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Doesn't anyone write in complete sentences and use correct grammar anymore??

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trevorwj Avatar
trevorwj Trevor Jessie
Louisville, KY, USA   USA
I would comment, but I'm not sure if I am an offender. eye rolling smiley

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AN5L Ken Grasing
I can decipher most of the commentary, but some of the descriptions, or parts names, leave me scratching my head.

Billyjoe Avatar
Billyjoe Billy K
Mineral Wells, TX, USA   USA
First let me apologize, I am probably an offender. In school I did quite well with my grades, even math, loved biology, I kind of enjoyed history and made straight "A's" in recess and lunch. I admit I hated English. I just never could grasp prepositional phrases. I learned more from "School House Rock" on tv way back when than I did in school.
Sometimes there are legit reasons, eye site, tremors that make it difficult to type, there are any number of reasons, even ignorance. My dad taught me there is a big difference between ignorance and stupidity. You see, ignorance is not knowing how to build a bomb, stupidity is trying to do it anyway.
I'm smart at many things, ignorant at many things and stupid on many more.
Personally, I never give a second thought to the proper use of grammer and pronunciation or spelling. Maybe because I can relate or maybe because I don't care. If I don't understand, I'll ask them to clarify.
My wife of 37 years is an English Major lol, I get corrected a dozen times a week, she would find a dozen mistakes on this post. Heck, guys, maybe it's because I'm a redneck at heart.


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ricemouse Steve F
Reisterstown, MD, USA   USA
Hey, get off my lawn you rotten kids! And no, you can't have your ball back!

Sarge101st Avatar
Sarge101st Silver Member Brian S
Carlisle, PA, USA   USA
1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Biggles"
1979 MG Midget 1500 "Grrr"
1980 MG MGB "Piddles"
There is a big difference between a posting with the grammatical and punctuation error and one where the writer just doesn't give enough of a toss to use caps and punctuation at all.

Not to be grumpier than usual, it isn't about background, breeding, or education, its about clarity of communication. Clarity can be had even with technical errors, and even an eye-roll over "loose" vs. "lose" or "its" and "it's" is just that. At the end of the day, it still reads with clarity.

The excuse about the content being "technical" really doesn't wash, BTW. If clarity is important anywhere, it's important when passing along technical information.

I have no problem with this forum; like someone said, look at a Honda forum. I also don't feel its my right to judge based on "correctness" and I don't think most here do. There are lots of folks from all over the world, different abilities, handicaps, &c.

On the other hand, pure lasiness doesn't get a pass from me no matter the excuse. I find myself trying to read the odd posting completely devoid of caps, full-stops, and getting that cranky feeling that, if you are too lasy to use at least a shift key and a period, I rapidly become too lasy to bother trying to decipher whether what is being said has any merit. This is typed on a handheld device, so that dog no longer hunts either. We ain't jabbing on a flip-phone with our thumbs anymore. Grin!

I sleep fine at night.

VintageBob Avatar
VintageBob Platinum Member Bob Crow
Alvin, TX, USA   USA
1972 MG Midget MkIII "The Green Car"
1972 MG Midget MkIII "The White Car"
Doesn't anyone write in complete sentences and use correct grammar anymore??



Lotus Avatar
Lotus Roy Hodgson
Villeneuve, VD, Switzerland   CHE
1974 MG MGB "Butterscotch"
As Henry Higgins says "in America they haven't used it for years".

We have two lives. The second one starts when you realize you only have one.

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dlrhine Avatar
dlrhine Dave Rhine
South, Carolina, USA   USA
I don't understand my grandkids some (most) of the times.
My parents and grandparents didn't understand me and my friends back in the day.
Every generation adapts language and music to their lifestyle and times.
That's the way it's always been and always will be.
It's as simple as that, no need to stress over it...winking smiley

If it ain't broke, I'll fix it 'til it is! winking smiley

jmac Avatar
jmac Silver Member Jere McSparran
Greenup, IL, USA   USA
1970 MG Midget "Joy Ride"
1978 MG Midget "Therapy"
1978 MG Midget "(SOLD)"
Joe, please don't go. We will do better.

Honestly, many the issues Joe described could be solved by proofreading. Should that be spelled with a hyphen, proof-reading? Or is it two separate words? You get the idea. I know of a mechanic friend that runs a lathe in the machine shop I use; his English is horrible and they say he can't write or read a word. He gets help from the other men in the shop to look up specs. But I wouldn't want anyone else cutting my journals. He is an artist with that machine. All I'm saying is, a grammatical genius does not, necessarily, a great mechanic make.

I have had to ask a few posters to clarify their posts. Some, I have just moved on without trying to understand but I have never been so frustrated that I wanted to quit this great forum.

So Joe, please stay, and please be patient with the less educated, non-proofreading crowd. We are better with you, than without you. WE LOVE YOU, MAN!!!!

JMAC Engine Shop

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Mephisto Avatar
Mephisto Anthony M.
Winchester, VA, USA   USA
Take it to the English Comp Forum.

I come here for information, and with the wealth of contributions from all of the members herein, it's less important to view the posts with the eye of an English Professor than it is to find what you're looking for. If someone doesn't do it for you, move on, be it another thread or another corner of the interwebs.

jimandcassdavis Jim Davis
Swanton, OH, USA   USA
1967 MG Midget MkIII ~ For Sale ! ~
1976 MG MGB
Considering what we have for President.... Abandon ye all hope!

Dutch 1960 Avatar
Dutch 1960 Mark Holland
San Diego, CA, USA   USA
Well, if bad grammar is going to make you leave, then there must not be much hard information of value to you here.

I have trouble understanding complaints from people who are getting the run of the place for free.

I understand the point that you are making, but it is a bit like tilting at windmills, at this point. Other than some expressions of sympathy here and there, I am not sure what you are looking for in a response.

GeorgeOhr Nonya Business
Yes, confused, USA   USA
In reply to # 3712782 by oleanderjoe l am going to repost this reply with voice dictation and see what SIRI, COMES UP. confused smiley

I once tried to voice text a teenage boy from church, "Are you home?"

siri wrote, "Are you hung?"......eye popping smiley

Luckily I caught it before I sent it.

Try 'spaining that one to the pastor! winking smiley

pinkyponk Avatar
pinkyponk Gold Member Adrian Page
Berwick, NS, Canada   CAN
In reply to # 3713303 by Dutch 1960

I have trouble understanding complaints from people who are getting the run of the place for free.

Yeah. What he said.


Home built Eaton M62 Supercharger with 9psi boost, "stock" high ratio rocker arms, 8:1 compression, Piper 270 cam, ported head, matched manifolds, CB Performance computerized ignition.

O, ON, Canada   CAN
1967 MG MGB GT "Maggie (GT From Hell)"
Being as this place is perused by a more senior population, the prose is much better than forums where the median age is under 30. Try a Facebook forum dealing with import cars if you want a lesson in anthropology as it applies to written communication.

I used to work in Nigeria where understanding the local slang could be tricky even though it technically WAS English. Instead of being corrected, one of the locals taught me "Listen to what I mean". It was a breakthrough in communications that I use to this day.


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