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What a crazy month!

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BumbleB74 Avatar
BumbleB74 William Milholen
Tidewater, Tidewater VA, USA   USA
Michael -

We'll get Johnny to bring you up to speed!

1974-1/2 Roadster, "Bumble Bee", Corvette Yellow - in shambles, wire wheels
1976 Roadster, "Virus", Sandglow - "driver" condition (stock + 32/36 Weber DGEV, cast iron header, 25D distributor), bolt on wheels, ON the road!

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spikemichael Avatar
spikemichael Platinum Member Michael Caputo
Ocean Shores, WA, USA   USA
1973 MG MGB "Freebie"
1973 MG MGB
1974 MG MGB "Spike"
1979 MG MGB "MegaBeanie"    & more
Johnny.... I went to school with a guy just like him. Always made me laugh in public but was very serious in private.

Did you guys know Dave Bean (Dave Bean Engineering) passed away also last year? I missed that til last week too.

Michael J. Caputo
'79 RBB and '73 CBB owner with extensive experience in 12v Audio System design and installation.
Vendor of Regalia and Promotional Products. Forum Member with a warped sense of humor.

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PetesMG S P
Worc., MA, USA   USA
1977 MG MGB
In reply to # 3631754 by mdubash Yeah, fair point.... smiling smiley

In reply to # 3631715 by nickj You may have started the language, but we won it fair and square a couple hundred years ago. It's ours.

At my last company here in New England, we had a plant also in the south of England, in Devon.

The guys in England used to say "You're all a bunch of wankers. In the span of about 4 months you guys celebrate kicking us out (July 4) and then you celebrate us coming there (thanksgiving). You're an odd lot!!"

I always found it pretty funny.

My boss used to call our company "Two buildings separated by a common language".


'77 new-to-me MGB
'70 XKE FHC,
'79 MGB (previous),
'74.5 MGB GT (previous),
'30 Model A hotrod,
Jeeps, Suburban, ...too much stuff.

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