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refisk Avatar
refisk Rick Fisk
Frankenmuth, MI, USA   USA
Hi Paul,

Watched the video and it sounds to me like the timing is way off. Turn the distributor about 10 degrees counterclockwise and see if it runs better.

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Kerr Avatar
Kerr Platinum Member Norm Kerr
Ann Arbor, MI, USA   USA
x2 on timing

here's a tip: don't care what the static timing is, that's only to get it started anyway

Set your timing at whatever makes it idle the fastest (don't care what the degrees are, simply rotate it with your hand and listen to how the engine runs, then find the sweet spot and clamp it there), then see if your stumble goes away. If it does, then do one check of the timing at around 3500rpm ~ 4000 rpm (vacuum advance disconnected and the hole in the intake/carb plugged) and make sure it doesn't go above 30~32 degrees.

If it is staying below that upper limit, then you are all done. Re-adjust your idle, and drive it to make sure there's no pinking/detonation under power anywhere in the rpm / power band. If so, back off the timing a bit and re-check. Once you've confirmed that is OK, then measure whatever the resulting advance is at idle and use that each time you tune up the engine to put it back in its sweet spot.


tripp2loo Avatar
tripp2loo Paul Bateman
Noblesville, IN, USA   USA
Thanks guys, the timing was way off. It took about 15 degrees clockwise. It was running like me, "a little backwards"
It's not perfect yet, but should be good enough to drive.

When it ran, one of the oil lines poured oil all over the driveway. Oopps. I'll hear it when the boss gets home from work.

Next up. It needs working brakes, clutch and oil lines before I can drive it.

Cheers everyone for the help.

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