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What parts from other cars you have in your MGB?

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cstrong45 Avatar
cstrong45 Charles Strong
Bainbridge Island, WA, USA   USA
Fiero seats
Miata Electric Mirrors
FIrebird 3.4 V6
Firebird T5 tranny
Chevy Clutch/Pressureplate
Panasport wheels/Michelin tires

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MGB567 Avatar
MGB567 Gold Member Barrie Braxton
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia   AUS
1966 MG MGB MkI "Money Guzzler"
1979 MG MGB GT V8 Conversion "Darkside"
Worked Rover 5litre V8
Monsoon EFI with 45mm trumpets, Commodore VR fuel pump, Moss 'long range' fuel tank
Falcon EL T5 transmission
Fastcars front end
Bill Guzman rear end
Quaife's differential
Hap's 7 x 15 zero offset Retro4s fitted with Yokohama 205/50s
AdaptitUSA wheel adapters
Triple Wilwood master cylinders
HEL Performance PTFE hydraulic lines
Austin Healey Frogeye indicators converted to include DRL using Jeep style switchback LED bulb
Mkl B rear lights with Classicauto LEDs
Angel Eye 7" headlamps with Classiccar LEDs
Hella 3rd brake light
AAW's V8 Conversion loom
Smiths Telemetrix gauges (no stabiliser needed)
Vintage Air airconditioning
Bespoke radiator
NA MX5 seats with MrMikes' covers and Crateparts runners
MrMikes interior Letherette for DIY panels
Full aluminium rear deck with custom carpet and Completeautomobilist carpet runners
Mk1 door remotes
Mk1 pull handles
Moss electric windows
APR carbon fibre doormirrors
Extensive bodywork including VW Golf flares and Holden Torana XU1 wing vents
Now I've listed most the stuff that's not OEM on my GT I've scared myself so I better go work on it. grinning smiley

Convertible: CKD 11/66 first registered 8/5/67. Owned since 3/77. 90% original sheet metal. 18GB +40 balanced with almost all new internals. Peter Burgess big valve fast road head. Piper 285. Fidanza FW. Basil's followers and pushrods. TR7clutch. TT exhaust. ARP everywhere. 123 ign. Needham 4synchro c/r box.. Stock rebuilt/replaced suspension. Superpro bushes. New brakes all round including all pipes in SS flex. Interior redone. CAMS approved roll bar and side bars. Lots more. Hybrid of o/e and show/fast road car. Not for sale - it's my toy!

GT: UK car built/sold December '78. Stripped back to bare shell (with extensive bodywork to come). Powered by 'worked' Rover 5 litre V8 (ex TVR Chimera) with efi. T5 box. FC IFS. CCE rear attached to Salisbury axle with Quaife. And a whole lot more to yet to come. Stealth is the word.

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Tommy Sutton Avatar
Tommy Sutton Brett Giles
Victoria, Australia   AUS
1964 MG MGB
Datsun L20b engine from a Bluebird/910
W53 cylinder head from a Datsun 1600/510
5 speed box from a Bluebird/910
Carburettors from a Yamaha YZF-R1
Alternator from a Daihatsu Charade

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tuner blue 73 mgb Avatar
tuner blue 73 mgb Brad Dowler
Anola, MB, Canada   CAN
1973 MG MGB
Jaguar E-Type steering wheel
Miata seats
GM alternator
GM blower motor
Hyundai cooling fan
Nissan space saver spare tire
Harley Davidson muffler
Dodge rear shocks

tvrgeek Avatar
tvrgeek Silver Member Scott S
Hillsborough, North Carolinia, USA   USA
1965 MG MGB
Ironically, my MG is mostly MG or aftermarket: Miata sears, generic electrical bits, delco alternator etc.

I say that as my TVR was a "bitsa" even from the factory before I slammed a 5.0 in it.

Cogito ergo sum periculoso

JustinSchroder Avatar
JustinSchroder Justin Schroder
Lynchburg, VA, USA   USA
1977 MG MGB MkIV "Nigel"
Thanks, Carl. That helps a great deal.

mgblestyle Avatar
mgblestyle Philip Shave
Olympia, WA, USA   USA
Ahmed, tell us more about the fuel pump from Subaru. Model or part#, why did you choose it, how does it mount? Thanks, Phil

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Ahmed Avatar
Ahmed Silver Member Ahmed EL Abasiry
Chestermere, AB, Canada   CAN
1958 MG MGA
1972 MG MGB
1979 MG MGB
In reply to # 3737407 by mgblestyle Ahmed, tell us more about the fuel pump from Subaru. Model or part#, why did you choose it, how does it mount? Thanks, Phil

The Subaru pump has a bit of a story, my car did not come with an original SU but rather with a Facet pump of the wrong discharge/pressure. I read on the forum that a member installed a pump from a Subaru in a bind and it has been working good for him for a number of years to follow. There was no mention of part number, photos or any other reference as to what kind of pump it was except it was from a Subaru. Knowing the quality of Japanese parts, I opted to use it. I did a search online and found a Subaru pump made by Kyosan Denki (aftermarket, but OEM supplier) model 602-0. But many other models look very similar. I did buy it and installed it, only to find later that the OP of the Subaru pump thread actually used an entirely different pump.

At this point, I figured that I went through all the effort of mounting it and plumbing it, so might as well use it and see how it works. I just fired up the engine last week and this pump worked great. very quiet, small, and out of sight. I also mounted a filter between it and the tank (original tank),as well as another filter in the engine bay (which already caught a few specks of rust from the fuel pipes, glad I did that!). The pump comes with its mounting base and rubber feet already installed. I fabricated a simple bracket to mount it under the car, I can post more photos when I get back home tonight.

But, here's a photo of the pump, it has almost the same discharge and pressure as the original SU. If you decide to get it, make sure it an original Kyosan Denki, "Made in Japan". There are knock-offs out there.

Alternatively, any of the varieties in the market today works well too. Hardi pumps (sold by Moss and others) works very well from what I read. I also bought a Hardi and kept as a spare.

"... the motor car, after woman, is the most fragile and capricious thing on earth." - London Daily Mail 1908

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riley1489 Avatar
riley1489 Gold Member Bruce H
Great White North, QC, Canada   CAN
1953 Jaguar XK120
1959 Riley 1.5 "King George"
1973 MG MGB
FWIW Datsun 240 family of cars used a similar pump, same manufacturer.
Could it be the 'go to' fuel pump manufacturer for Jap cars, as SU was for Brit cars?


Check your ego Amigo!

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Thurlowb Avatar
Thurlowb Silver Member Brad Thurlow
Coquitlam, BC, Canada   CAN
For a while I had a piece of fuel line “donated” by a Harley motorcycle. A small section of plastic fuel line failed while at a company BBQ. A buddy there figured his bike had enough extra length in the fuel line for us to scavenger a 3” piece.

Worked so well it was a few years before I replaced it.

ohlord Avatar
ohlord Gold Member Rob C
North of Seattle, N.W., USA   USA
1957 Land Rover Series I "EYEYIYI"
1971 MG MGB
1971 MG MGB "Bedouin 2"
At times various combinations of MG, rover, BOPR buick 215, chevy v6 60degree , gm 10 bolt narrowed rear, 100 horsepower shot nitrous kit, gm distributor, datsun rims and tires, gm cs130 alternators, gm pulleys, chevy coilover suspensions, blazer 3rd brake light, jeep dana rear end, sbc, aircraft fuel pump, mickey Tompson drag slicks from a camaro, list goes on and on.
I'm not a puristgrinning smiley in anything British.

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RD2 Radar/ Electronic Warfare Technician
Vietnam 1969-1972

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Brendon9889 Avatar
Brendon9889 Brendon Hagarty
Perth, Western Australia, Australia   AUS
1964 MG MGB MkI "B1"
1967 MG MGB MkI "Eric The Half A Bee"
1970 MG MGB MkII "B2"
Nissan Silvia SR20 DET (S13) engine
Garrett T28/35 turbo
Tial external wastegate
Pulsar GTiR Intercooler
6 Boost top mount manifold
Custom 3" exhaust
Bespoke triple pass aluminium radiator
Wolf 3D EMS
Nissan 5 speed (S13) gearbox
Nissan R34 GTS rotors and 4 pot calipers front
Bespoke dual mastercylinder brakes with willwood balance bar
Shortened Holden Commodore SS ute rear axle (31 spline) with disc brakes
KAAZ LSD with 3.9:1 ratio from Nissan Pintara
Bespoke tramp rods and panhard rod

Peter-Sherman Avatar
Peter-Sherman Peter Sherman
Melbourne, Australia   AUS
range rover motor
toyota supra gearbox and pressureplate
Rover 1" clutch slave
Holden uni joint
volvo brakes
P6 alternator bracket.

Chalky Avatar
Chalky David White
Coventry, Warwickshire, UK   GBR
Relays - Generic Rover Group (they're yellow to match the body colour!)
P38a Range Rover window lift motors. The pinion is the correct pitch to mesh with the modified window regulator quadrants
Classic Range Rover / Discovery 1 window lift switches
Rover 200 / MGF flasher relay

Indian301 David Grassi
Kingman, AZ, USA   USA
Complete fuel injected Toyota 22 RE 4cyl. with 5 speed trans, all Toyota wiring. Miata seats

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