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grassman lynn lawson
springhill , fl, USA   USA
I have a 1979 midget and am having problems removing the battery. I can not remove the existing battery with out either removing the hood or the heater.
Does anyone know what battery I can install to correct this problem?

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Route66rider Avatar
Route66rider Ramon .
No Where, USA   USA
1973 MG Midget "Betty Boop"
1987 Volkswagen Vanagon "Mystery Machine"
2000 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic "Mr. Spock"
For my '73 I have a DuraLast group 51R that I purchased from AutoZone about a year ago.

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dte948 Avatar
1961 MG Midget Conversion "MIDGET Aka Woodie"
I use a garden tractor battery. No Shit. But you don't want to do that.


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mjamgb Avatar
mjamgb michael anderson
So far as I know, having to pull the bonnet is "normal" to get the battery out!

I think I got a 51R, also from a local battery shop.

A small gell cell can go in there but they are a bit pricey.

Bill Young Avatar
Kansas City, MO, USA   USA
1952 MG TD
1959 MG MGA 1500
1973 Lotus Europa
1973 MG Midget "Half Asp Or Frank"    & more
I can't remember what number my battery is, but I do remember it was classified as a lawn mower type because of it's size and it's indeed hard to remove from the car with the hood in place. Bottom line is that to get a reasonable sized battery for the needs of the car you're probably going to have to remove the hood to remove or install it. I can offer a tip to make that job easier though. First with the hood in good alignment drill a small 1/8" hole through each hood hinge into the hinge plate on the hood frame. These will help you realign the hood when you reinstall it by inserting a nail or other such pin into the holes to hold the alignment until the bolts are tightened. The second tip is to get some 3/4" foam pipe insulation from your local hardware or home store and cut about an 12" piece for each rear corner of the hood and tape it in place with masking tape. That will help prevent any scratches on the cowl if the hood should slip. I've used this method and it makes hood removal and installation a one person job without damage to the car.

Bill Young
'73 Midget
'59 MGA

There is a fine line between a 'hobby' and 'mental illness'.

graflexmaster Avatar
graflexmaster Michael Hazelmyer
Tacoma, Wa., USA   USA
The original batt. size was a group 22F. As these are not commonly avalible anymore I've switched to the modern group 26 size. The GP 26 batt's come with a handle attatches that makes them a breeze to install/remove. Another reason for using the gp 26's is that is the size I use in the "B" GT as a replacement for the dual 6V batt's.

tweetymp4 Silver Member Michael Philpott
San Diego, USA   USA
I just dealt with this yesterday. Costo's "Kirkland Signature" brand..... Fitment code 11.

Really cool about it. The old battery was only about 30 months old. It didn't seem to be doing the job anymore. (imagine that, crazy alternator and an old school starter.... that shouldn't be too hard on a battery.) I take it into the tire center (where they sell batteries) and ask if they can test it. They say no, but take it to the returns desk for a refund. "Even though I'm not sure if its bad?" I ask. Yep. I got a full refund, bought a brand new one . Somehow I ended up $5.00 ahead on the deal.

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Lil MK 4 Avatar
Lil MK 4 Dennis Mattson
Henderson, NV, USA   USA
1965 Chevrolet Corvair "65 Monza Vert - In Restoration"
1966 Chevrolet Corvair "Monza Coupe - Rare Factory AC"
1968 Austin-Healey Sprite "The Go-Kart"
2001 Ford Mustang "BULLITT #4068"    & more
on my '68 Sprite... I just pulled it up, then forward on its side.. over the heater... Remove the bonnet?? yikes

Pete76mg Dudley Gray
Knoxville, TN, USA   USA
I have a 76 midget and an using a 51r in it.just pick up and tilt forward over heater and it comes problem.

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1974MGMidget Avatar
1974MGMidget Silver Member Jack Orkin
Grayson, GA, USA   USA
It might help if you push the bonnet up to the full extent of its hinges (broomhandle, assistant, etc). Or, get a smaller smiley

noahnsteph Noah Corr
Omaha, NE, USA   USA
I was able to lift my old 51R battery out from behind the hearer core on my 1976 Midget last night without too much trouble. Not light and definitely awkward but doable.

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