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Conversion Label from MPH to KMPH for Smiths Speedometer MGA 166 Mk IIthumbs up

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johnbegood2 john richard jorgensen
brondby, Denmark   DNK
Hi there
I know it is possible to obtain a conversion label from Mph to Kmph for Smiths Speedometer, I hope that this label is in the possession of The MG Experiences Club.
Best regards
johnbegood 2

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MGB567 Avatar
MGB567 Gold Member Barrie Braxton
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia   AUS
1966 MG MGB MkI "Money Guzzler"
1979 MG MGB GT V8 Conversion "Darkside"
Not far to look - it's in the Library by our webmaster. Click here I guess 2nd post in 9 years you don't visit often.

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jramstad Avatar
jramstad Silver Member Jeff Ramstad
North Vancouver, BC, Canada   CAN
Glad you got your answer so quickly John, in 6 minutes no less!

Did you add the thumbs-up to your Original Post title after Barrie gave you his input?

I really like that if you did, it serves as a thank you to (other) respondents and also informs other that your particular problem/query has been solved.thumbs up

Welcome aboard, although you may wish to check out the MGA site for more specific information to your car.



1974 MGB CB Tourer, 18V+.040, County NS head, OD, HIF4's, Advance 25D w/points, TR7 5-speed disc/AP plate/roller TO, 185/70 Altimax RT-43's.

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K Hawkins Avatar
NT, Canada   CAN
I used a GPS to create my own. I found that the available conversion charts did not match up to the GPS.

Cornfgl Avatar
Cornfgl Graham Cornford
Bellville, TX, USA   USA
1974 MG MGB GT V8 "Goose Poop"
Prior to GPS days when we lived in the UK, and often visited France , I wrote the speeds on small sticky labels, and stuck them around the speedo chrome bezel. That made me aware of the speed that I was going in KPH

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sweep Avatar
sweep Gold Member Chris W
Gosford, NSW, Australia   AUS
1966 MG MGB "Basil"
2013 Volkswagen Tiguan
2015 Audi A3
I'm the guy who actually redrew the sticker. The previous one was a bit dicey and appeared not to be for a MGB. Anyway I did a direct conversion from MPH to KPH and printed and assembled it. Car wasn't running at that stage so I had no real way of testing. However, when I posted my results here and from the corner recesses of my brain I came to the conclusion is was still wrong. So after a minor adjustment I drew and printed the one which is presently in the library.
I reckoned that when the time came and I was able to test the speedo if it wasn't correct I could simply redraw an adjusted version and go with that.
As it turned out checking with a GPS (when my speedo functions correctly - sometimes it doesn't) it was almost spot-on --- for my car.

I just printed it on my HP laserjet using a slightly heavier paper, cut it out and used some spray adhesive to attach it. 12 years later and it still looks fine.

Oh BTW, the suggestion for the % print was found by trial and error and I would suggest you fiddle with that yourself for your printer.

A few others have done redraws again to suit themselves and maybe a search could find them. I deliberated over the numbering and settled on what you see even though I did think it was a bit crowded.

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