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Anyone recommend someone to install MGB floors and possibly sills on the side

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Oxford, CT, USA   USA
I am looking for a recommendation for someone who does side work that has experience installing MGB floors and possibly sills in Connecticut. I have astronomical quotes from a few auto body shops and there has to be a cheaper way. I would use the Heritage panels everyone on here recommends. I am in Oxford CT so someone nearby would be best. I have do not have a welder or any welding experience otherwise I would try myself.

Anyone interested or have recommendations?

Thank you.
Doug M

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BumbleB74 Avatar
BumbleB74 William Milholen
Tidewater, Tidewater VA, USA   USA
Do you have a local MG or British car club? If so, probably some good help there, or atleast some recommendations. Floors by them self aren't too bad, but going further can be harder.

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Perambulator David D
Phoenix, AZ, USA   USA
Any way you slice it, It's a 100 hour job. Even at $30/hour " hobby" rate, by the time you add the parts, its is going to add up to a lot of money. And you still need to paint.

I have seen some good detailed tutorials on this board from people who are good at this stuff, any chance you want to save some $$$ and tackle it yourself? Search around and you will find the threads.

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Oxford, CT, USA   USA
Yes I understand its time intensive, that's why $80-100 per hr bodyshop fees in CT are forcing me to look at other options like private individual who enjoys this type of work, is familiar with it and can charge less per hr....I may tackle it myself over the winter if I can convince the brother-in-law to give me lessons and borrow welder!

garyd Avatar
garyd Gold Member Gary Dabrowski
Naugatuck, western Connecticut, USA   USA
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Talk to D & J Restoration in Manchester. They will help you understand the work better.

If you have the desire to do so, you can do this yourself. It'l take longer to remove the old work and prepare the joints to receive the new parts that it will take to weld the new parts in. A perfect way to learn how to do autobody welding and pick up a few neat tools in the process. .

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Perambulator David D
Phoenix, AZ, USA   USA
Here is a sill removal walk-through from a guy on retro-rides. Leads to a bunch of pictures on Cardomain.

dawvid Avatar
dawvid Silver Member David B
Sharon, MA, USA   USA

If you decide to do it your self, you can purchase the welding equipment for about $500 which would include a MIG welder (Eastwood), gas tank, helmet, gloves, angle grinder (Harbor Freight), etc. If you can buy used, all the better. I've never welded before but will be doing some sill repair work very soon. You can also take classes in welding at your nearby vocational school. Youtube has lots of videos also. There are lots of written instructions on this forum on how to do what you are contemplating.


74 Damask Red BGT

46er Avatar
46er Ralph K
Coastal, NJ, USA   USA
Check your local community college or tech schools to see if they offer classes in welding, usually one class for intro and then other detailed classes. Then take what the instructors recommend. Buy a welder and do the project. Just take your time; haste makes waste. You'll save money and have a skill you will certainly have use for down the road. This is what I did, the class instructor was very helpful when the inevitable question came up.

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mgbanthony Avatar
mgbanthony Platinum Member Anthony Henderson
Gananoque, ON, Canada   CAN
1962 MG MGB
1962 MG MGB
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1974 MG MGB
I would suggest that 40-50 hours at a competent shop, experienced in MGB work is probably more than ample to do floors and complete sills on both sides, to include dog legs and lower front fender repair panels, taken to the first coat of primer stage.

Yes, it's labor intensive, but an experienced body person can accomplish a lot in 6 full days....check what UK shops who specialize in MGB sill repair charge, and they're making money.

I've done this work on probably 20 Bs, and it's not my favourite task, but for a pro it's just another job...

phoffman Peter Hoffman
Miller Place, NY, USA   USA
As others have mentioned this is a job you can do yourself, it is not rocket science but a lot of hard work. The main part of the job is drilling out hundreds of spot welds with a spot weld cutter.
You can learn how to mig weld especially if someone can tutor you.

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