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Irma: Its Impact on Lives, Property, Livlihoods, & MGBs

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barrybarnes Avatar
barrybarnes Barry Barnes
Reno, NV, USA   USA
1978 MG MGB "ZoooomB"
Facts & Scientific Predictions:

Hurricane Irma, rated category 5 (the same as Andrew several years ago), has a footprint appropriately 4 times as large as Andrew and is the largest Atlantic hurricane ever.

11AM Saturday 9/9 Advisory from the NHC (National Hurricane Center,

Per the NHC discussion "The eye has been moving toward the west or 280 degrees at about 8 kt. The hurricane is about to reach the southwestern portion of the subtropical high, and the expected turn to the northwest and north-northwest should begin soon.

The track guidance is tightly packed and takes the hurricane over the Florida Keys and near or over the Florida Peninsula. The NHC forecast is in the middle of the guidance envelope and given the good agreement among models, the confidence in the track forecast is high."


Nice to see that their confidence is high in the track forecast when 6 hours ago, they had no idea where the landfall would occur on Florida.

Please don't let your guards down.

Informed Recommendations:

1. Irma will continue to bring life-threatening wind, storm surge,
and rainfall hazards to portions of the Bahamas and the north coast of Cuba, especially over the adjacent Cuban Keys, through tonight.

2. Irma is expected to make landfall in Florida as an extremely
dangerous major hurricane, bringing life-threatening wind
impacts to much of the state regardless of the exact track of the
center. Wind hazards from Irma are also expected to spread northward along the coast of Georgia and South Carolina where a Hurricane Watch has been issued.

3. There is an imminent danger of life-threatening storm surge
flooding in portions of central and southern Florida, including the Florida Keys, where a Storm Surge Warning is in effect. The threat of catastrophic storm surge flooding is highest along the southwest coast of Florida, where 10 to 15 feet of inundation above ground level is expected. This is a life-threatening situation and everyone in these areas should immediately follow any evacuation instructions from local officials.

4. Irma is expected to produce very heavy rain and inland flooding. Total rain accumulations of 10 to 20 inches, with isolated amounts of between 20 and 25 inches, are expected over the Florida Keys, the Florida peninsula, and southeast Georgia from Saturday through Monday. Significant river flooding is possible in these areas. Early next week Irma will also bring periods of heavy rain to much of the southeast United States where an average of 2 to 6 inches is forecast, with isolated higher amounts, from North and South Carolina to Tennessee and eastern Alabama. This includes some mountainous areas which are more prone to flash flooding. Residents throughout the southeast states should remain aware of the flood threat and stay tuned to forecasts and warnings.

Personally, my heart and support goes out to all of these many people whose lives, property, livelihood, and future is so threatened.

MGB Revelant Observation:

Aside from the tens of millions of people whose lives and property are endangered, Florida is the home of a huge number of MGB cars and clubs - one of the largest concentrations in the nation. As has happened in previous hurricanes, many of these cars will be heavily damaged and some ruined beyond restoration.

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barrybarnes Avatar
barrybarnes Barry Barnes
Reno, NV, USA   USA
1978 MG MGB "ZoooomB"
Despite 8,000 deaths, the hurricane in Galveston in 1900 was only a category 4 one. The heavy death and damage toll was due to a combination of factors: 1) the city was only 10 feet above sea level; 2) city fathers had repeatedly refused to build seawalls advised by the area's only local meteorologist; 3) the same council members never regulated construction codes and encouraged inexpensive wood construction on thin rickety elevated piers near the ocean; 4) the lack of public communications systems caused Galveston residents not even to know that a hurricane was approaching; 5) when the only local meteorologist realized that the rising tides were a symptom of an oncoming hurricane, residents and city fathers advised against listening to him and no one was evacuated; 6) once the surges started, there was no exit from the island; 7) the flimsiness of construction caused the massive amounts of debris to damage the few structures that were above the surge.

The recent hurricane Harvey in Houston was far greater in strength and impact than the 1900 Galveston hurricane. The big difference is in the quality of construction in modern day Houston and the communication systems that allowed people to prepare.

Despite the effectiveness of our communication and response systems, the damage was still intense.

I personally know of many MGB owners that, aside from the loss of property, disruption and personal lives, and threat to livelihood, must currently be also heartbroken from the damage to or loss of their MGBs.

tampaguy Avatar
tampaguy Jack Shea
Elgin, OR, USA   USA
My 67 GT lived almost it whole life under this open Tampa Florida car port and never got a scratch on it. The 74.5 GT now occupies the same location. My lifelong friend Joe Sheppard who is now 89 must relocate to higher ground tonight. Unfortunately the GT must stay behind and weather the storm alone. I suggested he back it in to protect the reared from flying debris, figuring it might be easier to replace front end components compared to those in back ? Please say a little prayer for everyone in Irma's path...god speed Tampa

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Mustangsix Avatar
Mustangsix Gold Member Jack Collins
Orlando, FL, USA   USA
Thanks, Barry.

The recency of the Texas event has made everyone in Central FL even more mindful of the preparation we had to do. So far it's been orderly with many folks moving to safer locations.

Brian and his wife drove to Pensacola Thursday night. His house is in downtown Orlando and is surrounded by beautiful, massive oak trees that could crush his horse if they fell so they opted to visit his in laws.

I've decided to stay in our house. We have a well reinforced structure that was greatly improved after the last major storm hit us in 2004. Most in our neighborhood have backup power, plenty of food and water, and we are fortunate that everyone has been watching out for each other.

The biggest risk is for all those in prefabricated houses and those immediately on either coast. There will likely be some areal flooding from rains. The risk of tornado is high as well.

We shuttered the shop and all the customer cars and projects at Ceres are covered and protected. We should be able to reopen by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thanks for thinking of all of us here in FL. I hope our friends in other parts of the state stay safe and check in after the storm.

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mgbanthony Avatar
mgbanthony Platinum Member Anthony Henderson
Gananoque, ON, Canada   CAN
1962 MG MGB
1962 MG MGB
1970 MG MGB GT
1974 MG MGB
Hope it goes as well as possible for all involved. Our place in Punta Cana survived, and I was expecting the worst.

Stay safe....

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lorwood Avatar
lorwood Ed S
Ridge, NY, USA   USA
1979 MG MGB
We were in Turks and Caicos until Tuesday ( were scheduled to return today) many tourists were refusing to leave. (Stupid and selfish) Went to Juno beach ( Florida) on Tuesday to secure place there. Found out building manager left so ended up securing that building. Got a flight out last night. Despite the spoiled vacation we are very lucky compared to the residents of Turks and Caicos and the full time residents of Florida.

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I wonder what he was thinking when he hit that storm, or was he just lost in the flood?"

Denny B. Avatar
Denny B. Gold Member Denny Brodbeck
Ocala, FL, USA   USA
1971 MG MGB
I lived I Miami for 67 years. Survived a few hurricanes including Andrew. Moved up to Ocala 2 1/2 years ago. Ocala has never had a hurricane.

We are now under a hurricane warning. We have been getting emergency updates on our home phone and cell phones all day. There is a mandatory evacuation for all Marion County residents living in mobile homes (which is about half the population of Ocala) and all traffic is to be off the roads by 3 pm tomorrow.

Hurricane shutters are non-existent here so we boarded up the house the old fashion way with plywood. thumbs up

I talked with Marco (forestghost07) a few hours ago. He has in MGB-GT parked in his living room and has gone up to Delray Beach to stay with relatives.

We are hunkered down and waiting...... smiling smiley

I wish I knew as much today as I did when I was 18........

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mgdriver67 Avatar
mgdriver67 Silver Member Stephen Farrell
Pensacola, FL, USA   USA
1967 MG MGB MkI "Lulu"
2016 Volkswagen GTI
2017 Honda Ridgeline 4WD "Mom's Truck"
If you're on the road west towards Pensacola I think most of the hotels are full. The Bay Center is open for evacuees. I can put up 4 people on two queen size beds. Pets ok. Must be willing to talk little British cars. (Kidding).
Stephen Farrell (850) 549-8989

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barrybarnes Avatar
barrybarnes Barry Barnes
Reno, NV, USA   USA
1978 MG MGB "ZoooomB"
Hoping for the best for all of you down there.

I know from my son's recent experience in Houston that even if it doesn't damage one's home, it's still a very stressful thing to go through, that life will be disrupted, and chances are you'll know people who are hard hit.

Please know that there are tens of millions - if not more -of us around the nation and the world sending out supportive thoughts, sincere hope, and well wishes.

forestghost07 Avatar
forestghost07 Marco Sinai
1972 MG MGB GT "Viajero"
1999 Chevrolet Blazer "Works For Gas"
as of now 9 PM EDT, looks like Fla's east coast will be spared the worst of this sci-fi horror of a storm. As my good friend Denny B mentioned above, my GT "Viajero" is as safe as I could manage, stuffed in my family room (photo 1), thanks to sliding-door access to it. I fled 60 mi. north, FWIW.

A customer's basket-case '78 B had to remain outside; it's embalmed like a mummy under 3 tarps, 100 ft of rope, and cinder blocks (photo 2). Cust. understands I did what I could; the rest is up to Mother Nature. Hopefully these 2 Bs will live on.

~ Marco and Viajero ~

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bev sleet Avatar
bev sleet Bev S
Raunds, Northamptonshire, UK   GBR
Best wishes to all you folk in the path of these hurricanes try and stay safe. and get the MGs on high ground if you can, my car was written off by the insurance co in 2007 by flood damage, fortunately they dry out pretty well and its now back on the road , good luck as your storms have taken over UK television and they look awful, it's a job for us in the UK to appreciate what you are going through .

Woodypear Avatar
Woodypear Gold Member Roger Sharpe
EUNGELLA, QLD, Australia   AUS
I've been watching coverage of the hurricane on news sites with great concern for the potential damage to lives and property. Whilst it is good to see most people fleeing the potential path, there are still some who don't take the warnings seriously enough, and others who can't take the necessary precautions. My heart goes out to all.

mgdriver67 Avatar
mgdriver67 Silver Member Stephen Farrell
Pensacola, FL, USA   USA
1967 MG MGB MkI "Lulu"
2016 Volkswagen GTI
2017 Honda Ridgeline 4WD "Mom's Truck"
We have been experiencing the weakened Irma today. Light rain and gusts of 35+ MPH winds. All the hatches are battened down (lawn chairs inside). We considered going further West to Mobile where our daughter & family resides but I was reluctant to get on the road. It appears most of the Florida deaths reported were in vehicles. We are most fortunate and pray for speedy relief for the many suffering from lack of electricity and property damage. The state authorities did a very good job of managing the information and warnings. They seem to have done about as well as could be considering the width of Irma. Let's hope the relief efforts both state and federal are handled as well . I'd give the rhetoric an A rating let's see how the actions back this up. I am hopeful and optimistic they will be. The neighbors helping neighbors we saw in Texas will hopefully be copied here. Our Church has sent many to help there and I expect to see those yellow t-shirts in Florida too along with a host of other folks that care. My family experienced Hurricane Ivan 12 years ago. There was two feet of water in our house. The insurance paid nothing so it took years to recover from that. All of our possessions were piled up in front of the house. I can still feel the pain where the adjuster told my mother the house was totaled and the insurance company was not liable for any of the loss. We sat on the front porch, in the heat wondering how we could recover. We did but it took years.

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IMG_2186.JPG    39.6 KB
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barrybarnes Avatar
barrybarnes Barry Barnes
Reno, NV, USA   USA
1978 MG MGB "ZoooomB"
Apparently it was hit and miss. Our close friends in Tallahassee suffered almost nothing while friends of theirs had good bits of damage.

From growing up in Tornado Alley in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, I know that weather is very strange , inconsistent, and unpredictable.

Back in 1965, a tornado hit in my backyard, broke a single window, jumped over my house, destroyed the house across the street, then skipped a few blocks over and destroyed several entire neighborhoods to the ground.

I continue to send out supportive thoughts and hope for all of those in the path and who have already been subjected to the winds and rain. Best of wishes.

saanich2006 Avatar
saanich2006 Robert Browning
Atlanta, GA, USA   USA
Irma blew through Atlanta yesterday as a tropical storm.

Lots of trees down and wind damage, but luckily we did not have the rain they had predicted. They had said we could have 6" to 8", but ended up with about 2"

Personally, I came through fine, with only a lot of small branches and debris on my yard, but my neighbor had his car crushed by a tree.

Power has been going on off for the last 24 hours, but seems to be stable at the moment.

Overall, I think we dodged a huge bullet here in Atlanta.

Thoughts and prayers goes out to everyone in Florida and the islands!

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