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kodiak Joe Macchiarelli
Wilmington, Delaware, USA   USA
I have a 74 MGB that I need to remove the tranny from. Are there any quirks with a brit car that I need to know about, or is it a straight drop from the engine.

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B..seein ya Avatar
B..seein ya Brian MacMillan
Seattle, USA   USA
Quicker and easier to remove the whole engine and tranny as a unit. Welcome aboard.

Fydell Avatar
Fydell Peter Rogers
North Haledon NJ, USA   USA
1969 MG MGB
Hi and welcome to the board. With in an hour or two you should get a goodly number of replies to this question. It has been covered may times in the past so use the Search feature to look for 'Engine removal"
To sum up there are 2 thoughts here but the majority will be in favor of the plan than you must remove both engine and transmission together. I just did exactly that recently and it really is not that difficult - although time consuming.
Unless you are really experienced modt agree that replacing a transmission in a car where the engine has not been removed is very tricky.

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Ryan Reis Avatar
Beatrice, NE, USA   USA
1968 MG MGB
You may get a masochist or two who will insist that you can remove the transmission with the engine in place. I will simply tell you that I did it that way once before I knew any better. Never again. It may be possible with a non-overdrive transmission, but I found it much easier to remove and install as a unit. That's just one man's opinion.

Of course, there are the real problem solvers that you see once in awhile. Those are the ones that simply take the sawzall to the center crossmember! smiling smiley


The Wiz Avatar
The Wiz Mike The Wiz Barnes
1969 MG MGB GT
1971 MG MGB GT "Blueberry"
1979 MG MGB "PopTop"
2000 Ford Ranger SC4x4    & more
Ryan Reis Wrote:
Quote: You may get a masochist or two who will insist that you can remove the transmission with the engine in place.

Well, you can, however, like you I did it once and will never do it again! The one I removed was an O/D box, makes it a bit harder but it can be done.

Pull the engine, it's not worth the hassle of trying to get the gearbox out on its own.

Nulla tenaci invia est via

1971 MGBGT, overdrive, Limey relay and fuse kits, Rick Ingram struts all round, Jeff Schlemmer points distributor, alternator, Basil Adams camshaft and side cover, Eurospec tail lights, 1976 dashboard and console, 1999 Chevy cavalier seats, GM heater motor and fan with Ford 3 speed controller, Ford Merkur/Sierra parcel shelf, cruise control.

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1969 MGBGT, Miata seats, late centre console, apart from that it's stock!

obertRo Avatar
obertRo Gold Member Robert Clark
Holland, MI, USA   USA
Find and buy a Haynes MGB manual. It will give you step-by-step instructions, along with photographs to help illustrate the entire engine/tranny removal and replacement.

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esd3104 Avatar
esd3104 Simon Dix
O'Fallon MO, USA   USA
1972 MG MGB "Scarlett"
1977 MG MGB "Tigger"
Joe -welcome aboard and or to the madness!

This topic comes up a fair bit and there are lots of prior threads/discussions on the various techniques, what you'll need etc.

A few to get you started:-

- A titlting device is very helpful to angle engine and tranny as it's coming out.

- Some suggest to raise the rear end of the car to make the angle of extraction easier

- You will forget to disconnect something so if it doesn't come out smoothly stop and check! winking smiley

- Read up on modifying the transmission/rear cross member to make putting it back on WAY easier

- Better to have someone help becasue you'll often need a second pair of hands but it can be done alone (I'm not brave enough)

- There are MANY opinions about connecting the hoist and which points to use. I've gone with the valve covere removed and using those 2 studs. Others like alternator mount and read exhansut manifold stud

A search using "engine pull" as the search in this form for the past year will yield useful stuff.

Good luck and come back to ask as many questions as you need to - this place is great and full of good helpful people!


Simon STL

77B On Tail of the Dragon @ MG 2006 & The 72 at home and essentially complete

ddibiase Avatar
ddibiase Dan DiBiase
Dayton, NJ, USA   USA
1965 MG MGB
1976 MG MGB
The engine and trans together weigh a bit less than 500 pounds, so you can use the 1/4-ton setting on your engine. That makes it a lot easier than using the 1/2-ton setting, which necessitates pushing the engine straight back about 8 inches! BTDT.

Dan D

Central NJ, USA
'65 B Project
'76 B Driver
twitter: dandibiase

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whipteachr Silver Member Karl La Follette
homosassa, Homosassa , florida, USA   USA or Check out these clubs and see if you can hunt up a buddy to help that wants beer or food or a reason to get out of the house to help .

78mgbfan Pat Harrison
Memphis, TN, USA   USA
1978 MG MGB

I have done both.

The drop is not so bad ...

If you replace the clutch while it is out, it can be a real bear to get lined back up as you put things back together.

Just my .02


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