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1976 Midget [Alabama, USA]

Moss Motors
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1976 Midget [Alabama, USA]
Feedback Midget Parts Wanted
63Tango Scott Kaiser
Pinson, AL, USA   USA
I have wanted to restore a Midget for 20 years and now my wife and I have been blessed with one. Most of the parts are there, but the interior needs the most help. Any suggestions of where I can find parts at a decent price without having to lose an arm and leg would be helpful. Also what in all of your experiences could help us in our restoration travels. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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76lucas Avatar
76lucas Gold Member Josh L
Floyd, VA, USA   USA
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Welcome to the fun.The two largest suppliers are Moss and Victoria British. There quite a few other companies many which have ads on the vendor market forum. Checking the BST will help has parts come up often. Sites like e-bay and craigslist will also have some once in awhile. Interior parts are expensive no matter what car it is. First thing I suggest getting is the workshop manual for the 1500 midget. If you can't get the answer from that than you can always post on the midget forum.I doubt you'll run into a problem that someone has not seen and knows how to fix.

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Perdido Avatar
Perdido Gold Member Rut Rutledge
Tuscaloosa, AL, USA   USA
Welcome to the forum! These are fun and simple cars with a lot of smiles per gallon! You also have Matthews Import Parts in Birmingham and when you get to a point that you need something, parts or suggestions for how to, post in the MG Midget forum.

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tahoe36c Avatar
tahoe36c Paul Hruza
Panama City, FL, USA   USA
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Don't forget to try

Great company whose prices are generally 10% less expensive than Moss and Victoria British. Please understand that all these companies outsource parts from the same suppliers so you are NOT getting a better part because you paid more!!!

Victoria British has a LOT of sales that seem to run quarterly... Great prices that beat Moss by a huge margin when items are on sale.

I would use Moss last. You can always find it less expensive elsewhere.

Don't forget ebay. Good deals can be found there too. You just have to be patient and look around.

Have fun!

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