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Carpet set choices for MGB - looking for recent experiences

Moss Motors
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arkyrover Avatar
arkyrover Clay L
Conway, AR, USA   USA
1973 MG MGB
I'm looking for any recent experience with carpet sets from MM, VB, TRF, etc. and post-installation thoughts on quality, etc.

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dr914 George Hussey
Marietta, GA, USA   USA
this was the best I found and looked hard for a perfect set: US Sales - Chart-One <>

Basil Adams Avatar
About 12 miles from Sears Point, CA, USA   USA
I tell customers to get the flat carpet sets instead of the moulded ones and spend the rest of the money on professional installation. Basil 707.762.0974

Basil C. Adams
1956 MGA Coupe (Show Car)
1957 MGA Roadster (Driver)
1958 MGA Coupe (Racecar)
1959 MGA Coupe (unrestored)
1960 MGA Coupe (unrestored)
1960 MGA Roadster (Driver)
MKIII Elva Courier (E1056)
1967 427 Cobra
1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal
A coupla late MGBs
1960 Austin Healy BN7
More Cars than Brains

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Simon Austin Avatar

This is the company that manufactures the carpet sets available from the usual suppliers. I learned this when I restored a '74 Mini and bought their kit for that car. I wondered why they don't list MGB on their site and was told their MGB carpet kits are sold through Moss.

I was happy with the Mini carpet set and recently purchased a new set for my '70 BGT project from Moss.

"Speed fast you want to spend?"

mjoeb Avatar
mjoeb joe doornenbal
scio, OR, USA   USA
1967 MG MGB
I just installed a standard Moss kit for 67b. It takes two people (especially on the tunnel) because you will need to stretch the carpet a bit. The rear fenders were the most difficult to fit, hard to install without a wrinkle. Follow the instructions step by step. There are pieces of brown insulation to put under the carpet on the floor and the tunnel. I chose not to put it on the tunnel because it would make it much more difficult to install the tunnel carpet and saw no real need for it. I am happy with the results. joe

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