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Door Catch problems

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Door Catch problems
  This topic is about my 1966 MG Midget
zabond Russell Meehan
Neerim East, victoria, Australia   AUS
1966 MG Midget "Bridget"
My R/H Door closes like a new car, but my L/H you have to give it a good slam to get it to engage the second catch
I have adjusted the striker plate in/out/up/down with no success, if I remove the striker plate the door closes fine [all gaps body/ alignment same as R/H]
is there any adjustment that can be done to the catch? I've loosened the screws but it wont move
any suggestions would be appreciated
Tks Ruus

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Kerr Avatar
Kerr Platinum Member Norm Kerr
Ann Arbor, MI, USA   USA
two thoughts:

1) take the latch off and clean it very thoroughly with carb cleaner / brake cleaner. Flood it until the fluid runs clear, to rinse out all of the grease encrusted gunk. Then, lightly lubricate each of the sliding surfaces with a very light oil (like turbine lube in the "zoom spout" bottle). Make sure it operates through all of its modes smoothly and cleanly. Cleaning and lubricating the latch fixes most issues.

If that doesn't fix it to be as good as the other side, then,

2) double check the weatherstrip compression on the LH side: remove the weather strip and see if the door closes nicely then. If it does, bend the metal flange until it has the same gap to the door inner surface as it has on the "good" side. IIRC, that gap target is 3/8". Many a rebuilt car has a poor door closing effort issue due to the weatherstrip gap is wrong (the body man paid good attention to the outer surfaces alignment but didn't have the final weatherstrip shape to make sure it was actually completely OK). Bending the flange so the gap is correct fixes many a door fitting issue.


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