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Hello all, I am a proud new owner of a 79 MGB roadster. I discovered soon after I took ownership that 4 of the 5 wire wheels/hubs were toast. I have decided that I want to replace the wires with alloy wheels. Lucky for me I happen to have an extra rear end...(MGB, that is) smiling smiley. I like the look of the Minilite wheels, but I do not want to spend the cash for the Moss reproductions. I know that there is a swap meet in Chicago in about a month. What is the probability that I will be able to find a set of Minilite wheels at the swap meet?

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Congrats on the new B! Have you thought about new Dayton wires? They're much stronger than the originals (or the Dunlops) and are now sealed so you no longer need tubes. I got mine new for about $160/wheel and have been very happy with them.

Brian LaVoie
Stratford, CT
72 B

southern Indiana, USA   USA
you will also have to change the rear end or buy moss hubs for the rear, and change the hubs on the front, unless you get extremely lucky and find a set of knock off minilites. They are rare and hard to come by

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Yes I have thought about the Dayton wires. My first pass on cost was around $220/wheel and another $130/wheel for new hubs. Even at $160/wheel its $1100 for wheels before I buy rubber. I have an extra rostyle rear end and I have to replace all the hubs anyways.

I think your chances of finding used minilites is very small - they are popular.

Also, keep in mind the Moss minilite replicas are actually pretty cheap compared to REAL minilites!


Amen to the cost of Real minilites. I guess that since they are popular and the fact that there are a few people that actually try to return their cars to original condition (lol) that there might be a chance.... I think what I am going to do is buy a set of 8 spoked Saab wheels. They look like minilites and are fairly reasonable (around $300/set). Although, they are not the easist to find.

I shopped around for used minilite replicas, too, for a while, but I found next to nothing available. When they came up for sale, they were getting close to what they would cost new anyway. I finally got a set new from the Proper MG pretty cheap. You may want to check their web site. I think I saw them on sale there again recently, maybe even this week. Can't remember.

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Phil Phil N
W Warwick, RI, USA   USA
1977 MG MGB
Some may disagree but if I weer shopping for new wheels I would go 15" I want to do this but I have a perfectly good set of 14" minilites with new rubber so I cannot justify even to myself the 15" wheels now if I could find someone who wnats a set of 14" at my price I would jump on a set of 15"s

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chris roop Avatar
chris roop Chris Roop
Pendleton, OR, USA   USA
Roops'Mg, 15% off Moss list. Perhaps that will make them cheap enough for you.

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Well, from the responces I am getting, looks like you should be able to name your price. I tend to agree with you on the 15" approach.

BTW, who do I need to talk with to join the local MGB club?

John Lundberg
73 B-GT (first car, hooked for life)
79 Roadster Russet Brown (current adoption)

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John D. Weimer Avatar
Cape Girardeau, MO, USA   USA
Fifteen inch wheels may or may not be all they are cradked up to be. Guys who have them will know better than I. The first Honda Civics, '74 & '75 1200s, had 13" wheels. In '76 the came out with a 1500 station wagon with 14" wheels and made them an option for all the cars, but when put on a 1200 the handling went right out the window.

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I agree. If I do install 15" rims, my goal is to keep the height of the tire the same with only a slight increase in the width. Comparable to a set of MGC wheels. What I would hope to achieve is a decrease in unsprung weight (compared with wire and/or steel wheels) and a shorter tire sidewall (compared to an alloy 14"winking smiley.

Does this seem reasonable?

John Lundberg
79 Roadster Russet Brown (WIP)

John, that's the way to do it - and should avoid interference problems. Of course, the narrower sidewalls will also firm up that silky smooth MGB ride somewhat...

Joe Reed, Cordova TN

'02 Subaru.....'95 Miata.....'78 MGB

southern Indiana, USA   USA
Phil can get you hooked up

There is a very fine line between "hobby"and "mental illness."

southern Indiana, USA   USA
and of course you need to join the MG List virtual club here:
We need more Hoosiers

There is a very fine line between "hobby"and "mental illness."

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