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Question on which to use:knock-off adapters and use "modern" wire wheels or OEM

Moss Motors
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bills Avatar
bills Bill Spohn
W. Vancouver, , BC, Canada   CAN
You can make use of Triumph wire wheel adaptors for less money than buying new hubs, with th caveat that you will slightly increase rear track and I can't tell you if that will result in interference.

You need to pop in 7/16" studs (and a thin spacer if you want to avoid shortening the studs like Triumphs do - it can be nice to keep options open for going back to regular wheels without needing to change the studs again).

MGB front hub with spacer and adaptor:

Fitted to car (MGA)

Bill Spohn
Current: 1958 MGA Twincam (race car (170 bhp)),1962 MGA Deluxe Coupe (98 bhp)
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North Vancouver BC

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geezer Avatar
geezer Silver Member charles durning
Magee, MS, USA   USA
1958 MG Magnette ZB "Chick Magnette (sold)"
1967 Morris Minor 1000 Saloon (2-door) "Marvin"
1974 MG MGB GT
The OD harness is inexpensive and available from Moss. Item 57. The switch should already be on the steering column.

There are bunches of guys who want to convert from wires to bolt on. WW rear axles are a dime a dozen. Bolt on rear axles command a higher premium. You may be able to work a deal with someone who is converting. I would love to make the trade, I have the rear axle, front hubs and 5 wheels. The down side is I live in Mississippi.

Who's version of right are we talking about? When you get 10 LBC owners in a room you'll get 12 different answers.

Verthosand Avatar
Verthosand Guy & Shelley L
Portland, ME, USA   USA
1973 MG MGB "Queen "B"
This is on the tranny Jim.

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Dave W Avatar
Dave W David Wilhelm
Willits, CA, USA   USA
1963 MG MGB
1970 MG MGB GT "New Girl"
You might consider asking about the overdrive in a separate thread. There are some smart od people who haven't chimed in on this. As for the wheels I think that's kind of a personal choice. I personally hate bolt on wires but I understand that they are the simplest way to get that look. I also hate chrome wires. They just look too blingy for my taste and when they get ugly there's nothing you can do, except paint them of course but why not just start there and save the hassle. Anyway these are my issues not yours and not your wifes. Those are the important considerations here. If she wants chrome get chrome. If she doesn't care about bolt on wires then go that way. Moss sells the rear axle center lock adapter. It's not a bad way to go. People have mentioned tire thickness but that's really only an issue if you're going for the most extreme performance. I put skinny original size tires on my car because the car handles really nicely with them. The point I'm trying to make is determine your own preferences as none of the options are bad they all just have some pluses and minuses. New center lock hubs with a new ww rear axle is the coolest way to go but also the most work. Center lock adapters are a bit easier but doesn't cost much less. Bolt on wires are simplest but snobs like me may look askance at them. You aren't trying to make me happy though you're trying to make the wife happy without going broke or spending the rest of your lives on the project. I'm not sure how she served by the way but thank her from an old Marine grunt.

lgorg Avatar
lgorg Larry Gorg
Renton, WA, USA   USA
1966 MG MGB "Robbie"
x2 on the advice for the OD tranny in starting another thread. There are too many variables, especially if the tranny is not a 73. On some years, the switch was on the shifter, and not on the stalk. The tranny will fit in regardless. You need to mention if it is a blue label or a black label tranny, too.

I also agree with Dave W on the chrome wires. If you want bling, then get stainless steel wires as the chrome plating wears off. I also suggest obtaining new, rather than using the old OEM. My wires are OEM, and are 50 years old. Over their lifetime, hitting curbs and potholes, they get out of round. Awfully hard to adjust, as the spokes break when attempting to loosen or tighten. They are also 4.5 inches wide, which are narrow and 14 inch tires are increasingly hard to come by. I recommend going to 15 inch as the supply of tires is more plentiful than 14.

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