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Tbird Avatar
Tbird ET Taylor
Land O Sky, NC, USA   USA
Nice article Peter - thanks for the link.

Was lucky enough to have the OEM lines in place on the last few cars I've worked on.

Used the same method as Ron duplicating them - even used most of the original ends.

The K-Tool is similar to the one in the article in that it has dies - just a bit different set up.
You can see 4 of the dies it includes in the pic and they are double - one end has a flat collar while the other end has the bevel also explained in the article.

I must have tried 25-30 flares on the cheapo flaring tools and got maybe one that I was satisfied with. First flare out of the K-Tool was perfect. Also used it on my Dodge truck when I replaced all the hard lines. Takes a little practice. The line I used for the truck was coated so it needed to be positioned a bit further in the die than the standard line I used for the MGA but all in all - the K-Tool has been well worth the money spent.

Not sure what happened to the comparison pic in my post above but I've attached it here again.


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joerberg Avatar
joerberg Silver Member Joe A
Hoosick Falls, NY, USA   USA
Well, it's been some time since I started this thread but I wanted to comment on a recent purchase. I've used a simple, old school Craftsman single flare set of tools for years and never had any problem with brake fittings. However, due in part to the responses on this post, I recently acquired a high quality, older "New Britain Tool" set of double flare tooling for brake lines. I've got to say, it does a far better job of making a perfect flare than the old "Craftsman" tooling. There'll be debate for years to come on bubble vs. flare but I can safely say the double flare, made with quality tooling, is far superior to the old single tools.

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