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racedriver Avatar
racedriver Andrew McGee
Holmfirth, UK   GBR
We're building a 66GT as a narrow arched Sebring style car which will become my everyday car. As such I want to put some seats in it that will be comfortable on long journeys but give some lateral support as the car may (on occasion) see some track driving. So I'm wondering if MGF/TF seats or Mazda MX5 (Miata to our friends across the water) fit or are there any other little gems out there that offer great seats at not too silly prices.

As a bit of background to this car, it was a complete out of the blue acquisition, but one that couldn't be missed.

We have a few other MGs that I like to mess around with and one of them is a '57 ZB Varitone Magnette. The Magnette developed a pourous axle earlier in the summer and a call to the Magnette Specialist informed me that they wanted around £300 for an axle case alone, never mind the round trip of 400 miles to collect it from them. As luck would have it one appeared on ebay a couple of weeks later and I put an initial bid on it of a tenner (£10) with a note to self to bid on it later near it's end - I forgot about it completely but had that delightful ping on my phone to let me know that I'd won the axle. So the following week off we popped for that, it wasn't too far away so was a bit of a bargain.

When we got to the sellers place he opened the garage and there next to the axle on the floor was a fully seam welded 66GT with full roll cage half fitted. We got talking about the car and what he was intending doing with it and found out that he was building it to go Historic Rallying with. However, he'd had that "conversation" with his wife and had been "advised" that it really ought to go and go "soon".

Basically, if we could take it before the week was out then we could have the car at an unbelievable price.... so we did!

We've stripped it back to bare metal, done some more welding to the seams, fitted the cage correctly and have just completed the paintjob (my first) and although it could be improved it's not bad for a first attempt. The panels and roof are a bit dinted here and there, but it's fit for purpose and as solid as any new shell and everytime I go under the car I'm amazed at it's condition. The guy must have spent a fortune on floors, sills etc it's that good.

In the interim we're going to use the engine, carbs and ignition set up from my deceased Jubilee GT, and probably use the "new" springs (coil and leaf) that I fitted to that car before it failed it's MOT on the body.

Hopefully the "sebring" will be back on the road in time for Spring, but we will need some seats as I foolishly sold the Jubilee ones when I took it off the road.

So any advice or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


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BGT28.JPG    51.1 KB

timfred Tim Frederick
Berkeley, CA, USA   USA
Early MX5 seats are the easiest ones to find and to fit - lots of information here, plus see this recent buy/sell thread here:,2246916,2246916#msg-2246916

Biggest issue is finding seats that are low enough. There have been attempts to fit BMW seats only to find that, while narrow enough, the seat bottom was too high.

In North America we have some other options that are getting more difficult to find - Fiero, Corvette C4. But it's hard to go wrong with the Miata seats.

curtis7420 Avatar
curtis7420 Curtis Wright
University City, MO, USA   USA
X2 on the Miata and fieero seats. i wasn't aware of the Vette seats fitting...

you can even get an adapter kit for the miata seats from here:

reupholstering can be done with these vendors:|MIATA&gclid=CKfT7aDG-KoCFQGFQAodMz9_GA


car looks great! good luck

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kerbau53 Avatar
kerbau53 Gold Member Geoff Morton
Cape Coral, FL, USA   USA
1978 MG MGB V8 Conversion "The Wreck"
Someone recently mentioned Ford Ka seats as a possibility. Probably easiest to find on the east side of the Atlantic.

jegliebe3 Avatar
jegliebe3 Gold Member Joe Gliebe
Cumming, GA, USA   USA
Early Miata seats fit very nicely and are very comfortable in my '70 GT. There are many articles and tech pubs making the installation rather easy. They have more range of movement than the original seats, but sit a bit higher....not a big thing in a GT though.

Simon Avatar
Simon Simon Clowes
Vancouver, WA, USA   USA
I need to find some buckets seats (need the lateral support) that sit a touch lower than the original seats. No, I'm not tall, but getting fed up with having to scrunch down to see traffic lights if I'm the first car.

99 Chevy Blazer

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racedriver Avatar
racedriver Andrew McGee
Holmfirth, UK   GBR
Managed to have a few hours on the BGT over the Christmas Break.
It's starting to look like a car again.

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BGT32.JPG    53.2 KB

Bankerdanny Avatar
Bankerdanny Daniel Palmer
Chicagoland, USA   USA
1972 MG MGB GT "Dudley"
1975 Honda MC CB550F
Looking good!

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jegliebe3 Avatar
jegliebe3 Gold Member Joe Gliebe
Cumming, GA, USA   USA
Andrew, I like the dolly your GT is sitting on, did you make that?

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racedriver Avatar
racedriver Andrew McGee
Holmfirth, UK   GBR
Joe. Nope a friend of mine who I do a lot of work with built that for me when my previous race car (Midget) was destroyed and we needed to move the shell around in the garage to dismantle it.

He knew what I was like and built it strong enough to take far heavier vehicle than I'd initially intended. For that I'm really glad.

I'm not sure if it will cope with the weight of a Magnette which is the next car we've to get sorted so I may be asking him to build me a rotisserie for that one :-)

Ralph 7h Avatar
Ralph 7h Ralph Siebenhaar
Viersen, Germany   DEU

here are some pics of the Mazda Miata/MX5 seats in my 1975 RD the Saab 9000 Turbo seats in my 1975 RD. For long journeys, The Saab seats are superior to any other solution I've tried in nearly 40 MGB-years but need a lot of customizing to fit the car.


XPAG HC Piston 133.JPG    53.4 KB
XPAG HC Piston 133.JPG

XPAG HC Piston 138.JPG    43.4 KB
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timfred Tim Frederick
Berkeley, CA, USA   USA
Saab seats are (were) widely regarded as the best production seats in the automotive world. I looked at them but couldn't figure out how to make them short enough.

MGBGTee Avatar
MGBGTee Gold Member Henri Lefebvre
Calgary, Alberta, Canada   CAN
The seats from the SAAB 9000 are among the best, I really liked the ones in our 1987 9000.
I also like the seats in my 2000 SAAB 93 Viggen.

The 9000 SAAB 9000 seats are not too thick, too high?

If the SAAB seats fit then I would expect that the seats from SAAB 92x, which are essentially the same as the Subaru Impreza should also fit. They would also be an excellent seat, especially with the seat heaters.

Henri Lefebvre
Calgary, Alberta

NAMGBR member 16-6307

71 MGB GT, Midnight Blue
80 TR8, Platinum Silver

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Jim Stabe Avatar
San Diego, CA, USA   USA
Try some '84-'87 Corvette standard seats (non power). I got a pair from Lloyd and they are 19" wide at the plastic bucket. They are also quite light and will sit you lower in the car if you are a tall guy like me. They are easy to mount with aftermarket seat tracks or you could bolt them directly to the floor.


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Continued in Part 5,48698,48698#msg-48698

Corvette seat.jpg    6.3 KB
Corvette seat.jpg

C4 corvette seat frame.jpg    16.4 KB
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racedriver Avatar
racedriver Andrew McGee
Holmfirth, UK   GBR
I'm afraid Corvettes are a little thin on the ground where we live.

I've actually gone and treated myself to some full leather seats from Moss, exactly the same ones that I've had in my Midget for the last 18 years so I know those are comfortable.

Thanks for the suggestions though.


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