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ZS mounting nut.

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ZS mounting nut.
  This topic is about my 1978 MG Midget 1500
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76lucas Gold Member Josh L
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1978 MG Midget 1500
1979 MG Midget 1500 "Parts Car"
In my efforts to get the brown car moving again I needed to fix some problems. One of which was a stuck choke and needle valve. of course this meant taking the ZS off the car for a rebuild. Which meant fighting that @#%^^ lower nut. After fighting it for about 30 minutes I thought there has got to be an easier way. So I thought I would let you'll know what I came up with and it worked great for me. Now it should be noted that my car still has the factory heat shield so this may not work if that has been changed. So here is what i did.
Once you have gotten to the point of taking the mounting nuts off do this. Take a long zip tie or piece of mechanics wire and loop it under the throttle levers including the one that goes to the plunger on the water choke. Pull it all up and tie it up to the throttle cable bracket on the manifold. Then get a stubby wrench that fits your nut(in my case 1/2 inch) and you'll find that you can not only get the wrench on straight but you will get a much longer turn. Once you have it off hold the levers in place and snip the tie than let the levers down. When you get ready to put it back on get the nuts started than tie it back up and go to it. Like I said it worked really good for me. Not sure if it will help anyone else but I hope it does

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