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oblock Connor O
Ashtabula, OH, USA   USA
i got this 1976 mgb that needs restored and i was wondering where to start on it

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Rick Fawthrop Avatar
Rick Fawthrop Gold Member Richard Fawthrop
Seattle, WA, USA   USA
It is not a 1976.
Start by checking that the title matches the vin.

barry s Avatar
barry s Silver Member Barry Stoll
Alexandria, VA, USA   USA
1972 MG MGB GT
1974 MG MGB
1976 Triumph TR6
1980 MG MGB
Like Richard said, its not a '76. Dashboard, steerng wheel and grill say 1972.

The 1st step is to spend time on this site in archives and Library.

before further undertaking any restoration come up with a reasonable estimate of what it will cost to replace missing pieces. While it is a chrome bumper B, it may cost far more to bring back into even decent, driveable condition than buying another that is complete, even needing more work. RUST is your biggest/costliest enemy.

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bencii Ben Colpitts
Mansfield, OH, USA   USA
1966 MG MGB
Go to the Registry page and complete the form as much as possible. There are some excellent books on restoring an MGB. Google is your friend. Spend a week of spare time learning how to use this site as well as getting an understanding of all the information it contains.

riley1489 Avatar
riley1489 Gold Member Bruce H
Great White North, QC, Canada   CAN
1953 Jaguar XK120
1959 Riley 1.5 "King George"
1973 MG MGB
In reply to # 3717359 by oblock i was wondering where to start on it

I agree with the others, sort the paperwork before turning a wrench.

Then apply for a decent line of credit at the bank, a restoration is not for the timid . From the pictures posted there is a lot of 'essential' parts missing.

Good luck


Check your ego Amigo!

O, ON, Canada   CAN
1967 MG MGB GT "Maggie (GT From Hell)"
Where you start kinda depends on where you want to end up with this project.

Low buck beater or labour of love restoration?

Time, tools, and budget will factor in to the story.


LannM Avatar
LannM Platinum Member Lann Mauck
Claremore, OK, USA   USA
1958 MG Magnette ZB Varitone "The Queen"
1963 MG MGB
1967 MG MGB GT
One of the things I always suggest is to join an MG club. You'll find a lot of experienced and knowledgeable people. The Emerald Necklace MG Register looks like it might be the closest one.

Good luck.


Lann Mauck
Three Main LLC
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bencii Ben Colpitts
Mansfield, OH, USA   USA
1966 MG MGB
There is a series on You Tube called "An MG is Reborn". They take an MGB and make a lot of the most common repairs. Make lots of popcorn, it's probably around 10 hours long.

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oleanderjoe Avatar
oleanderjoe Gold Member Joseph Baba
Fresno, CA, USA   USA
CONNOR: Invest in a Workshop Manual. FIRST, otherwise you are going to be on here all the time asking, (WHERE THE WHITE WIRE GOES.) "Just funning with you." Knowledge is your friend. Book in hand, Cold Root Beer, and do some reading. We are here to help with the tuff stuff. Have Fun.

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lgorg Avatar
lgorg Larry Gorg
Renton, WA, USA   USA
1966 MG MGB "Robbie"

First, welcome to the MGB madness! However, I also agree with what others said about this car. If you did not get the parts that are missing along with the car, its going to be a long hard journey. You can do what I did last year, and purchased a parts car for very little money. Most of the parts on that car are almost unusable, as sit sat for 20 years outside 200 feet from salt air. What the pine needles didn't do for the top, the salt air didn't do many favors either. Rockers rusted out along with castle rail. But it did have nice bumpers and a few other bits.

If you are really interested in giving this car a go, and I think it appears to be a solid car from what I've seen, then here are a few items that you can use:

You might consider taking some pictures of the lower sides and post them here. Those would be the rockers and doglegs. This would help in determining if the car needs any rust attention. Rust is the bane of all car enthusiasts. I can tell you, that most folks don't do sheet metal work, and I am one of those as I can not weld.

mg challenged Avatar
mg challenged Silver Member Joe Williams
Dana Point, CA, USA   USA
1963 Elva Courier "Project"
Don't let the naysayers scare you off, but check their advice. If you are a car guy and can do a lot of work yourself then go for it. If not, you could get in over your head.
Checking the title and VIN are most important before you begin.
Looks like there are parts missing, but check the Buy, Sell, Trade section here. Parts are available at a reasonable cost.
Get a game plan and stick to it.
You may be cruising before you know it!

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Probie Avatar
Probie Gold Member Dwight Magee
Fenelon Falls, ON, Canada   CAN
Did you get any parts? Where are the carbs? Looks like a 72 .... no fishmouth grill on 76.

Mark C Silver Member Mark Cross
Marysville, OH, USA   USA
Your in Ohio, remove the fenders and the carpet and thoroughly inspect the lower 6 inches of the car. The car is in primer and someone else's stalled project, I would be very careful about inspecting for previous rust repairs that where most likely done incorrectly and will need to be redone. Inspect the trunk floor, firewall, kick panels, floor behind the seats, rear spring shackle mounts etc etc.. Unless you got some boxes of parts and are familiar with this era of car, consider buying a parts car.


LmBoise Avatar
LmBoise Gold Member Louis Miller
Boise, ID, USA   USA
1963 MG MGB
1977 MG MGB "Trouble"
I think the key is, and NoHome said it well, where do you want to take this car. A full frame up restoration will take a couple of years of your time and you will invest more in the car than it will be worth when you are done. You will, however, walk away with a great sense of accomplishment and a new or improved set of skills. My ‘77 took three years and I might be able to get 50 cents back on every dollar I spent. I painted the ‘63 myself, will be In it 3 years by the time it is done and may come close to break even. I can now, however, run a MIG welder, do ok body work and understand where the white wire goes.

Good luck!

jimandcassdavis Jim Davis
Swanton, OH, USA   USA
1967 MG Midget MkIII ~ For Sale ! ~
1976 MG MGB
If you are into restoration and want to learn a lot and spend a lot of money go for it. If you just want to enjoy owning a classic and can handle the routine maintenance look for and buy the best example you can afford and enjoy it. MGB's are not rare enough for a full restoration to be a break even proposition.

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