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mgcharlie Avatar
mgcharlie Charlie Baldwin
York, PA, USA   USA
It's good to see more messages on this topic.

I finished putting a Volvo B20 in my TD last year. I've owned the car for 47 years and this is how they should have come from the factory. Besides the B20, which probably puts out around 115 - 120 hp, I have a Volvo M41 transmission with D type overdrive, MGA 1600 front disc brakes, and MGB 3.91 rear. It is a very nice driving car.

Dan O'Sullivan above makes a good point about Joe Lazenby. He's honest, a great guy, and has two warehouses chock full of old Volvo cars and parts located in Carlisle, PA. He has many B18s and B20s. Did you know that Dan dated Whitey Ford's daughter?

Mark H. above has sold his TD to a fellow in Lancaster, PA, who has traced some of the history of the car. As you can see in the picture it looks like a race car. The new owner, Emery, writes a blog about his adventures working on the car.

I am the moderator of a Yahoo Group called Volvo Engined MGs, which is all about putting a B18 or B20 in a T series MG. They are the best choices nowadays. We also have members with B16s in their MGs. I welcome anyone who has an interest in this conversion to join us.
Go to
Somewhere there you will find a way to request to join the group. I need to approve any new members to keep the spam away. If you can't find the way to ask to join, let me know and I can send an invitation to your email address. Joe Lazenby is also in the group, so can answer any Volvo questions. Joe also has a TD with a B18 and D type OD. He's owned a TD since 1965, so isn't just a Volvo guy.

Some other good things about the B18 and B20 not mentioned above are that it was a newly designed engine in the early '60s with five main bearings with plans to enlarge the bore later to 2L. So it is an engine at the beginning of it's life when the MGB engine was at the end of it's life. BTW, I own two MGBs and an MGA, so have nothing against them. The overdrive for an MGB approaches $1000 to buy, and the early D type are quite rare. A Volvo M41 with D type was in all of the 1800S Volvos, is much more plentiful, and a lot cheaper, probably around 1/3 of the MGB price. The D type fits in the T series tunnel without modification to the car, so is the best choice. Later with the fuel injected cars Volvo used the J type overdrive.


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mgt953d Avatar
mgt953d Roberto Chapman
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico   MEX
Here are a few pictures of a TD with B-18 engine. The last picture is a vdo tachometer inside the rpm instrument housing.
I like the denormandville overdrive and "B" stabalizer bar.
Bob Chapman

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