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Allis Chalmers muffler - final result and sound clip

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hoggie Avatar
hoggie Mike Hogan
Oklahoma City, OK, USA   USA
Now if you could get that Allis Chalmers exhaust flapper noise. Actually I think the MG A Series engine was derived from a British tractor motor anyway.

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littlecars Avatar
littlecars David Bassett
Nashville, TN, USA   USA
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In reply to # 3752895 by ice . He knew I needed a muffler for the Sprite (I wonder how). One day he brought home a muffler from a small AC Chalmers tractor from the post and asked me if I could use it. I tried and it fit perfectly, making a nice burbling sound when you got on it. Still had it on when I sold the car.

Later, I volunteered for Nam and soon had my orders. I shipped the wife and Chevy II home but still kept the Sprite for last minute transportation. The front suspension had become so loose by that time when you hit a bump, the car would vibrate so badly you couldn't steer it til you stopped completely and the started off again. Needless to say in that condition the car wouldn't pass the rudimentary safety inspection Panama and the Army required to get a plate. Since there were no parts available, my solution was to take a 10 penny nail and drive it into the sides of the fulcrum pin area on both of the A frames. A newly arrived CPT from Nam cornered me said and he needed quick transportation so I graciously accepted his $600 offer for the Sprite, it passed the inspection! I did throw in what parts I had gathered up in the deal! Financially I did great deal on the Yamaha as well.

Great story, Ice! I remember putting a tractor muffler on my 61 Corvair station wagon before there was any main source for new Corvair parts. It was a straight-thru and all the muffler shops had were resonators with curved tips for later Corvairs, if any. I remember you telling me about the Sprite nail upgrade over a beer at some point too.

PS: Did you ever find or reach out to Wayne W in Mount Juliet, TN?

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