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Distributor Removal for Points Replacement

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david.g.h Avatar
david.g.h David Harrison
Stratford upon Avon, UK   GBR
1929 Austin 7
1932 Austin 7 "Cabbage"
1956 MG Magnette ZA
1989 Porsche 944 S2
Sounds very similar to mine...Accuspark...Powerspark.......! Similar pricing as well

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David8831 Avatar
David8831 David Halliday
Thame, Oxfordshire, UK   GBR
Probably the best of these Hall effect modules Is the Pertronix Ignitor. It is sold by several people in the U.K. and North America including Jeff Zorn’s Little British Car Company. It is also sold as the Aldon Ignitor by Aldon Engineering in the U.K. It is the only one recommended by the Distributor Doctor - the U.K. guru on Lucas distributors. I have been running one on my MGB GTV8 for a about 9 years with no problems at all. Any of them are very simple to fit.

The general advice is to be careful of the cheap Chinese distributors, the advance curves could be anything. If you have a distributor issue send it to someone like the Distributor Doctor (in the U.K.) or Jeff Schlemmer (in the USA) and he will set the advance curve to suit the characteristics of your engine. It may cost a little more but you will get a far, far better result.

V6B Michael Preston
Perth, WA, Australia   AUS
For what it's worth, I agree with changing your points to electronic by using the Pertronix Electronic Ignition System.
I don't need to run it in my B,as it has a stock electronic distributor.
However, I have used this system in a 1934 Chevrolet and a 1948 Chevrolet.
As a result of their success a friend used the Petronix system in his 1973 Alfa GTV.
All have been very successful and an instant clean running performance was noticed, improved idle, running and fuel saving.
I did the research on Google to find the correct set-up and then purchased it via ebay (was the cheapest option) as you can only use one particular system that suits your motor.
So why pay more for the same product.
They are easy to install; just follow the instructions.
I'd suggest that you purchase the nominated matching coil too. (you don't have to if you read the forums on the systems, but I tried what is suggested and found that I got a better result with the "correct Petronix coil"
Good luck..... V6B

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B-racer Avatar
B-racer Jeff Schlemmer
Shakopee, MN, USA   USA
1950 Willys Jeep Pickup "Ratrod"
1971 MG MGB
2014 Dodge Charger
The ONLY improvement you get by install a Pertronix is a fixed dwell. If installing a Pertronix makes your car run better, GET YOUR DISTRIBUTOR REPAIRED! It has a physical defect that was causing your car to run poorly - a loose bushing, worn shaft, loose breaker plate, and likely other problems. That defect still exists with the Pertronix in place, but the internal damage you cause by continuing to run the distributor accelerates with further use.

Pertronix is not a magic cure for anything. It won't make "better spark." In known good distributors, a Pertronix will cause a loss of power in dyno testing versus points or many other triggers.

Pertronix coils are "lowest common denominator" type Chinese coils. Cheaper than cheap. Those who were part of their switch from USA made coils to China made coils lived through them selling a 9 month supply of faulty coils. They sold coils they knew would fail, and they did not warranty most of them - rather they blamed the issues on several excuses such as incorrect wiring, bad plug wires, etc... I still can't believe people buy this crap from these people.

Pertronix also sells their electronic ignitions with a note inside the box that clearly states not to use with copper core plug wires. If you have a car like a Magnette (or TC/TD/TF, TR2/3, AH3000, E-Type, and many others) that uses screw-in distributor cap terminals that require the use of copper core wires, that note is NOT placed in the box, yet they still sell the kit. Cash over quality. They sell products with known faults for scenarios where they will never work properly. Don't support them!!!

Luv Em Old Avatar
Luv Em Old Brian Radich
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand   NZL
Pertronix won't make your car run better but it beats having to replace, reset, clean points and the inevitable readjusting the timing. It is a set and forget system that is invisible to an untrained eye. For the ever decreasing number of old points-driven classics around it is a very worth while improvement to the car.

I'm skeptical about your claim of power loss when dyno testing Jeff, but if there is any it would only be picked up electronically in a dyno environment.

With my twin distributor Ferrari Pertonix has been a Godsend. It has twin modules that go on a single plate in one distributor. The other distributor merely distributes the high voltage spark to its bank. This totally eliminates the problem of trying to get the two distributors correctly timed to each other.

My E Type and Ferrari have Pertonix and use cooper core plug wires with absolutely no problems. I think it is only with the Ignitor II product that using copper core wires is an issue. Also, there is no need to use Pertronix coils when using a Pertronix Ignitor.

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