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Ford/Jaguar AJ-V8 in a B

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benhutcherson Avatar
benhutcherson Gold Member Ben Hutcherson
Louisville/Frankfort, KY, USA   USA
1970 MG MGB
This is idle wondering on a slow Saturday, but I'm wondering if this is a swap anyone has ever done.

This is an engine that gets some dislike, but fundamentally it's a solid engine and seems like it would be a nice match. I spent 8 years and 100K miles behind the 3.9L version in a Lincoln LS before the car met its demise for reasons other than the engine.

The version used in the Lincoln LS and Ford Tbird was 3.9L, while I think Jag has it up to 4.2L or so now in the applications where they still use it. It saw pretty extensive use in the S type and still sees some use in high performance trims of a few Jag models. I think Land Rover also used it after they dropped the Buick engine.

As V8s go, this is a relatively small engine and is nice and lightweight thanks to the aluminum block. It's also plentiful in the junk yards at least around here these days.

Has anyone looked into doing this swap into a B?

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Mustangsix Avatar
Mustangsix Gold Member Jack Collins
Orlando, FL, USA   USA
I think the lack of a suitable bellhousing and flywheel will deter you as much as the overall size of the package.

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mgb4tim Avatar
mgb4tim Tim N
South Fayette, Pittsburgh, PA!!!, USA   USA
1971 MG MGB
1996 Jaguar XJ6 (X300) "Big Green"
Google "Jaguar Nikasil"


mgb281 Philip Waterman
Taunton, Somerset, UK   GBR
If you are still considering this then I have a couple of observations, it is a good engine, those built after 2000 do not have bore wear problems and due to being compact may fit without cutting the bulkhead. I think the biggest problem you will face (apart from home built headers) is where to put the alternator and air con pump (if you are fitting one) also the sump may come too far forward and foul the crossmember. A company that was near me used to convert BW bellhousings with an adaptor plate to enable a T9 or T5 gearbox to be coupled to the Rover V8, the bellhousing on an XK8 is removable so you should be able to get an adaptor made to convert the engine to a manual gearbox.

I have just added a bell housing that's on ebay so you can see the potential for adaption,

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momsauto Avatar
momsauto Gold Member Dan Craig
Ozark, MO, USA   USA
1953 MG TD MkII "Margaret"
1960 MG MGA 1600 "Michael"
1978 MG MGB MkIV "McGregor"
1986 Jaguar XJ-S
Anyone considering an AJ should aways freshen the timing chains and related gear - failures are common from 80K miles and up. Cooling system components have been troublesome with lots of plastics used. The R series with the supercharger is quite compact for a forced induction engine.

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