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Passing on Car Purchase- Your Largest Mistake

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DaveInMI-1974 Dave S
Petoskey, MI, USA   USA
Good looking solid running 356 Porsche for $2500. That was in the middle sixties. I thought it was too much money.

Here us one I had to pass on. In late 70's I was looking for a fun daily driver. I went to see a TR-3. It looked pretty solid but was set up for racing. The owner assured me that it wouldn't be too hard to put it back on the streets. I wasn't convinced but he insisted that I hear it run. I told him no I was not interested. He reeved it about 3 times and it did sound good. Then "BANG" liquids were draining on the ground and a cloud of smoke rolled down the alley. I backed away. I didn't know what to say.

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mgtonyditter Avatar
mgtonyditter Tony Ditter
Brookhaven, NY, USA   USA
$3,000 convetible xke and thanks so much for making me remembersad smiley lol

ice Avatar
ice Gold Member Larry Ice
Lawrenceville, GA, USA   USA
In the summer of 1970, just out of Airborne school, on my way to Ft Bragg, Special Forces School and Nam I found a King Cobra (427cu in ?) for $4000 at one of the car lots that lined the road into Ft Benning. Used car gyp joints shared the road with 24hr bars, car lots and Cat Houses.........dang I don't miss the car lots nor the bars much!


Atlanta GA

60 AH MK1
67 Midget
71 Midget

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S1 Elan Kurt. Appley
Akron, Ia., USA   USA
Larry, speaking of Cobra's, I wasn't in the market for one but a local Ford dealer in a small town of, I doubt, 800 people, near here had an AC Cobra in the dealership show window for years after they were no longer available. I believe it was a 427 but really don't remember. It was legendary and every car guy talked about it but still it went unsold for a very long time. I assume he wanted too much for it. It, of course, finally disappeared. Regardless of what he was asking, in hind sight with the current values it was a missed opportunity.


MO Midget Avatar
MO Midget Paul Langdon
Webster Groves, MO, USA   USA
My missed opportunity was a 1970 Camaro RS Z/28 with the original LT-1 engine for $1200 in 1988. The owner (a professional welder) had finished stripping and repairing the body but was trying to open his own machine shop so he was selling the car before sinking any more money into the interior restoration. Fearing that I could not finish the car within my $3000 budget at the time, I let it go. Never could stop second-guessing that decision...finally made myself feel better 25 years later with a 5th-gen SS grinning smiley

Joonbug12345 Avatar
Joonbug12345 Gina Oglesby
Florala, AL, USA   USA
My first car was a 1965 mustang 289 fastback. I sold it in 1979, my senior year, because I needed money for airline tickets. I regret it still today. For years I have looked for another one but even a project car is out of my budget!! Fond memories of that car!!
Now I'm sad!!!

BusyB Platinum Member Sherman Bird
Houston, TX, USA   USA
1978 MG MGB MkIV "Jerzy"
I graduated from High School with a brown 1965 Mustang Fastback.... 289, auto, power brakes and steering. Soon after graduating, I stupidly sold it because the C-4 trans slipped on the 2-3 upshift. I let negativity from one of my mentors influence me not to tackle that "magic black box" aka automatic transmission. Ironically, I became a GM master technician specializing in auto trans repair for most of 20 years. I did the same for Ford most of 7 years. In hindsight, a simple band adjustment would have likely fixed that car. Now that I know Auto trans powerflow!

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littlecars Avatar
littlecars David Bassett
Nashville, TN, USA   USA
1965 Chevrolet Corvair "Ski Team Transport SOLD!"
1965 MG Midget MkII "Buffoon"
1966 MG Midget MkII "Swiss Cheese"
1970 Triumph Spitfire MkIII "Tamara's Turd... SOLD!!!"    & more
I feel your pain, Sherman! I gave back life to my 67 Buick Skylark, a 1971 LTD convertible, and my first car, a 1959 Ford Galaxie convert by learning how to adjust the bands on their trannies.

nonracer Gold Member Steve Codianni
I was attempting to buy a 65 Corvette convertible in 1988 but I needed a loan for $2500 , I was approved but didn't get back to the bank before the loan offer expired. I went to get it and they said I needed to complete the process all over , I was angry at them so I just left and never got the car .

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ntorch Avatar
ntorch n torch
Blandon, PA, USA   USA
When I was a teenager and in high school I used to cut grass for spending money. One of my customers was a neighbor down the street, I'd get $5/week all summer long to cut his grass. In his garage was his wife's 1968 Olds 442. He would occasionally let me take it for a drive around the neighborhood, by myself! Fast forward to 1981 when I was in college, very poor, driving around in my moms 1971 VW Bug, still living at home and still cutting their grass, he asked me if I was interested in buying the car for $1,800. The 442 had 24,000 miles on it. At the time, I would have never considered taking out a loan to buy a car or to even dip into my savings. This was the one car that got away. Of course I would have driven it into the ground and eventually traded it in for something else, but I always like to tell the story about 'what if'.

1976 MG Midget--Original Tundra Green

capnkx Avatar
capnkx nathan c
Albuquerque, NM, USA   USA
I passed on a mint unrestored Dodge Charger 500 back in the 1990's, probably a 318 car, under 3 grand. No idea what it's worth now and I'm trying to keep it that way!

66jalopy Avatar
66jalopy Silver Member Phillip Jolliffe
Lake City, FL, USA   USA
Last brand new green Austin Healy 3000 in Puerto Rico. It stayed in the dealer showroom for 6 months. $5000,00 out the door I looked at that car almost daily. I would have just run the wheels off it though.

Gus2015 Glen C
Douglasville, GA, USA   USA
Back in college in the mid seventies a local used car dealer offered to sell me a Boss 429 Mustang for $5000. Too strong for a student working his way through school. I get depressed when I see one roll across the auction stage today.

BusyB Platinum Member Sherman Bird
Houston, TX, USA   USA
1978 MG MGB MkIV "Jerzy"
Don't feel too bad.... when gas skyrocketed to 1 whole dollar a gallon about 1981 or so, people were buying Ford Escorts, Chevy Monzas, etc like crazy, and dumping big gas guzzler like the had leprosy. I happened upon a hemi-powered 67 Fury in a dealer used car lot for sale for 3500 dollars.

dohc281 Avatar
dohc281 Gold Member Ira Eckstein
Laurel Springs, NJ, USA   USA
When the first gas "crisis " hit in the '70's you could buy 440 GTX's or Road Runners for $400.00. I had a chance to buy a Lotus Cortina for $900.00 and passed because the clutch felt bad. Shortly after I passed on a Mercedes 190SL for $800.00.

If you hit your pony over the nose at the outset of your acquaintance, he may not love you, but he will take a deep interest in your movements ever afterwards.

Rudyard Kipling

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