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Made it within a mile of home today, the adventure never ends.....

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Toms MG Midget Avatar
Awendaw, SC, USA   USA
Friday it was just out of gas, today? we'll see. Got it registered, and paid my dues. Headed home about 16 miles, stopped at the post office, left there, and a mile from home it just died. No prior indication of a problem. Got it off the road; it will crank and fire, start and die. My first guess is a "fuel problem" of some sort. Whereas there is enough gas getting through to allow it to start (then die) I am guessing 1) lots of dirt in the fuel pump or 2) torn diaphragm 3) trash in the carburetor?

Any of you have any other guesses? I'll start with disconnecting the fuel line from the carburetor and cranking it and see how much gas comes out. Then work my way back.

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btinsley Avatar
btinsley Bishop Tinsley
Atl, GA, USA   USA
1976 MG Midget 1500 "Dino"
I would definitely check the fuel filter


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ice Avatar
ice Gold Member Larry Ice
Lawrenceville, GA, USA   USA
You have a mechanical fuel pump right? Install an electric pump and by pass the mechanical one. One other item to check... remove the gas cap and see if you get any fuel.


Atlanta GA

60 AH MK1
67 Midget
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Chas 906 Avatar
Chas 906 Chuck Peterson
Iron Mountain, MI, USA   USA
1961 MG Midget MkI "Little Red Rider"
Yup to checking the fuel filter. Then check the fuel pump. I think you have an electric in your '70 versus my mechanical. Good luck. Back in 1976 I had a '71 MGB. Had the same issue. Thought it was a vapor lock at first. Would run for a short while then die. It would start again after waiting 10-15 minutes. Pulled the fuel filter out and found it was loaded with sand! After checking around the neighborhood I was told a couple kids were seen filling my gas tank with sand. Wound up pulling the gas tank and replacing it. Liked to choke the little bastards!

mg man 75 Avatar
mg man 75 maurice sallee
Campbellsville, Central Kentucky, USA   USA
Possibly. If still got the Lucas ignition on the side of distributor they have a history of failure. Something maybe to think about. Maurice

kirks-auto Platinum Member Robert Kirk
Davenport, IA, USA   USA
Empty fuel tank would be my first guess.

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Monkberry Avatar
Monkberry Peter Jarzynka
Williamsville, NY, USA   USA
1959 MG MGA 1500 "The MG"
It sounds like a fuel filter/fuel pump problem. If it starts and dies right away, it's exhausting the fuel in the bowls before replenishment. Change the fuel filter. Verify the pump. When you're replacing the inline fuel filter, leave it off for this test. Put the end of the line from the fuel tank into a pop bottle and tape it on it. Turn the key to the on position for a second, if it's an electrical pump, you should hear it and see fuel fly out of the line into the bottle. If it's a mechanical fuel pump, turn the key to crank the car for a few turns, again you should see fuel fly out of the line and into the bottle. If you didn't see the fuel come flying out, not just a dribble, it should really move, you need a new fuel pump.
Also, you may have very fine cracks in the rubber portions of the fuel line, that upon acceleration, suck air into the line and cause the engine to sputter and die. This happened to me on my "A" and it drove me nuts because there were no leaks and it ran fine at an idle but would die when I gave it some gas. So, check that too and good luck.

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