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New dashboard vs new carpet

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JeffersonJames Thomas H.
Johnsonville, NY, USA   USA

As the subject suggest, I am debating getting a new dashboard or carpet. I am super conflicted and I was hoping for some input. I will layout the issues as I see them and reasoning behind wanting both.

Dashboard -
The one on my '77 B is a bit broken. I purchased and installed the dashboard cap and it fixed 90% of the problem. But, there is one area that is cracked and broken near the bottom of the glove box. I also want to replace the bulbs for newer, brighter bulbs and taking out the dash would make that a lot easier. And if it is out, might as well replace it.

I also want to change out the face of the gauges so they are white or light grey/silver so they are clearer. There are also the plastic switches that I would I would like to change out to metal toggle switches.

As you can see, changing the dashboard, also leads into some other smaller projects and cost.

Carpet -
I have Autumn Leaf panels and seats that are in Okay condition but will need to be replaced at some point and black carpet. The carpet is not in bad condition but I do not really like the look of it. I have also installed speakers with wires that I would love to hide under the carpet but do not want to ruin the existing carpet by tearing it when trying to lift it. Replacing the carpet would make this easier and would also allow me the opportunity to install heat and sound proofing.

The biggest hurdle I face with this is where to get the carpet and what color to get. I really like the biscuit or light tan for the carpet as it would go really well with the blue exterior. It would also be OK with the autumn leaf seats and panels until I can get them replaced with tan. My ultimate goal would be to replace everything in the interior but I cannot afford to get a kit all at once. I really like Moss tan interior kit and would get it but I would need to get it piece by piece starting with the carpet. The issue is that I cannot see where they have just the carpet in that color. So i was hoping that there would be another place that sold carpet similar to that color. I thought the Honey Tan would be close but it looks a lot darker than I would have expected. I also looked at Victoria British but the carpet they have is almost twice as much. Same thing with Prestige.

The biggest factor is price at this point. The dashboard would lead to other things to do but is would also make the biggest change and is needed. The issue is the price to replace all of those things really add up. The carpet on the other hand, is a bit cheaper but if I cannot find the color I want, then I might need to replace it next year when i redo the panels and seats.

I really appreciate any input. I am looking for more than just do this or do that (although that is also important). I would like to get ideas of where to look for carpet, where to find gauges and toggle switches (if they can be switched out on a '77) etc...

Thanks for looking,

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Townsend, TN, USA   USA
I'd go with the dash improvements and source some tan/biscuit floor mats until you're ready to do the whole interior.

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BumbleB74 Avatar
BumbleB74 William Milholen
Tidewater, Tidewater VA, USA   USA
The dash will keep you busy for a little while. While you have it off clean ALL the electrical connectors you can and look for any problem ones. Consider moving the voltage regulator down lower on the firewall so you can actually reach it should you ever need to replace. Put a little grease on the windshield wiper rack while you are there, and can see the gears.

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fordgt Avatar
fordgt Gary Ford
Gainesville, FL, USA   USA
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x2 on the dash first and the other idea about floor mats in the color you want is pretty good advice also. If you are looking to replace the gauges, look at, but all new gauges is gonna be expensive. If you sign up for their newsletter they will send you notifications of their sales which they do several times a year.

In reply to # 3494879 by Mickey Richaud I'd go with the dash improvements and source some tan/biscuit floor mats until you're ready to do the whole interior.

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chris Avatar
chris Platinum Member Chris Roop
Pendleton, OR, USA   USA
If you seriously are only going to do one, do the dash as stated above. Right now, Moss has their carpet on sale though. I'd buy the parts for both jobs but that's me. For the dash, consider buying another one to rebuild so you can keep driving the car while you work on it. A dead dash will not be expensive.

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