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No pressure on Clutch pedal

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scalco Ben S
Essex, essex, UK   GBR
Hello I'm new to this but I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have an MG midget 1500 1977 that I inhertited from my grandad. I have just gone to get into the car but as I pressed on the clutch pedal there was no pressure. The clutch pedal comes back up but there is just no pressure when pushing down on it. I have checked the fluid levels and all topped up. I have done some research and I believe it could be the clutch master cylinder that is faulty. Does this sound correct or could it be something else? I have checked the lines coming from the master cylinder and I can't see any leaks as well. If anyone could help I would be very greatful. Thanks in advance.

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atm92484 Avatar
atm92484 Andrew M
Fort Worth, TX, USA   USA
Could be the master cylinder or slave cylinder. I'd start by seeing if bleeding helps.

I had similar symptoms on mine; ended up shotgunning it and replaced both since neither are particularly expensive and if I have to deal with bleeding I'd rather only deal with bleeding once (as it turned out it was the slave cylinder).

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yycmidget Avatar
yycmidget Dave B
Calgary, AB, Canada   CAN
What Andrew said.

My 79 Midget had the exact symptoms you described. Like Andrew, I replaced master, slave and the clutch line since the kit is relatively inexpensive. In my situation, it was also the slave that was bad. Fair warning, the bleeding can be very challenging, do some searching on the forums for tips and tricks.


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scalco Ben S
Essex, essex, UK   GBR
okay thank you, ill give this a try fingers crossed it works spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

jmac Avatar
jmac Silver Member Jere McSparran
Greenup, IL, USA   USA
1970 MG Midget "Joy Ride"
1978 MG Midget "Therapy"
1978 MG Midget "(SOLD)"
You probably got air in the hydraulic lines because of a leaky slave or MC. If the car has been sitting for a while it would probably be best to replace both and bleed the air out. After that your clutch should be pretty dependable.

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ir0nheart Kenneth Loucks
Fredericksburg, VA, USA   USA
You have the usual problems. First you get the clutch pedal return due to the return spring in the foot well. I replaced my leaking master and slave cylinders with a kit. Look for the length of the push rod at the housing if 2+ inches you have a short one the normal is 3 1/16 inches (see Moss catalogue). My car appears to have a Spitfire slave cylinder with the shorter rod (only important if you change cylinders). As to the bleeding use a flashlight and run it along the orange hose between the master and the battery bow. If you look carefully and see a bubble this will cause the lack of pressure. What I did to remove this bubble is to leave the hose attached at both ends, remove the master from the housing, take the cap off and carefully lift it up and watch for the bubble to move up to the master and out the reservoir. You can push lightly and with a few short strokes on the master push rod help get the bubble out. Ahh, physics.

Prohack01 Avatar
Prohack01 Domenic M
Raleigh, NC, USA   USA
I was sold a replacement trans for my midget and believe it is from a spitfire. I was not sure what slave to order so I got both, note that the spitfire slave cyl has different threading for the line and would not work with my stock midget clutch line. I will have to measure the pin next time and see if its 2 or 3, thanks for the info.

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