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76 Midget rear spring dimensions

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wgrr John B
GUELPH, ON, Canada   CAN
Just had the front and rear springs replaced on my 76 Midget using Moss springs. Now my car looks like its going to take off. The NEW rear springs are lower than the old ones.
Dealing with Moss is about as much fun as a route canal from a proctologist. I give up and swear I won't buy so much as a bolt from them.
I want to buy new leaf springs from Eaton Spring but they don't have the measurements needed.. Anybody have the correct measurements for the rear leaf set for a 76 Midget?

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76lucas Avatar
76lucas Gold Member Josh L
Floyd, VA, USA   USA
1978 MG Midget 1500
1979 MG Midget 1500 "Parts Car"
What measurements do you need? If it's not pouring again tomorrow afternoon I can try to get them. I am surprised your having trouble with Moss. Their usually pretty good about stuff like that.

If you never try to do it You will never be able to do it

66Sprite Avatar
66Sprite David R
Sydney, NSW, Australia   AUS
John, this might help. My Sprite Mk3 springs seemed to match what is listed. Cheers, David.

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wgrr John B
GUELPH, ON, Canada   CAN
Thanks but I was pretty sure the camber should be 6" or so inches on the rubber bumper cars?

Kerr Avatar
Kerr Platinum Member Norm Kerr
Ann Arbor, MI, USA   USA
Hi John,
The 6 leaf 1500 rear spring was 5.58" (free camber), according to Horler's book.

Note, though, that there is also a (1/2"?) spacer between the rear spring front mounting block and the body.

The 5 leaf 1275 rear spring was 4.72" (free camber). So, you could try removing the spacer from your car first and if that doesn't do enough, remove one leaf, and if that isn't enough, change to earlier springs.

The front coil springs were not the main way the front was raised, the frame structure was changed to create the 1" raised height. In fact, the front springs didn't change height when the heavy rubber bumpers were first introduced (11/'74), they were raised 0.4" from January, 1976.
To lower the front end, you could fit really short springs, but will then may find the front suspension crashing more often from the reduced stroke, so usually shorter springs are also increased spring rate to try and compensate for that. A way to experiment at low cost is to put spacers between the spring pans and their A-arms, to lower the front of the car.


wgrr John B
GUELPH, ON, Canada   CAN
Thanks Norm but I am trying to get the rear raised not lowered. Looking at photos on the web my car is way too low in the rear.

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