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Last Fall I purchased an "MGA in a Box" set of fasteners from A Series Spares. The advert says it contains over 1500 pieces. I am turning the corner on the restoration of my 1958 MGA roadster, with the frame blasted and painted, ready to start assembly. While I have most of the original nuts, bolts and washers, I wanted to have the "MGA in a Box" on hand so I had a handy supply of quality bits in case something was missing or damaged.

Here are my thoughts as I conveyed them to A Series Spares in November when my package arrived (it took 19 days from the time I placed the order to the day I received the package):


I received my MGA in a Box yesterday, and I wanted to share some things with you.

1. The quality of the various bolts, nuts, washers, etc. appears to be excellent.

2. The shipping packaging left a lot to be desired. The cardboard box looks like it had been dragged behind a horse for a mile or so (over rough ground), then run over by a truck, twice. There were two unfortunate consequences:

A. The little plastic dividers were dislodged, and 80% of the carefully sorted contents were now a mass pile of bits. It took me about 4 hours to sort them out.

B. Both of the big plastic trays were broken. This allowed 30 plus various parts to spill into the cardboard box - and who knows how many to fall out through the various splits in the cardboard. I am hopeful that you can ship me two large replacement bins.

3. The online catalog states that the kit includes Rubber Grommets and Self Tapping Screws, and there are none of either in the kit I received. Can you please send them to me?

4. There are 16 small bags of items not sorted into any of the 3 plastic parts bins, can I order a matching large plastic bin and get it shipped with the replacements for the two large broken ones?

5. There is no list of what is in the kit. Determining which is which is a challenge. Even a chart showing what the headstamps mean would be helpful.

6. There are no castle nuts (to be used with split pins) for the front suspension - do you mean to use the fiber lock nuts instead?

Overall I am satisfied with my purchase, and would likely make it again, but folks need to go into this with their eyes open, especially if the bits end up like mine, all mixed together.


As a follow up to that message, they did ship me the missing Rubber Grommets and Self Tapping Screws, which were also of good quality. Unfortunately, they also shipped me two replacement plastic parts bins which were too small to replace the broken ones I had received. Despite numerous emails and promises that they would send me the proper replacement boxes, they never arrived. So be it. I am happy with the purchase, and would make it again - but if they could either improve the shipping method, or send the parts bagged separately so the boxes do not get stressed and broken during the shipping process it would be much better.

There are a multitude of bits in the "MGA in a Box." There are no "special" items (which they tell you in the advertising) such as head bolts or those special rounded off head bolts which secure the brake backing plate to the spindle. If you are putting together an MGA from scratch, I would spend the money to have this on hand.

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