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Machine shop/ welder needed

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taskadog Avatar
taskadog Phil Burke
Tequesta, FL, USA   USA
So, I ordered what I thought was the unobtainium part needed to fix my Datsun transmission.
I found it on eBay Austria!!
Well the cover arrived today all new and shiny in a 50 year old factory box
The part was close but wrong
I need someone who can remove the cylinder from the new part and “weld” it to my old base
It’s aluminum

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Windrideror Avatar
Windrideror Carl Rosenburg
Redmond, OR, USA   USA
Phil, Sorry to here that it is the wrong part. It also looks like the tube diameter might be bigger on the new one than the old one. Might just be an optical illusion but I would be sure to mic it before having it welded onto the old base. Best of luck, hope it all works out.


oleanderjoe Avatar
oleanderjoe Gold Member Joseph Baba
Fresno, CA, USA   USA
PHIL: Better see if you can find another part. Don't know what you paid for that, but it will be costly to fix. You just cant cut the piece off, sit it on top and weld it in. The old part has to be machined off,= "FLAT" and probably a small shoulder cut in to index the new piece. Aluminum has to be preheated, and "TIG" welded. It may have to be welded while rotating ?? "(Lathe Weld), to keep it straight and parallel. ??? I am guessing at least $150.00 at a good machine shop capable of doing the job. Sorry confused smiley

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oleanderjoe Avatar
oleanderjoe Gold Member Joseph Baba
Fresno, CA, USA   USA
PHIL: Did you check with "Dean" at ???? He has a few acres of used parts. thumbs up

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trevorwj Avatar
trevorwj Trevor Jessie
Louisville, KY, USA   USA
If I were to try and repair the part. I would do what Joe mention about machining the part to create an index. I would then use a new aluminum tube that has a thicker wall and a larger diameter to weld to the base, then turn the part in a lathe to bring it back to original spec.

I'm not capable of doing the work, just how I would imagine doing it.

Did you call that auto recycler in Oregon?

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PeterC Avatar
PeterC Platinum Member Peter Caldwell
Madison Wisconsin, USA   USA
So that was the wrong Datsun part number. Damn. That was misinformation unfortunately. Email me all the details from the wrong part number and your trans specifics. I'll find you one. I have old microfiche.

Peter c

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Yankeedriver Avatar
Yankeedriver Platinum AdvertiserAdvertiser Joel Young
Albuquerque, NM, USA   USA
Phil, Will at Rivergate had lots of spare parts last time I checked with him--though he may keep those to facilitate his 5-speed rebuilding services. (He had replaced one of the case parts for me when rebuilding one of mine.) Anyway, you might try him.

If you do find a viable source for the part you need, please post the source for the rest of us 5-speeders.

Also: I have a box of thick-wall aluminum tube in various sizes and wall thicknesses. So if you take Joe and Trevor's suggested route, let me know the O.D. and I.D. you end up needing and if I have what you need, you can have it for the cost of shipping. I think the Regional Rate A rate of $8.15 may be the cheapest I have available. I can fit any or all of my products in that box at once, so plenty of room for a piece 'o pipe.


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baloo Avatar
baloo Silver Member s y
Louisville, KY, USA   USA
If you're still looking for a machinist/welder, there is a retired expert machinist on this forum (actually the Spitfire 1500 forum) who does these jobs as a passion.
He goes by "roncohudd" on TriumphExp forum -- I think he is in Texas.
Let me know if you have trouble reaching him.

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S1 Elan Kurt. Appley
Akron, Ia., USA   USA
Agree with Trevor. if I were going to repair that I would bore through the base and insert a slightly oversize tube. Interference fit then weld and machine to clean it up and make sure the tube is concentric. I could TIG aluminum last fall but that is a pretty small touchy piece and in January I began having eye problems. Cant see well enough to weld anything other than very course stuff now. Seems like I remember the stock piece get's shortened when doing the conversion to a A series BMC engine. That wouldn't be what caused the problem would it?


Perdido Avatar
Perdido Gold Member Rut Rutledge
Tuscaloosa, AL, USA   USA
BillM has one he’s going to send you on your other post.

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taskadog Avatar
taskadog Phil Burke
Tequesta, FL, USA   USA
Thanks to all of you for your support and suggestions
BillM found one for me!!
I’ll probably try to have a spare made from the parts I have

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