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What is my MG worth???

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nonnac77 Nathan C
Mesquite, NV, USA   USA
Hello everyone. Sadly it has come to the time for me to sell my beloved MG. It was my first car and I’ve spent years fixing it but I just need the money. It is a 1978 MGB with 56,000 original miles. It has the manual 4 speed transmission. The engine runs very strong and has many new parts such as water pump, space cylinder, brake rotors, trims, etc. it has a brand new paint job and runs very well. I was wondering approximately how much this car would be worth?

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cstrong45 Avatar
cstrong45 Charles Strong
Bainbridge Island, WA, USA   USA
I think the market is good, good lucksmileys with beer

J Baz Avatar
J Baz Silver Member Jerard Basmagy
Middletown, NJ, USA   USA
What ever someone is willing to pay and usually less than you believe.

4 to 5 grand if no rot and that paint job is not a 10 footer and the interior is intact without tears or rips IMHO.

But what is a space cylinder?


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Fairfield, CA, USA   USA
value in California to a knowledgeable buyer is squat.

Yet I have know buyers who spent good money to buy something they could not get past smog and eventually took to Mexico when they returned themselves. I have no idea how they did that other than they probably used a trailer.<G>

It would have to pass smog inspection every couple years. And legal replacement cats are not available so it is difficult to get by the test.

Elsewhere, depends largely on cost to ship it.

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Cmpozr Avatar
Cmpozr Ray Weidner
Forest, VA, USA   USA
You'd have to scour the internet (Hemmings, etc.) to see what other cars your year/condition/mileage/etc. are going for (excluding some of the foreign sources who advertise exorbitant prices).

74 Chrome Bumper MGB
71 Triumph TR-6 (original owner)

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O, ON, Canada   CAN
1967 MG MGB GT "Maggie (GT From Hell)"
You are asking on the wrong forum. Average price for an MGB on this site is three-fiddy.

Go to Bring a Trailer . com and see what they sell for
Go to E-bay and see what they sell for
Go to Hemmings and see what they sell for.

If the car is rust free and does not need paint, it cant be recreated for under 10k, so if a buyer is faced with that, then it should help move your car


tbarker7815 Avatar
tbarker7815 Tom .
Knoxville, TN, USA   USA
there is a section called "Cars For Sale" under "Registry" near the top of page that may help.

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lorwood Avatar
lorwood Ed S
Ridge, NY, USA   USA
1979 MG MGB
Don't know if this helps but I bought this from the owner of an MG resto shop this fall for $4300. Everything had been sorted. Engine was pulled and completely rebuilt. No rust. Paint looks to be original and is in good driver condition along with interior. Everything works perfectly, in fact as far a wrenching this car has been pretty boring. 83K on the clock, all new wiring, well tuned weber carb, nice wood steering wheel and shift knob. Trans, suspension, brakes etc all gone through. Basically runs just about perfect.

Needs a new soft top, I had to recap the dash, could use some new carpet as the carpet looks to be original. Seats are well broken in but at 6'2" I am happy as to where the webbing and foam sits so not going to mess with it.

With all that said all cars are worth what you can get for them. Start a bit high you can always come down. Good luck.

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79 mg.jpg

Edd Weninger Avatar
Arizona or SoCal, Overgaard AZ or H. Bch. CA, USA   USA
Times 2 on Pete's suggestion for Bring-a-Trailer auctions. If you register there (free), you can look through the history of sales and see what the cars sold for and their descriptions. Quite a bit of MGB activity there. Yesterday a nice '64 went for $20K and today a clean '80 LTD was listed. A GT is in process.

Good luck!

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Bruce Cunha Avatar
placerville, CA, USA   USA
1950 MG TD
1967 MG MGB GT
Nathan. If it helps, I just sold a 79 Spitfire with 53,000 original miles. Car had original paint, seats, but new interior, top and dash. I got $5200 in California.

It took me about 6 months to sell it.

Outside of CA where you have to have all the original smog equipment and the car has to pass a smog test, you may not have as hard a time to sell yours.

Bruce E. Cunha

O, ON, Canada   CAN
1967 MG MGB GT "Maggie (GT From Hell)"
Just for fun. Result of BAT MGB sales brings up a neat chart

BumbleB74 Avatar
BumbleB74 William Milholen
Tidewater, Tidewater VA, USA   USA
Good luck with the sale, it sounds like a nice car.

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1976 Roadster, "Virus", Sandglow - "driver" condition (stock + 32/36 Weber DGEV, cast iron header, 25D distributor), bolt on wheels, ON the road!

geezer Avatar
geezer Silver Member charles durning
Magee, MS, USA   USA
1958 MG Magnette ZB "Chick Magnette (sold)"
1967 Morris Minor 1000 Saloon (2-door) "Marvin"
1974 MG MGB GT
Here is a link to the Hagerty Valuation Tool. Their pricing seems to be a bit optimistic.

Who's version of right are we talking about? When you get 10 LBC owners in a room you'll get 12 different answers.

ohlord Avatar
ohlord Gold Member Rob C
North of Seattle, N.W., USA   USA
1957 Land Rover Series I "EYEYIYI"
1971 MG MGB
1971 MG MGB "Bedouin 2"
BAT isnt for normal run of the mill.
Mostly MGB's that are in very good condition
You can pick up rubber bumper mgb's in top shape all day long for $5k to 6k with overdrive
Sometimes even less.

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