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what year MGB would you buy?

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topdoc56 Gold Member Charles F
Covington, LA - Louisiana, USA   USA
1956 MG MGA
1964 MG MGB
Have had an MGA for about 45 years. Looking to buy an MGB. I am thinking an earlier model but I figured I would ask you guys. If you could buy any year (or year range ) MGB, what would you buy and why? Thanks

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dohc281 Avatar
dohc281 Gold Member Ira Eckstein
Laurel Springs, NJ, USA   USA
I have a 1967 B and I am partial to it as it's the last year for steel dashes and the only emissions it has is a PCV valve. Good luck in your search.

If you hit your pony over the nose at the outset of your acquaintance, he may not love you, but he will take a deep interest in your movements ever afterwards.

Rudyard Kipling

Rick Fawthrop Avatar
Rick Fawthrop Gold Member Richard Fawthrop
Seattle, WA, USA   USA
I bought a 1974 Chrome Bumper because of condition and price.
I would like to have an early one with a 3 main motor but I never found one worth buying.
I do like the early dash but not the seats.
I like the LE model but I would have to lower it.

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Noble66 Avatar
Noble66 Gold Member Noble Bradford
Orlando, FL, USA   USA
1964 MG MGB "Black Betty"
1969 MG MGC GT
1974 MG MGB "Whitey"
Of the metal dash cars I like the 66 best. Partially because it's my birth year but also because it has the 5 main engine, no reverse lights, and the more secure latch for the doors. I like the pull handles but not the door latches. I wouldn't turn down a 67 without the reverse lights though.

miatadon Avatar
miatadon Silver Member Don Scott
Calistoga, CA, USA   USA
I like any MGB, as long as it's got a metal dashboard. Condition is everything. Problem with the older MGBs is that they have been around longer to rust though.

This looks like a really nice example of Mk1 MGB. Nice color combination, overdrive, most details appear to be done correctly. Not cheap, but it would cost a lot more to recreate one to this level.

J Baz Avatar
J Baz Silver Member Jerard Basmagy
Middletown, NJ, USA   USA
I would buy any chrome bumper year since they handle better and are better looking than the rubber bumper cars.
But then I would also love to own a rubber bumper GT because I like to look of the rubber bumpers on the coupe.
I would have to lower it to get the handling improved and do a little engine mods to get some more ponies out of it.
So that's my two cents on the subject.


Too soon we get old, too late we get smart!

pmaland2000 Avatar
pmaland2000 Paul Maland
Leduc, AB, Canada   CAN
1973 MG MGB "Bea"
I like the steel dash models best. I think having one with real leather seats worn in from many miles would be the bee's knees.

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stuntflyr Avatar
stuntflyr Chris McMillin
Catalina, Foothills, USA   USA
I'd give a lot for an early 3 main as nice as Anthony Henderson's red '62. Whatever you decide, one truth remains. Buy the very best car you can afford.

Steve S Avatar
Abingdon West, So Cal, USA   USA
Early cars will be more similar to your MGA in driving feel than later ones. Mark II and onward have a heavier, more modern feel to them than the early cars. I prefer pull handle cars (62-65) in roadsters, and 66-67 in GT.

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ingoldsb Avatar
ingoldsb Silver Member Terry Ingoldsby
Calgary, AB, Canada   CAN
1971 MG MGB
I'd pick 1969 through 1971. I like the fishmouth grille on the 1970/1971. There are more creature comforts than earlier cars. 1971 (18GK engine) was the last high compression engine (although that can easily be changed if you get a 1972 or 1973). The gearbox is better than the earlier cars too.

Terry Ingoldsby

spikemichael Avatar
spikemichael Platinum Member Michael Caputo
Ocean Shores, WA, USA   USA
1973 MG MGB "Freebie"
1973 MG MGB
1974 MG MGB "Spike"
1979 MG MGB "MegaBeanie"    & more
The one in the best condition available when I have the money.

My choice and your money?

'74.5 Rubber Bumper GT before the catalytic converter.

Michael J. Caputo
'79 RBB and '73 CBB owner with extensive experience in 12v Audio System design and installation.
Vendor of Regalia and Promotional Products. Forum Member with a warped sense of humor.

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dr914 George Hussey
Marietta, GA, USA   USA
I would buy a rust free 67 B GT as they have the smaller steel dash, higher compression engine, smaller transmission tunnel and are lighter than the later cars. They feel more nimble on the road and more spacious inside. Also the GT is more rigid than the convt so handle better. They also look the best without the side markers, backup lights and funky DOT style big dash interior and by 69 seats with headrests. Geared a bit lower than the later models, overdrive is a must, and having an A you are used to non syncro first gear so that will not be a problem. Neither will the Positive ground!

Wire wheels are nice too, the leather interior cannot be beat, and those early cars are easier to work on

29desoto Avatar
29desoto Gold Member Wayne Sanders
Outside Otis, OR - in the woods!, USA   USA
1953 MG TD
1965 MG MGB V6 Conversion "Carmine"
1968 MG MGB GT "New Yeller"
1977 MG MGB "Ole Yeller" ~ For Sale ! ~    & more
Reality interlude to follow -

Buy all that you can afford. Get a non-rusted body above all. Rubber bumpers will give you more car for your money, but the older chrome models resell better and are more desirable, generally.

Up to you, I can't quite see your checkbook from here.

Wayne Sanders
Rose Lodge, OR
(TD 4288)

"I don't care to belong to any club that accepts people like me"-joined Willamette Valley Club in 2011

77 MGB - Four tone paint -Pertronix - hood props - cheap tires - new springs all around - mixture of poly and rubber bushings- fuzzy seatcovers - stereo out of old F150 pickup -runs flawlessly and drives nice.

78 MGB - Done right by a good PO, and I only bought it. Tell Jim how nice it is. But I did put in a Datsun 5 speed.

53 TD Mark II - a work in progress.

79/65 MGB - Carmine- V-6 - T-5
This car is now very nearly completely done. Sure to find something else, but not now.........

Gerry Avatar
Gerry Gold Member Gerry Masterman
Prairieville, LA, USA   USA
I'd buy a 72 because I like the recessed grill and the dash with the glovebox. I really like the early steel dash cars, too. BUT in the end it comes down to color to me. MG used a lot of colors that I just don't like so that would be the deal killer. Give me an 1972 aqua BGT with Rostyles and I'll be happy. Any of the pale colors like primrose and iris or the ugly browns and yellows I'd walk away from no matter what the year. There's not enough difference in any of the engines to make me avoid one over the other and they are all pretty much the same

garyd Avatar
garyd Gold Member Gary Dabrowski
Naugatuck, western Connecticut, USA   USA
1957 MG MGA 1500 "Long Gone"
1974 MG MGB
1975 MG MGB
1976 MG MGB
I'd buy a 73 or 74 car. Chrome bumpers. I like the dash better than the early or the late cars.

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