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What is that one cheap item you find in your shop that you use a lot?

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gwnorth Gold Member Tom Moore
Bolton Ouest, Quebec, Canada   CAN
1955 MG TF 1500
1972 MG MGB
When you get older you'll find getting down on your hands and knees to pick up dropped nuts and bolts, etc to be painful.
I have a cheap telescopic magnet on each corner of the lift to pick (the steel) things up without effort.

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perfectpitch Avatar
perfectpitch Charles Windsor (Disabled)
Disabled Account, Antarctica   ATA
Silver colored permanent market.

Those colored, paper covered, thin wire twist ties from the grocery store.

late 64 Terry O
Milton, Ont, Canada   CAN
led headlight that straps to your head. frees up the hand to hold the light , now one can see what you are working on......smiling bouncing smiley

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tahoe36c Avatar
tahoe36c Paul Hruza
Panama City, FL, USA   USA
1969 MG MGC GT "Little Red Rocket..."
1972 MG MGB GT "Tiny Dancer"
2002 Harley-Davidson Dyna
Charlie T's girlfriend... :-) She is HOT!!!!! LMAO...

little G Avatar
little G Charlie T
queensland, QLD, Australia   AUS
1964 MG MGB "Little G"
you obviously are not proud ..smiling smiley

33EJB Avatar
33EJB Tim C
LS, Eastern Ontario, Canada   CAN
1969 MG MGB
I use one of these magnetic parts trays for small tools and parts. I got tired of searching for nuts, bolts, small wrenches etc. during a job - - no more "I know I put that right here... where the @#$% did it go???" for me.thumbs up

I use the rectangular shaped one for parts & tools; I also have a round one that serves as the dog's water dish when we're out and about on hot days. It sticks to the floor of the car so the dog can't kick it over.

DEVtrays.jpg    39.7 KB

Discocontented Avatar
Discocontented Erik Walter
MN, Crystal, USA   USA
1978 MG MGB "Vivian"
Sandwich bags with labels. I use them to keep track of parts. I use pieces of cardboard cut from boxes - I lay stuff out like head studs, for example, punch small holes, and then slide the studs through - keeps track of them as well as their position.

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BumbleB74 Avatar
BumbleB74 William Milholen
Tidewater, Tidewater VA, USA   USA
shop manual....amazing what is in them...yet nobody seems to have them anymore?

1974-1/2 Roadster, "Bumble Bee", Corvette Yellow - in shambles, wire wheels
1976 Roadster, "Virus", Sandglow - "driver" condition (stock + 32/36 Weber DGEV, cast iron header, 25D distributor), bolt on wheels, ON the road!

archaeolosprite Avatar
archaeolosprite Andrew Kinkella
Thousand Oaks, CA, USA   USA
I have two:
1. Husky SAE Stubby Wrench Set - 15 bucks at Home Depot buys you a very cheap 7 piece wrench set. Why do you want it? Because the wrenches are really short, so they fit in all the tiny spaces in our cars, and they are also thin, so they will slip between parts where other wrenches fear to tread.
2. Craftsman 100 watt work light with Metal Bulb Guard and Swivel Hook - 17 bucks this time buys you light wherever you feel like hanging it! You can also just lie it on the floor under your car and forget about flashlights forever.

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Perdido Avatar
Perdido Gold Member Rut Rutledge
Tuscaloosa, AL, USA   USA

1960 Bugeye undergoing restoration, 1275
1970 MGB, Pale Primrose
1967 Triumph TR4a
1966 Triumph TR4a
When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down 'happy'. They told me I didn't understand the assignment, and I told them they didn't understand life. John Lennon

jdimi1731 Avatar
jdimi1731 Josh D
Niagara Falls, NY, USA   USA
1971 MG MGB "Maggie"
Scrap cardboard to catch the oil drips spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

pinkyponk Avatar
pinkyponk Gold Member Adrian Page
Berwick, NS, Canada   CAN
In reply to # 3514537 by Perdido BFH.

Beat me to it Rut.

I recently discovered head lights. The kind you wear on your head. Everywhere I look is well lit with one of those on. The cheap LED one I got at the local drugstore is insanely bright and goes about 3 hours on a set of Nimhi batteries. Then I recharge them. Very good under the dash.


Home built Eaton M62 Supercharger with 9psi boost, "stock" high ratio rocker arms, 8:1 compression, Piper 270 cam, ported head, matched manifolds, CB Performance computerized ignition.

TRY Avatar
TRY Gold Member Tom Young
Georgetown, KY, USA   USA
Bag chair for when I get tired and want a beer.
Also use it when harvesting honey from our bee hives when I get tired and want a beer.
Now I want a beer.

oleanderjoe Avatar
oleanderjoe Gold Member Joseph Baba
Fresno, CA, USA   USA
What HOSPITAL are you in and are you allowed to have VISITORS ??

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vic.winkworth Avatar
vic.winkworth Silver Member Victor Winkworth
Punxsutawney, PA, USA   USA
BP blaster,reading glasses, chewing gum,portable led light,letterman utility tool.Paper towels.

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