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Rust in gas tank!

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I think I've traced my carbs troubles back to the gas tank, I think it's rusting out, and rust is clogging the carbs.

When I pulled the carbs off to check them both needles and seat where stuck closed, there was a a few particles of brown 'stuff' in the bottom of the bowls, the fuel filter also had 'stuff' in it. So i used the fuel pump to fill a clear plastic bottle (500ml) of gas, let it sit for a while and there is a ever so slight amount of 'stuff' at the bottom, which was so fine as to get past the fuel filter.

Now a new tank is over $400 CDN, I not going to mess about with the old one, so it looks like I got to dip into the 'old saving again, guess those new golf clubs will have to wait!

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P.S. I'm draing the old tank now, and will take it off and inspect if further before getting a new one, Anything to look for to confirm what I thinks going on?

And thanks for all your help so far, really helpfull bunch of guys and gals here!

Mike B

It might be as simple as finding rust holes in the top of the tank (common). Or, once you remove the sending unit, stick your fingers in and feel around. The rust will flake off.

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MG gas tanks are known to rust out. Two approaches are availiable, treat your old tank with POR15 gas tank cleaner/sealer, or buy a new tank. I used a floor jack with a piece of plywood between the tank and the lift pad to remove and reinstall the new tank. This way, it was a one man job. If keeping the old tank, be sure to get a new mounting kit and sending unit, you'll need the new filter end on the pick up tube.

All you need to do to check for rust, is take the filler neck off and shine a flashlight in the tank.

Don't use a match or a lighter!!! yawning smiley)


Got the tank out, first thing I saw was a 4 x 6 inch hole, on the top of the tank with about a dozen smaller holes around it, already got a new tank on order, along with a fitting kit, sending unit, filter and lines, should be here Monday afternoon.

Now how do you dispose of the old tank and 25 Liters of contaminated gas?

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I guess you found your problem!! yawning smiley)

You can save and use most of the gas. Let the tank sit long enough for the rust to settle to the bottom and siphon the gas out without letting the siphon hose reach the bottom of the tank. The tank will need t be on a table or stand of some sort to do that. Or you can pour the good gas out if you don't agitate the tank or try to pour every bit of it out. Dispose of the small amount of contanimated stuff as you see fit.

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Yah, like wait for a hot sunny day and pour it out slowly!! It'll evaporate!! yawning smiley)

You ain't so much of a tree hugger after all. He could also use it to get his old tires started burning so he doesn't have to pay a recycle fee. Here in the states that's called sending the EPA a smoke signal. You can roast wienies over a burning tire much faster than you can microwave them. Marshmellows simply vanish before your eyes and all you get back is a blackened stick that tastes as bad as the wienies. Even Tobasco and Grey Pupon can't improve the taste.

When we clear a lot, how do you think we burn the stumps??? Ain't with no microwave!!!! yawning smiley)

I just pretend I am to rattle somebody's chain!! You get three guesses who! yawning smiley)

Well, thank you very much! I was wondering where that chain sound was coming from!
I mix my used gas with old motor oil and send it to the recycling place after agitation. It's free. Or, use it for brush fires. No tires though.

Nope!! You guessed wrong! It wasn't you!! yawning smiley)

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