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Help me with an irresponsible decision!

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Jon62midget Avatar
Jon62midget Silver Member Jonathan Brown
Savannah, GA, USA   USA
Hello all, I have been a member of mgexp for about three years. I have a 1962 mk1 midget in close to perfect condition. It is an awesome car. But I've always really wanted an MGA, especially a coupe. I've been looking around for years on the usual suspects... CL, hemmings, BAT... But I'm really tempted by this one:

Does anyone know this car? The main faults I see are incorrect paint and interior colour, also being a northern car is always suspect. Otherwise, looks really good. Any advice on fair market value and any first hand knowledge of this particular MGA would be most appreciated!!!

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dela217 Avatar
dela217 Michael Delacerda
New Orleans, La, USA   USA
That is one beautiful coupe! I don't know the car, but someone here must.

Coupes have always been my favorite too.

colynf Avatar
colynf Colyn Firth
South Yorkshire, UK   GBR
From the pictures alone it looks fantastic Jon, but you must have a look at the car before you buy it, or at the very least, have someone who knows these cars well have a look at it for you to make sure it looks as good as the pictures show.

If it has won a couple of NAMGAR awards I would contact them, they may be able to tell you much more about the car, or at least, put you onto someone who does know its history.

I love the Coupe, I have owned two of them before I swapped for my Roadster, but they do get very hot inside in hot weather.
We took our second Coupe on a trip across Europe one hot summer in the early 80s, it was so hot inside the car, even with the windows wound down and the quarter-lights spun around to try get more air inside, that my wife became ill with heat exhaustion. We had to stop for a day or so to allow her to recover.

So, they are pretty much perfect for our moderate (cold!) UK climate but I believe that a Georgia summer does get pretty hot.

There is always the air-con option, quite a few US Coupes have gone this route.


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Grubeguy Avatar
Grubeguy Gold Member Grube Guy
Washington, DC, USA   USA
I say go for it - price is reasonable too

DevonMG John Russell
Okehampton, Devon, UK   GBR
Beautiful car. But it's an auction. I think there's no chance they'll let that car go for the current bid. Expect it to rise rapidly over the next 3 days—or be pulled.

copernicus Avatar
copernicus Nick Kopernik
Springtime in, CT, USA   USA
Hagerty values a 59' coupe as follows: $42,300 Concours; $26,900 Excellent; $16,700 Good; $8,400 Fair. The only coupe on ebay that was close to the same condition and was sold came in somewhere around $16k and there's one for sale at $25k. While there may be some issues with originality, the car does look stunning. You'll need to invest in new tires and figure out if you can live with some of the non original components, and also find out what the seller means by a "few leaks". (i'd ask the question on BAT). Final selling price is always based on what the buyer is willing to spend, but I think you're in the mid $20's.

Good luck!

Rockingham, VT, USA   USA
1973 MG MGB
There's no need to worry about that car being "northern." Look at the condition of the car generally, the undercarriage specifically, and the engine bay. Whoever owns this car loves it and has invested a lot of money if not time and money into its keeping.

Of course, where the auction ends up is anybody's guess, but A's have appreciated incredibly over the past 10-15 years.

And, if I were you, I'd determine to live with the color combination, as the expense of dismantling, stripping, repainting makes little financial sense. And I kind of like it.

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Redhawk1689 Avatar
Redhawk1689 Gold Member Steven Stockham
Salina, KS, USA   USA
1958 MG MGA 1500 "Belle"
If you're looking for "originality," this car is probably not the best choice. The reason I say that is because it's better than original! The color is stunning! The interior is equally impressive! Taking it back to original would set you back at least $10K and probably a lot more! What you would end up with is a Dove Gray car with painted 48-spoke wires, a different rear end ratio, different interior, etc... The value of the car would not be increased tremendously (if at all) from what it would bring as is! Currently, it's a worthy vehicle as is! I'm sure that it's going to go for over $20K easily (or it will get pulled! )

bobs77vet Avatar
bobs77vet bob K.
northern Va, VA, USA   USA
nice car.....i suspect in US dollars it will be over $20k

I would not sell my coupe for under $20k

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59mgaguy Avatar
59mgaguy John Terschak
Wakeman, OH, USA   USA
1930 Ford Model A "Jenny"
1959 MG 14/28 "Jessie"
1974 MG MGB "Oooops"
I feel the seller is being honest and it is a lovely coupe. If I had the money I'd go for it.


barneymg Avatar
barneymg Barney Gaylord
(Somewhere in USA), Pick one (or more), USA   USA
1958 MG MGA "MGA With An Attitude"
If you're okay with the color, it's yours, pull the trigger before it gets away. The detail for originality is incredible, unusual to see all of the correct hose clips, and correct gaiters on the steering rack. Looks like a time warp. Muffler needs a little rotation. You can respray the RF brake drum. Pity they didn't restore the original Car No plate; you might ask if the original one still exists. Parking block, so wonder if the hand brake needs adjustment.

There is an in-line gearbox in the speedometer cable, secured with a tie-wrap just aft of the clutch slave cylinder. Change from 4.3 to 3.9 final drive would make the speedometer slower, not faster. If the correction gear ratio is right, then the odometer would read right. Speedometers are commonly reading a little high, maybe 5%. If the in-line gear box is incorrect ratio, it may be easy to fix. It makes for two custom speedometer cables.

I hate to speculate on price, but anything under $25K-USD would be a steal. I'd be guessing something north of $30K, and maybe quite a bit north. Show condition MGA are fetching sweet prices these days, and I think the value of a top quality Coupe is almost on par with a top quality roadster.

Barney Gaylord - 1958 MGA with an attitude - -

wyatt Avatar
wyatt Silver Member Wyatt W
penguin point, drift ice, Antarctica   ATA
lovely car excellent panel fit well appointed, if there are any complaints it is the used of vinyl and maybe the stitching in the upholstery...but thats nit picking on a fine car.thumbs up

ron neal Avatar
Coastal, SC, USA   USA
1962 MG MGA MkII
1968 MG MGC
1969 MG MGC
1969 MG MGC    & more
My only comment is not about the quality of the restoration but more about comfort.
MGA coupes as noted by Colyn are hot in the summer and living in Savannah (assumption) you have a long summer.

Jon62midget Avatar
Jon62midget Silver Member Jonathan Brown
Savannah, GA, USA   USA
Thank you all for your comments! I have become somewhat of an expert on midgets over the last few years, done tons of reading, and lots of obsessive maintenance and upgrades on my MK 1. But an mga is a bit outside my experience! The comments are encouraging though. I really prefer restored to original specs and mod free, though I can live non original color scheme. This car seems to fit that criteria. Sounds like original matching numbers engine too, if I am reading correctly?? Well, thanks in advance for any more comments and or advice. Viewing the car in person before auction end won't be possible for me, so I'm relying on advice and any more info I can get from the seller. Any other specific questions I should be asking? I bought my midget sight unseen from a dealer with great success, so I'm maybe less intimidated doing it again than I should be!!!! Cheers!

Bolney Coupe Avatar
Bolney Coupe David A
Haywards Heath, Sussex, UK   GBR
1960 MG MGA 1600 Coupe "Iris"
Please let us know what happens.

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