasurably just as Scotland has in its own way added over 300 years to those south of here.

Our roads suit the C, its the only one C in use here just now.....we are lucky! The ( empty) Highlands of Scotland are not everybody's choice but they suit the few of us that have made a life up here against the elements.

It's of course easy to take good pictures against stunning backdrops - inaccessible to many.

MG's hold us all together!

Shaun, after the 600 mile drive down to Impney, tyres and car WILL be travel stained!! That's as it should be and what we own our non "trailer-queens" for...isnt it?


tahoe36c Avatar
tahoe36c Paul Hruza
Panama City, FL, USA   USA
1969 MG MGC GT "Little Red Rocket..."
1972 MG MGB GT "Tiny Dancer"
2002 Harley-Davidson Dyna

Thank you! You refreshen memories of my life back in the early 1980s... I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk, near Woodbridge. I lived at Kennels Cottage on Low Road, Hasketon. I bought my 72 B/GT there in 1982. My mother (now deceased) decided to come visit me and ended up staying almost six months. I drove her southeast to see the white cliffs of Dover, then south to Lands End. We then traveled up through Wales into Scotland and put the MG on the little ferry over to the Isle of Skye (I still have a miniature bottle of Skye Whiskey). We drove right around the entire island before returning to the mainland and driving up to Loch Ness. Never did see Nessie but still loved every minute of the trip... Mom was thrilled to spend time visiting so many beautiful places. England, Scotland Wales; they all have so much to offer!!! Ireland is wonderful too, but I never did get over there. I was honored to spend so much time (almost 5 years) in such a beautiful country during my youth. I was even lucky enough to bring my LBC back o the USA with me...

Pictures attached are of Mom at the Bentwaters front gate, Mom on the hood of the MG at a friends house and the MG with a friend's Austin 7 at the Turk's Head pub in Hasketon... I would do almost anything to walk back in that door and sip a pint with a bag of Smith's Crisps and a jar of cockles!!!!

Wish I could bring the C over there and drive those wonderful roads once again!!!!!


P.S. Threw in a pic of me with the MG... I was about 20 years old then I guess.

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Mom MG Round House.jpg    57.6 KB
Mom MG Round House.jpg

Turks Head Pub.jpg    49.2 KB
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Zula Bentwaters Sign.jpg    53.1 KB
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MG 004.jpg    42.2 KB
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Nr Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK   GBR
1954 MG TF
1968 MG MGC
HI Tim, just been following your trials and tribulations with leaky boots! I've ordered new seals for my filler pipe. I also believe I have a small leak via the MG badge. when I open my boot there are some drips of water which fall onto the area of the centre of my spare wheel..... more vaseline I think. My recent thread 'Road trip to Islay' was completed mostly in dry but cold weather, 4 weeks ago. The worst weather we encountered was some brief but heavy hailstones whilst ascending 'Rest and Be-thankful'!
Thats a lovely run once you get past the congestion of Loch Lomond, especially down Loch Fyne.
I know the road down from Skye to Callander quite well and would love to make it through Glen Coe in the C. On my way back from Islay we went to Stirling for a couple of days so I took the road from Inverary to Dalmally and stopped at the 'Green Welly' before following your route via Crianlarich down Glen Ogle to Callander..... a lovely run fortunately in a dry sunny but cold day. Its a pity to old rail car transporter service stopped.
I hear from various sources that the North West 500 is becoming 'congested' in summer months due to a preponderance of wide Lambos and Ferraris which are quite unsuitable for the single track roads with passing places.... Much better in a 'C'

Tim Moore Avatar
Scotland, UK   GBR
1947 Rover 16 "Reggie"
1969 MG MGC GT

The North Coast 500.....(NC500)

As you know from following this Forum, we drove the NC500 route in our CGT 12 months ago, in early May 2016. I posted thoughts then and more than a few pictures here if you go back. Yes we were glad we did it then during its first year of existance as a "bucket list" drive. As you correctly state it has become a victim of its own success and flamboyant very-wealthy folk in supercars are indeed blasting around single track roads in ever increasing numbers in these exotic cars. It was not supposed to be a racetrack, but for many petrol heads that is (unfortunately) what is is fast becoming. The sheep and cattle having to adapt to a different existence and the inadequate road structures in many north west areas are suffering.

Hope you finalise your boot/trunk water leaks, we had to seal everything too including the badge fixing holes and boot lock. It was (all) like a sieve...

See you at Chateau Impney. Safe journey although you and most have a lot less miles to cover than we do!


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Nr Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK   GBR
1954 MG TF
1968 MG MGC
Tim, how long are you going to stay near the Chateau? i've opted out of some of the activities as we are so local. the Gotherington day at the railway is about 10 minutes from me. I'm doing the Saturday and Sunday events. Chateau Impney is about 20 minutes for me . Look forward to meeting up

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