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gmkjr56 George Kress
Verona, PA, USA   USA
I want to set the tow on my A. I do not remember how. Where can I find it?

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copernicus Avatar
copernicus Nick Kopernik
Springtime in, CT, USA   USA
DevonMG John Russell
Okehampton, Devon, UK   GBR

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3066james Avatar
3066james Gold Member Jim Cheatham
Amelia, VA, USA   USA
Look on YouTube for a video using the string method to set toe.

What I did was tie a string to two jack stands at the height of the center of the wheel. Place one jack stand several feet past the front of the car and the other one several feet past the back of the car so the string is running parallel with the car. Use the rims of your wheels, not the tires. Move the jack stands until the front and rear of the rear wheels are exactly the same distance from the string. Now without moving the jack stands, make sure the steering wheel is centered with the wheels pointed straight ahead. It helps if you have something slick under the front tires so the can turn easily. Measure the distance to the string from the front and rear edges of the front wheels. If they are the same, you’re done. If they’re not the same, adjust the tie rod ends to make them the same. This distance will be slightly different than the distance to the string from the rear wheels.

If this is as clear as mud, let me know. I used this method to get it close and when I took it to an alignment shop, they said it was very close.


Blueosprey90 Avatar
Blueosprey90 Jeff Sienkiewicz
New Milford, CT, USA   USA
George, I also found the string method to be the easiest. Instead of jackstands, I used four of those 5 gallon buckets that you can get at most hardware stores (and new home construction sites). The top of the buckets line up pretty well to the center of the wheel. Then I use four 1" clasps from the office supply - the black things with silver handles that you use to clasp your papers. I clasp these onto the top of the buckets and then tie my string to the clasp handles. Use a tape measure front and back to make sure the strings are parallel, moving the buckets as necessary. Once the strings are straight, measure the distance from the front edge of front rim to string and rear edge of front rim to string. They should be exactly equal for zero toe.

Gary E Avatar
Gary E Silver Member Gary Edwards
Kernersville, ,N.C., USA   USA
On most cars you can set the bucket/jackstand slightly in board of the back wheels then move the front stand until the string just touches the front of the back rim. If the back is more narrow than the front skip this post.
The point is to get the string parallel with the back tire on each side then get both front wheels parallel with the string. The distance from the string to the rim may be different front to back


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