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Balancing wire wheels

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Little Blue Avatar
Little Blue Ed Fairbanks
Jacksonville, FL, USA   USA
1974 MG MGB
1974 MG MGB "Blue"
I finally found a shop that will mount and balance my wire wheels. Is it more expensive to have wire wheels balanced compared to regular wheels?


'74 MGB

"'s not a hobby, it's an obsession."

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paultxsa Paul Hanley
San Antonio, TX, USA   USA
1979 MG MGB
I had the hardest time finding anybody to mount tires on my wire wheels. when I found a place to do it finally, I was never really satisfied with the balancing. I would like to find somebody to true, mount and balance my wires, but I am afraid I am going to have to learn to do it for myself.

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cunhab Avatar
cunhab Bruce Cunha
Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA   USA
1950 MG TD
1997 MG MGB GT
You would think that Dayton or Dunlop would sell the cone so that the wire rims could be correctly balanced on the new spin balancers.

One suggestion is to try and see if you can find a shop that can balance them on the car. Used to be a common thing to have done, but don't know if many still do it.

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max71 Avatar
max71 Gary Alpern
Portland, OR, USA   USA
1971 MG MGB "Max"
Ed. I strongly suggest you find someone who can TRUE the wires not just balance them and then call around to find someone who will balance the fronts on the car.

berngp Avatar
berngp Bern B
chicago, IL, USA   USA
1973 MG MGB
Hey Ed, search out a local MG/brit. car club and sometimes they have free service referal lists on their web site. If that don't help try googling sports & classic tires, they do/did wire maint./mount/bal., mail orders. I have it on a note pad from a while back someone asked same question. I have wires too but all's well on mine. Good luck!

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orgum Avatar
orgum Robert Vick
Eagleville, Tennessee, USA   USA
1977 MG MGB
Try your local motorcycle shops. Some can do it and some cant!



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Ken Lessig Avatar
Nevada, Tx., USA   USA
I've found that most of the big tire shops can't do it. I have a friend in the tire business and talked him into getting his old bubble balancer out of storage and back into his shop for MG wire wheels. He does a very good job with it.

Ken Lessig

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Limey Avatar
Limey Eric Marshall
Pentwater, MI, USA   USA
I gave up and bought a set of center-lock alloy wheels. The difference in ride and handling was amazing and the local tire shop can balance them by taking the hub out of the center.

Eric Marshall

johnbamford John Bamford
Denver, CO, USA   USA
1969 MG MGB
What Gary said is the only way to end up with something that really works. That is the problem with painted wires. Tune (including replacing frozen spokes) till circular, re-paint then balance. Wait few years. Do again. Doing it on the car is the best. You may have to look around to find one. Only one or two in our area.

Stainless steel and chrome Dayton wires or center lock alloys will get you past it and expensive only once.

Been there and STILL doing it till I can get the alloys.


John Bamford
69 B Roadster Pale Primrose Yellow
100K, HS-4 Carbs, Rebuilt Head
Owned for 8 years
Denver, CO

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max71 Avatar
max71 Gary Alpern
Portland, OR, USA   USA
1971 MG MGB "Max"
I have been running Daytons for years. I had to get a new set this time because mine had rusted out living near the ocean. One thing unless Dayton got better in the last few months is my wire wheel guy would always show me the Daytons out of the box. They were NOT true. He would always true them up. Whether it came that way or happened in shipping don't think when you get them they're perfectly true.

With true'd wires that are balanced on the car you will not believe how smooth your B will become. Nui rode in Max after I did it and said the car is smoother than her friends brand new Toyota. All vibration is gone. You probably think you have "road feel" through the steering wheel. What you're really feeling is the front end vibrating when you get up to any real speed.

sullivas Avatar
sullivas Sam Sullivan
Check out if you are really serious about getting your wheels right. They have the correct equipment.
For $60 they true the wheel, shave the tire and spin balance.
Costs about $20 bucks UPS to ship each wheel depending on where you live.
It can get expensive.

Maybe someone else on the BBS can attest to their work and results.
By the way, I was told NEW Daytons need truing just like the Indian Dunlops, and also that even though Dayton says 'tubeless' you should always use a tube in any wire wheel.

Steve S Avatar
Abingdon West, So Cal, USA   USA
The Daytons on my MGA came in perfect order. They didn't need truing or balancing and have not needed anything since the day I bought them. This speaks highly of their quality since they are 48-spoke 15" wheels and I drive them hard.

sullivas Avatar
sullivas Sam Sullivan
That's what I always heard about the Daytons, just use them out of the box. I was surprised to hear otherwise, since you are paying for that kind of quality.

bobmunch Bob M
Ontario, OR, USA   USA
1968 MG MGB GT ~ For Sale ! ~
Even with Daytons, I had to have the wires on my former MGA balanced because of imperfect balance of the tires themselves. In Bozo, Idaho, I had to go to a real genuine wheel and alignment shop where they did an ON THE CAR balance, complete with obsolete equipment (strobe lights, electric spin motor, etc). IF you can find an "old timer" with the right gear and a willingness to deal with it, such a balance method is probably the best I have ever had for wire wheeled cars. It sets the balance for wheel as it is on the car, with no assumptions about how balanced the rest of the axle system is (not that it usually matters). A word to the wise if you are able to get this sort of balance job done ~ mark your wheels and hubs so that you can get the rim back on the axle the way it was balanced.

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