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Problems with an MGA Vendor in Prior Lake, MN

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Emgeea Tilak G
Prior lake, MN, USA   USA
This reply is to the posting that mike lesley of Indiana posted on this discussion board about his MGC

I am responding to this guy because I hate when people try to gang up on me for no apparent reason and I need to tell my side of the story.I failed to respond to Rene Vh's post on a timely manner and people went on a rant so I like to state the current situation where this guy is concerned. I have already shipped 2 cars to him and have 2 more cars to ship to this guy. He paid me only $ 300 to ship each car to indiana which is about half of what it cost to ship each car to Indiana. I told him when the transport person ( who is from Ohio near his home ) who took the earlier 2 cars does another trip to Mn the cars will be sent to him. Both he and I spoke to the transport guy about a week ago and he is making plans to come to Mn with a load so that he can pick up these 2 cars. The cars are ready to ship when the transport guy comes back and he has been sent the titles to the cars already and the other title which was a california title has been sent to the state of Mn for the title transfer and will be sent to him when it is received from the state of Mn. He has been given copies of the california title. I am trying to get the cars transported for the $ 300 price he gave me to get the cars transported for him..

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RenevH Rene Van Hulzen
Stuttgart, Baden Württemberg, Germany   DEU
"Now that the MGA that Rene purchased has been shipped a few moths ago I like to introduce my self as the person behind this controversy. The buyer Rene promised to update all web sites after his car has been shipped but has failed to do so and looks like the matter is still open and has not concluded."

Sorry Tilak, I updated it here on August 25 #48 so I do not have "failed". I cannot delete these thread.

I will recieve the MGA tomorrow - will see what is there and what not?

I dont know what business or relation the people who wants to help me, have to you - but at the end the result was: I have received my car after half a year waiting and hoping. So it seems my posts on this board and these people have helped me.

The story you are telling: why there was a delay, you send it to the wrong destination.... you did not telling me that story while I (and Rickens) where waiting all these months, but I ve heard it the first time after people where asking you what the reason was why I did not get my car?


Redhawk1689 Avatar
Redhawk1689 Gold Member Steven Stockham
Salina, KS, USA   USA
1958 MG MGA 1500 "Belle"
Hmm.... it would appear that everything worked out in the end. I'm sure that we all can agree that this is the best possible outcome under the circumstances. As to how much posting here helped.... I'm sure that we will all draw our own conclusions about that as well. I'm just glad that Rene is getting his MGA and that, yet another one, is going to a good home! MG

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johnnymack John McCormack
Manalapan, NJ, USA   USA
Hello, I am having problems with this scammer too. His name is Tilak Gurusinghe and he lives in Prior Lake,Minn. He has numerous ads on Craig's List. I purchased a used Tonneau Cover from him for $175.00. Never received the cover.. He does not answer his emails or phone. I finally contacted the Minn. Attorney General's officer & they advised to follow through with the complaint. I went back to the Minn. Craig's List & the Tonneau Cover is back up for sale. This person is a real fraud/scammer.I have attempted to make contact with negative results. I sent him an email and advised him I either wanted the Tonneau or my money back by July 22 or I will follow through with the complaint. I am a retired Chief of Police and will follow the Minn.A/G advise. Just wanted to give the Forum a heads up about this person.

Zur Avatar
Zur Dave H.
Amarillo, TX, USA   USA
Thanks, Chief!


Ludikris Avatar
Ludikris Chris Conway
Etobicoke, ON, Canada   CAN
Tilak took my uncle from the uk for $25,000 over a car but I will be coming for you Tilak! I suggest if you read this, you contact me or I will make your life hell! How dare you rip off my uncle!

Kris 6474065747

Redhawk1689 Avatar
Redhawk1689 Gold Member Steven Stockham
Salina, KS, USA   USA
1958 MG MGA 1500 "Belle"
(*Sigh) Aw d*mn... I had really hoped that this guy was actually legit but there's just too much that has gone on! Chris, a word of advice: It is unwise to make threats, even ambiguous ones, on an open forum! I'm sure that your intention was to intimidate him into contacting you but this isn't the way to do it. Contact the Minn. Attorney General's Office and report him! This would be the recommended procedure! Posting on a forum like this should be limited to "Just the facts ma'am" (as Joe Friday would say) so that the rest of the automotive community can be alerted and make their own conclusions. Just a piece of advice...

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copernicus Avatar
copernicus Nick Kopernik
Springtime in, CT, USA   USA
I'll second what Steven said, contact the AG's office; here's a link:

There was an unscrupulous dealer in New Hampshire who was shut down by that state's Attorney General; it's the right way to go, especially if there are multiple complainants.

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