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What to do with the engine out

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tarmigan Avatar
tarmigan Alan Bell
Newcastle, whickham, UK   GBR
1976 MG MGB "Bessy"
a good time to change the water pump at £25 its worth while

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Lotus Avatar
Lotus Roy Hodgson
Villeneuve, VD, Switzerland   CHE
1974 MG MGB "Butterscotch"
I hear thee Ohlord. (sorry, couldn't help myself). If I could carry the engine home and down to my basement workshop I would do a full rebuild on it even though it runs like a train with around 4.5 bar (65 psi) oil pressure. (Who's signature says "If it ain't broke I'll fix it until it is".?)

As it is I only can do those jobs that generally must be done with the engine out. The clutch slave tube sounds good as do the motor mounts. Cleaning the sludge out of the pan is also on my short list but I will have to use iron self discipline to keep from "just doing X while I am there".

Switzerland is not a great place for car fiddlers. I get weird looks just washing my own car. The only place nearby that sells "auto supplies" doesn't even stock spark plugs. I would happily drive over to the UK and buy a shop worth of stuff from Moss but I would want the OD working for the drive which would mean that the engine was back in and thus the opportunity for other work missed. confused smiley

What is the consensus on replacing various cables? None of mine are stiff or frayed but might they fray soon???????

We have two lives. The second one starts when you realize you only have one.

Fairfax Station, VA, USA   USA
These guys are correct I would add, sound and heat proofing from the underneath. I used an old bmw heat shield ( my friend has a shop an hauls off old parts regularly) and I used the cheap moss motors stuff ) 35$ per roll and added insulation under the trans tunnel. What a difference! cooler and quieter . Make the effort and do neat work, add a level of comfort to your ride. My GT is a real nice place to spend a day now.

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Fairfield, CA, USA   USA
paint the engine room after it is cleaned (you will likely have to re-clean to paint-standards).

If you don't, you will probably wish you had in 5 years or so.<G>

1973 Pale Primrose Roadster. A nice 10-footer!
SUs, Datsun 5-speed

Donthuis Avatar
Donthuis Don van Riet
Rijswijk, ZH, Netherlands   NLD
Once you want to renew the clutch hose, you may be in bad luck in its removal: the hard metal line clutch MC to the bracket sometimes shears off on the bracket end. So either order this metal line as well, "just in case" as I did or change the decoupling method to prevent this from happening. With the joint on this metal line AND the large nut with the spire washer kept against turning, unscrew the hose from underneath. For this you normally need to cut the hose short and use a long socket, with the engine out a ring spanner underneath may also work.

Success! smileys with beer

PS My MG mech rarely finds anything wrong with the rubber pads between the front crossmember and the carbody.
Engine and gearbox rubber mounts to the gearbox crossmemeber are something else entirely and do not cost much to replace eye rolling smiley

In reply to # 3673143 by Lotus I am staring to see a pattern here.

The car has about 80,000 Km (50,000 miles) on it but some things (especially rubber) just "get old". As I don't have a local MG parts store, everything I need to replace must be ordered from Moss (Europe) MGOC etc., shipped, passed through Swiss customs ............... In other words I must stock up now with things I "might" need.

Clutch slave hose and motor mounts seem to be on the list but is there anything else? I don't want to spend $1,000 on getting parts that I will probably not need "just in case".

I can leave the car in the shop for a while but would generally only have Saturdays to work on it so, aside from the cost of unneeded bits, I would only like to do the essentials.


stuntflyr Avatar
stuntflyr Chris McMillin
Catalina, Foothills, USA   USA
I suppose you have cleaning supplies, paint supplies and abrasive materials like sandpaper and steel/brass wool.
Clean the engine compartment and inspect and repair all of the components, wiring, and rubber hoses and motor mounts.
If the rubber motor mounts aren't new, you have a golden opportunity to replace them.
Paint the places that aren't body color because they'll keep it looking good and protect the metal from rust.
Paint the steering rack and front suspension gloss black.
It's all super easy to do when one can stand in the engine compartment.
Reinstall engine and drive.

tarmigan Avatar
tarmigan Alan Bell
Newcastle, whickham, UK   GBR
1976 MG MGB "Bessy"
Engine ready to lift .Spring cleaning time for engine bay . A good degreaser and high pressure jet blast.
after a good clean etch acid primer where needed then top cote . clean and paint the block.
I will take the opportunity to have the head skimmed and hard valve seats installed .
I will install a new water pump well worth it for 25 quid .and a new clutch as these parts are not all that expensive
better than watching the telly

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