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MGB Buick/Olds V8 Engines&Trannys abandoned project ... no car [Madison Wisconsin, USA]

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PeterC Avatar
PeterC Platinum Member Peter Caldwell
Madison Wisconsin, USA   USA
A dear friend passed without getting to his dream of building his 78 MGB-LE into a V8. This is the collection of parts he had gathered for the transformation. Consists of 1 Buick 215 and 1 Olds 300 completely disassembled. With extra set of heads. Many extra timing/oil pump covers. Several exhaust manifolds. 1 set is a header for Olds heads. 1 single barrel intake, and sundry distributors, starters, alternators, etc. Also, 2 Triumph/Rover 5-speeds.

I admit to not being well-versed in these engines, or the conversion necessities. I will answer all questions as best I can. Located in our warehouse in Madison WI. We are able to crate and ship. Naturally, would prefer it to go as a lot. All proceeds go to his widow.

Please PM, or much better, email me for access to the Shutterfly account for many more pictures.

Thanks for looking.

Peter C

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eks3703 Silver Member E K Starzinger
Marietta, GA, USA   USA
1968 MG MGB GT "Chimera"
1974 MG MGB "The Mirage"
1974 MG MGB GT
PM sent.


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TR8todd Avatar
TR8todd Todd Kishbach
Mass, USA   USA
1977 Triumph TR7 "Rally Fraud"
1978 Triumph TR8
1979 Triumph TR7
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By and large, the big stuff is going to be hard to get rid of. Its expensive to ship an engine, and they are fairly common, so don't expect much if any demand for the engines. The value in a V8 swap is all the parts required to make it happen. That bell housing is worth about $350. The tranny only $150 or so, and nobody will pay to ship it. If you have aluminum 300 heads, those are worth 300 to 500. Those headers are worth a couple of hundred as well. Inevitably you will get someone that wants one piston, or one rocker arm, or two connecting rods. Its up to you if you want to break up a set for a few bucks. If somebody local offers you $1000 for everything in the picture, let it go. If any of the engines or heads are rebuild, then disregard what I said. Rebuilt stuff has some value because there is someone out there thinking about rebuilding a block right now, and he is getting estimates north of $2K to rebuild a short block. An already rebuild block with no core expected priced at $1K sounds pretty appealing to him. Another block that needs rebuilding is just a step sideways. Most people looking to do a swap want the Rover version, especially the higher displacement versions. If I'm going to dump $2500 into a block rebuild, its going to be a 4.6L and not a 3.5(215).

tim65mgb Avatar
tim65mgb Silver Member Tim Guntly
Cherry Valley, IL, USA   USA
1960 Daimler V8-250 "SP250"
1980 MG MGB
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2013 Ford Edge
What kinda price for this? I'm an hour away! I dream of such a conversion in my 1980 B.

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